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The State of Sales Productivity Report

In this free report you will learn: How companies prioritize (and invest) in productivity initiatives; the top challenges in sales productivity; recommendations on how to improve sales productivity; and how sales reps spend their time.


The State of Document Management Report

This report examines the state of document management technology and the role of information storage and information retrieval. Its findings show companies awash in content and documents of all sorts, and employees stuck searching through legacy and contemporary file system architectures that have not seen any major innovation in decades.


The State of New Business Report

This report examines the state of new business enabling technology and the role of information retrieval and content repositories. Its findings show an industry awash in content and new business associates stuck searching through legacy file systems meant to handle megabytes, not terabytes.


Data Management Report

This report examines how businesses are coping with the massive amounts of content at their disposal. The report pinpoints the most popular enterprise solutions in use today and their effectiveness in information retrieval.


Case Studies

Docurated & Box Case Study

This case study demonstrates how attorneys at a well-known law firm can access and search documents from wherever they are, on any device by using Docurated in conjunction with Box. The firm, Goldwater, Dubé, required unfettered mobile access to their materials while traveling between client sites and the courtroom. By leveraging both Docurated and Box, Goldwater Dubé were able to securely access these materials whenever and wherever they needed.


Ad Tech Case Study – Grow Faster and Smarter

Learn how a leading ad tech company experiencing hypergrowth rates turned to Docurated to solve their content challenge.


Media Company Case Study

Learn how one of the world’s leading media companies created a single source of truth for Marketing and Sales.


Global New Business Initiative Case Study

This case study explains how a major European advertising and public relations company use Docurated to win new business. Content retrieval issues that were hampering sales enablement at this company were quickly solved by Docurated. Once this company integrated their shared drive with Docurated the New Business Team cut their response time from days to hours.


Clearing the Content Landfill Case Study

This case study examines how a leading sports marketing firm solved their content retrieval problems. This study examines a number of areas including how content retrieval issues were hampering productivity at the company, how Docurated allowed globally dispersed teams instant access to company data, the development of a content landfill at the company of over 400,000 documents, and how the company leveraged Docurated to increase productivity.


The Ultimate Source of Truth Case Study

Discover how a leading media company used Docurated to solve their content retrieval nightmares. This free case study covers how content retrieval issues were hampering productivity at the company, how employees increased productivity by 6 hours per week with Docurated, what the company did to end document version confusion, and how the company leveraged Docurated to facilitate easy content creation and navigation.



Sales Enablement: The Rocket Fuel for Sales Leaders Who Need to Scale

This free ebook explains how sales leaders can implement the right policies and practices to help their reps close more deals. Learn about the three fundamental pillars of sales enablement: marketing; sales analytics; and content management.


The Definitive Sales Ops Handbook

After decades of working behind the scenes, Sales Ops is finally starting to get its fair share of attention. We put together this guide to show sales ops professionals how they can assume a more strategic role within their organization.


The Definitive Guide to Sales Content Management

This free paper describes how a sales content management solution can help your company. Use this guide when researching content management vendors. Use this guide when planning for a sales content management initiative.


Cookie Cutters are for baking, not Sales Kickoff…

Docurated partners with HubSpot, InsightSquared, Point N Time, The List, and Ambition to release a Sales Kickoff Guide that offers an alternative to the same, tired Kickoff formula. Our experts share some unique tips on how to make the most out of your kickoff investment. Topics covered include virtual kickoffs, surefire ways to ruin kickoff, sample kickoff 2.0 agenda and more.


The Sales and Marketing Alignment Playbook

Controlling and coordinating sales and marketing efforts in the fast-evolving digital era is a daunting task. This playbook will teach you how to take command of your sales and marketing KPIs.


RFP Software: Why You Need it, and How it can Help

Discover how RFP software can revolutionize the RFP process and win new business. This free eBook examines how content retrieval issues are hampering the RFP response process, other challenges that arise during the RFP process, how effective use of RFP software can help to win new business, and how RFP software can cater for the increased time sensitivity of the RFP process.


The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to BoxWorks

This free eBook will help you to get the most out of BoxWorks. Advice and tips from BoxWorks veterans. Chapters include 6 tips from a BoxWorks veteran; How IT can bond with Sales and Marketing at BoxWorks; 19 must visit places within walking distance of the conference; and 10 ways to get the most out of BoxWorks when you return to the office.


The Definitive Insider’s Guide to Dreamforce

This free eBook will help you to get the most out of your time at Dreamforce.


