Knowledge Management Revolutionized At Repucom [Video]

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Repucom‘s connected solutions allow businesses around the world to better understand and connect with their audiences and customers through media, sponsorship, communication and experiential platforms. The company has become established as the provider of choice for over 1,700 of the top rights holders, brands, agencies and broadcasters worldwide.

The Knowledge Management Challenge

As a global company with offices in over 15 countries, one of Repucom’s biggest challenges is communication, and collaboration. Being able to share knowledge, insights and past work with different teams was next to impossible. It was very common that teams in different countries worked on similar types of projects, or for the same client, without being aware of what the other teams are doing. It’s a missed opportunity for collaboration.

Repucom did not have a place to save documents that could be viewed and used by all employees globally, which led people to share knowledge via emails. Lots of emails were being sent around to a large group of people for specific requests, and when someone would respond, they would send very large attachments. There was no collection and retention of the content being shared across markets. This meant people had to spend hours digging through emails when searching for a piece of content they knew existed. This mode of work was very inefficient. The global consulting team suffered the most from this situation because they needed to leverage existing work ir order to be successful in their jobs.

Repucom’s executive team made the decision that Knowledge Management would be one of the top strategic priority for 2015, and decided to launch a RFI process to find the most suitable solution for our challenge.

Why Docurated

After conducting the RFI process, Repucom evaluated 8 companies, looking in detail at their offering and pricing. Coming out of this evaluation exercise, the project management team, which included several members from the Executive team, chose Docurated for the following reasons:

  • Functionality: Repucom leadership felt that out of all the platforms they evaluated, Docurated was by far the most functional and easy to use. It’s an intuitive platform that doesn’t require a lot of training.
  • Highly Visual: The visual nature of the Docurated platform appealed to Repucom managmeent. In the past Repucom used a platform for knowledge management that was text only. Being able to browse through documents and easily see the content was highly valued by Repucom users.
  • Searchability: Being able to find that right content within a large library of documents was key. Docurated offers a very sophisticated search function that has proven to be extremely useful for Repucom. It’s easy, simple and fast to find the most relevant content a user is looking for. The automatic tagging and searching of all words within a document makes content easy to find.
  • Privacy: Docurated allows for specific privacy settings where admins can create teams and control which content is accessible by which teams. Because Repucom works on some very confidential client work, it is imperative to make sure content is protected.


The President of Global Strategy at Repucom, Glenn Lovett explained that “Docurated has been a gamechanger within the business. The ease of access and ease of use gives people the ability to understand what we are doing gloabally as a business and how to best leverage that information.”

Glenn tells how Repucom is now able to capture key insights which were previously being lost. “The key benefits of using Docurated have been the ability to understand what work we are doing so that we can sell work from one market into another market globally. We are increasing sales and doing better quality work so we are leveraging work done in other places rather than recreating it which we used to do before we introduced Docurated. Docurated has saved a lot of my time. I don’t send documents around or look for documents anymore. I just direct people to Docurated. It could have been up to a day a week before Docurated. It has saved everyone a number of hours per week and is a far more efficient way of communicating.”

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