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The following articles and guides are meant to be helpful and informative resources and solutions on a range of sales content management, marketing and sales enablement topics.


File Server Replacement Made Simple
A file server enables users to share files with colleagues over a network. Any computer on a local network can be configured as a host and act as a file server. Learn more



RFP Management Solutions: Create the Winning Response
A request for proposal (RFP) is a solicitation document that is posted by an organization to elicit bids from potential vendors for a particular product, service, or solution. Learn more



Document Management Software: Instant Information Retrieval Made Simple
The sheer volume of content companies have at their disposal today means effective document management is becoming increasingly important. Learn more



Sales Productivity Software can Transform Your Organization
Sales productivity can be defined quite simply as the rate at which a salesperson acquires revenue for the organization. Learn more



The Benefits of Marketing Asset Management Software
Marketing Asset Management refers to the organizational system companies use to store, locate, and distribute their marketing materials. Learn more



What is Sales Enablement?
One of the most exciting new spaces in business today – sales enablement – is primarily concerned with equipping sales teams with the most relevant content when and where they need it in order to optimize the selling opportunity. Learn more



Transform Your Organization With Sales and Operations Planning Software
Sales and operations planning is an integrated business management process that strategically aligns all functions of the organization to ensure production is always in line with demand. Learn more



Showpad Alternative – Showpad Competitors – Learn More About Showpad Software Alternatives, Reviews & More
With the emergence of sales enablement as an accepted business function a number of technology providers have prioritized sales enablement. One such tool is the Showpad mobile sales enablement platform. Showpad equips sales teams with the content they need, when they need it to optimize sales opportunities. Learn more



Savo Alternative – Savo Competitors: Learn More About Savo Software Alternatives, Reviews & More
At Docurated, we provide a Savo alternative that solves the content retrieval nightmare sales teams face. Docurated is simple, visual, and easy to use. Docurated works like “google for business documents” meaning sales teams always have instant access to the most relevant materials. Learn more



KnowledgeTree Alternative – Knowledgetree competitors: Learn More About KnowledgeTree Software Alternatives, Reviews & More
At Docurated, we provide a KnowledgeTree alternative that gives sales reps instant access to the best and most relevant content. Learn more



Seismic Alternative – Seismic Competitors: Learn More About Seismic Software Alternatives, Reviews & More
Docurated is a Seismic alternative that empowers sales teams with the best content when and where they need it. Learn more



The Benefits of Enterprise Search Software
Effective enterprise search can retrieve data from a varied number of sources including shared drives, company wikis, file systems, cloud storage services, and even email inboxes. Learn more



Enterprise Search Definition, Importance, and Best Practices
Enterprise search refers to the organized retrieval of information from a number of enterprise sources such as databases and intranets. Learn more



Microsoft SharePoint Alternative – Microsoft SharePoint Competitors – Learn More About SharePoint Software Alternatives, Reviews & More
Microsoft SharePoint is a multi-faceted content management and collaboration platform. SharePoint can provide companies with a number of benefits including streamlined document search, content storage, and detailed analytics. Learn more



The Benefits of Digital Asset Management Software
Digital asset management refers to the rules, processes, and systems used by an organization to organize, search, edit, store, secure, and distribute their digital assets. Learn more



CallidusCloud Alternative – CallidusCloud Competitors – Docurated
CallidusCloud provide a sales enablement solution that provides sales teams with the right content, training, and coaching to help further the sales opportunity. Learn more



The Benefits of Sales Automation Systems
A sales automation system is software that manages each stage of the sales process from the first customer interaction to finalizing the deal. Learn more



Sales Automation Definition, Best Practices, and More
Sales automation software is an integrated application of customizable sales tools that can be used to automate and streamline the sales cycle. Learn more



The Benefits of Sales Effectiveness Tools
Sales effectiveness refers to the ability to move a prospect through the sales funnel to a successful outcome. Learn more



The Benefits of Marketing Content Management Software
Marketing content management refers to the system enterprises use to create, edit, store, and distribute their marketing materials. Learn more



Sales Efficiency Definition, Best Practices, Tips and More
Sales efficiency is concerned with the speed at which each task in the sales process is performed. Learn more



CustomShow Alternative – CustomShow Competitors – Docurated
At Docurated, we offer a CustomShow alternative that provides companies with instant access to the most relevant presentation materials. Learn more



The Benefits of Effective Sales Content Management
Sales content management concerns the systems, processes, and technologies used to access, distribute, store, and publish enterprise sales content. Learn more



Solution Selling Definition, Best Practices, and More
Solution selling is a sales methodology that focuses on the buyer’s need rather than specific product features or benefits. Learn more



What is Sales Management?
Sales management can be defined as the business discipline that focuses on improving the practical application of sales techniques, processes, systems, and operations in order to increase revenue. Learn more