The Definitive Insider’s Guide to Advertising Week

Written by seasoned conference speakers and attendees, our guide will help you to get the most out of your time at Advertising Week.


The Definitive Insider’s Guide to ad:tech NY

This free eBook will give you everything you need to know about Ad:tech NY.



Sales/Marketing Content Management Buyers Guide

This free guide describes the key questions to ask when researching sales/marketing content management systems


Accelerate Your Salesforce ROI

This free whitepaper describes common Salesforce challenges and how organizations can overcome these challenges. Learn how to improve close rates, deliver predictable revenue, and make Salesforce the lynchpin of rep productivity.


Calculating Docurated’s Impact on Revenue Generation

The Sales Enablement ROI calculator in this whitepaper helps customers forecast projected top-line and bottom-line gains realized through a Docurated deployment.


How Instant Information Retrieval Will Transform Your Organization

While creating content has never been easier, the massive amounts of content companies now have at their disposal means relevant information has become increasingly difficult to locate. In this free whitepaper you will learn about the transforming effect instant information retrieval can have on an organization.


Docurated – The Standard in Search for Enterprise Box Deployments

Cloud storage solutions such as Box are easy to use, provide mobile access as well and a seamless way to collaborate and share information. As a result, a typical Box deployment usually means mass content migration to the cloud. While the benefits of cloud storage are many, one downside to this mass content migration is an exacerbation of the ‘where is that file’ problem. This whitepaper explains how the data retrieval issues brought about by file sharing solutions can be remedied.


Increase Revenue With Better Pitches and Faster RFP/RFI Responses

This document explains how businesses can create better pitches and faster RFP/RFI responses with Docurated. Learn how some of the world’s leading agencies are leveraging the Docurated platform to reduce client response time. With less time spent searching for documents, agencies can spend more time winning new business.


5 Tips for a Millennial-Friendly Work Environment

This free short guide provides 5 tips on how to create a millennial-friendly work environment. Millennials are starting to take up key positions in our workforce and will continue to do so. Millennial-driven technological advancements have created a fast-paced environment that demands instant results.


5 Ways to Improve Document Management

Businesses today are creating more data than ever before. An effective document management strategy is now more important than ever. At Docurated, we developed five simple ways to get the most out of our documents. These tips can help you to cut down on time spent searching for documents.


May the Best Content Win Solutions Sheet

Discover how Docurated can align the efforts of sales and marketing. This solutions sheet examines how Docurated solves content retrieval issues and arms sales reps with the right information when and where they need it.


5 Ways to Increase Your Sales Team’s Productivity

This free short guide provides 5 practices used at our firm, Docurated, to drive productivity across our sales organization. We constantly strive to make our organization more efficient and our processes are continuously scrutinized and regularly improved. With these tips you can set your company on the way to effective sales enablement.




Through real-life examples, this webinar shows how Razorfish, one of the world’s largest digital agencies, empowers their sales team to close deals quicker, better, smarter. Learn how Razorfish are leveraging technology to go to market faster and to make all reps experts. Leave this webinar knowing more about the latest resources and processes that you can begin using right away.

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Getting To The Truth

Stop wasting time with those who won’t spend time with you. How getting to the truth will help you close more deals.

In this complimentary webinar we demonstrate how the most successful sales reps secure larger deals by avoiding wasting time and energy on prospects less likely to convert. Through real-life examples such as ‘confirming the right path to signature’, this webinar will show you how your peers are empowering their sales teams to close more deals more often by quickly getting to the truth with a prospect.

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Pitching without the sweaty palms

We all have them, those epic pitch fails that now make your palms sweat at the very idea of your next big agency pitch. Selecting the right pitch (over every pitch) means being ruthless with yourself and your team on the criteria, the resources and the approach you take, participating in those where you have the right to win.
Through real-life examples we will demonstrate how the most successful sales reps avoid the epic fails when pitching agencies from day-one. Through real-life horror stories and recoveries, this webinar will show you how your peers are empowering their sales teams to close more deals with agencies, and avoid the sweaty palms.

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How to Become a Hero or Heroine CIO

With more demanding end users and a myriad of best-of-breed apps to choose from, IT execs have never been under more pressure to deliver. The biggest challenge is not just picking a solution, but ensuring a successful roll-out and adoption. Succeed and you are hero! Stumble and the finger pointing begins.

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Productivity Hacks to Help Win New Business

Through real-life examples, this webinar will walk through how your best agency peers are using unexpected and newly launched resources to identify, engage and edge you out to win new accounts. Leave this webinar learning more about the latest new business resources that you can begin using right away.

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