What is Marketing Management?
Marketing can be defined as the organizational function and set of processes used to create, communicate, and deliver value to the customer. Learn more



Marketing Productivity Definition, Best Practices, Tips and More
We can define marketing productivity as the rate at which marketing generates leads for the sales team. Learn more



Marketing Strategy Definition, Best Practices, Tips and More
A marketing strategy is a coherent and agreed upon process formed with the aim of increased revenue and market share. Learn more



What is Marketing ROI? Definition, Best Practices, Tactics
Broadly speaking, marketing ROI is the monetary return generated by a company’s marketing activities. Learn more



Sales Collateral Definition, Best Practices, Tactics
Sales collateral are the materials developed by a company to assist the sales process. Learn more



What is a Marketing Plan?
A marketing plan is a comprehensive layout of a company’s marketing activities including but not limited to target customer identification, interaction, and retention. Learn more



What is Content Marketing? Definition, best practices, tips and more
As defined by the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to drive profitable action.” Learn more



What is Marketing Automation? Definition, best practices, tips and more
Marketing automation is the use of software and Web-based services to execute, manage, and automate marketing tasks and processes. It replaces manual and repetitive marketing processes with purpose-built software and applications geared toward performance. Learn more



Content Curation Definition, Best Practices, Tips and More
Content curation is the process of discovering, collecting, organizing, and presenting digital content. Learn more



Learn About the Meaning, Methods and Strategies for Enterprise Marketing
Enterprise marketing can be defined as the marketing efforts used by a large-scale business in order to attract and secure new clients. Learn more



What is Agile Marketing?
Agile marketing can be defined as an approach to marketing where being open and responsive to change is prioritized over following a specific set-in-stone plan. Learn more



What is Marketing Technology?
Marketing technology can be defined as the tools and platforms used by sales and marketing organizations to effectively complete their duties. Learn more



What is Digital Media Sales?
Digital media sales can be defined as the selling of advertising space on digital platforms, such as websites, blogs, digital magazines, and other digital properties. Learn more



What is Digital Ad Sales?
Digital ad sales refers to the process of selling advertising space on digital mediums such as websites, blogs, social media platforms, digital magazines, and any other digital properties. Learn more



What is a Marketing Technologist?
A marketing technologist is a bridge between IT and marketing, a technologically savvy professional with a deep understanding of data and analytics coupled with the creative mindset to transition raw data into actionable insights and compelling marketing campaigns. Learn more



What is a Sales Strategy?
Your company’s sales strategy is an important component of your overall business plan, which may also include a marketing strategy, product strategy, market research, talent strategy, and more. Learn more



Google Search Appliance Alternatives, Competitors, Review, and More
At Docurated, we provide a GSA Alternative that gives users instant access to the most relevant enterprise content when and where they need it. Learn more



Docurated Competitors & Alternatives
To help you get a handle on the sales enablement landscape, we have put together a table which lists all the features you need for sales enablement success. Learn more



What Are Sales Metrics?
Sales metrics are measurements and data that sales organizations monitor to gauge performance and make adjustments to goals, reward sales reps with bonuses, project revenue, and more.Learn more



What is Digital Asset Management?
Digital asset management (DAM) is a business process that entails organizing, storing, and retrieving rich media in addition to managing digital rights and permissions. Learn more



What is Digital Asset Management System?
The management of digital assets can encompass a wide array of software solutions from the most basic digital file library to a collection of music stored on iTunes. Learn more



What is Document Management?
According to the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), document management is a system for storing, managing, and tracking electronic documents. Learn more



What is a Sales Plan?
A sales plan is an essential tool of any business that functions as a roadmap for your sales team over a set period of time. Learn more



5 Things To Consider When Evaluating Live Docs And Dynamic Content Solutions
Live docs are billed as documents which automate the update process allowing you to create winning presentations faster. Learn more



5 Things To Consider When Evaluating Custom Presentation Software
Custom presentation functionality refers to the features some sales enablement vendors supply that simplify presentation creation. Learn more



5 Things To Consider Before Buying Dynamic Presentation Software
Dynamic presentation software refers to the features offered by some sales enablement vendors which allow you and your reps to automatically generate sales presentations. Learn more



5 Considerations When Evaluating Pitchbook Software
Some vendors in the sales enablement space talk about their pitchbook software and how it can streamline the pitch creation process. Learn more



5 Things You Should Know About ‘Content In Context’ Software
One thing you will hear a lot of sales enablement vendors talk about is “content in context”. The idea here is that the sales enablement vendor can help you get the right materials to your reps in the context of each sales situation. Learn more



5 Things To Consider When Evaluating Playbook Software
Some sales enablement vendors claim they offer the next generation of playbooks with their dynamic content generation tools. The theory behind this playbook software is that companies who implement it can streamline their playbook creation process, increase efficiency, and ultimately grow revenue. Learn more