What is digital asset management?

digital asset management toolsDigital asset management refers to the rules, processes, and systems used by an organization to organize, search, edit, store, secure, and distribute their digital assets. Digital assets might include images, PDFs, video files, podcasts, word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. As companies today create more digital assets than ever before, effective digital asset management has taken on increased importance. Companies need quick access to their digital assets in order to create winning content.
Traditionally, companies were able to manage their digital assets through carefully implemented file and folder structures combined with strict naming conventions. An increase in employee attrition rates coupled with the sheer volume of digital assets companies have at their disposal today has rendered these traditional digital asset management methods ineffective. As a result, more and more companies are turning towards digital asset management software to get the most out of their digital assets.

Digital Asset Management Difficulties

Companies today create more digital assets than ever before. This increase in digital asset creation has been accompanied by a seemingly paradoxical decrease in employee productivity. As more digital assets are created, employees are having difficulty locating relevant files which is hampering productivity.
Digital assets are now stored in a range of locations including shared drives, cloud storage services, file servers, company wikis, and even email inboxes. These storage services are often used in conjunction with one another making digital asset management retrieval a time consuming and frustrating task. Indeed estimates on the amount of time employees spend searching for information range from 6.5 to 8.8 hours per week.

Digital Asset Management Software Benefits

To solve these productivity issues more companies are turning towards digital asset management software. An effective digital asset management system comes with a number of benefits.

  • Content Retrieval: Digital asset management software can put an end to content retrieval issues that hamper enterprise productivity.
  • Integration: The best digital asset management solutions should seamlessly integrate with the tools already deployed within the organization.
  • Digital Asset Search: Digital asset management software can provide companies with an effective search function that eliminates time spent searching for information.
  • Reuse and Repurpose Digital Assets: A digital asset manager should allow employees to use, reuse, and edit digital assets within the application.
  • Digital Asset Permission Levels: The best digital asset management software can efficiently implement employee permissions and access levels regarding digital assets.
  • Different Media Formats: Companies can easily access and even mesh together different media types with the most effective digital asset management solutions.
  • Single Access Point: The various content repositories companies use to store their data today has made digital asset retrieval a difficult task. The best digital asset management vendors provide a solution that gives companies a single point of access to all enterprise digital assets.
  • Version Control: As digital assets are updated it can become difficult to keep track of the latest versions. Digital asset management software can solve this problem by automatically presenting employees with only the latest version of a digital asset.
  • Digital Asset Analytics: Effective digital asset management systems will provide insight into which digital assets have the best ROI.
  • Security: Digital asset management software can help to secure important digital assets. The best digital asset management vendors will adhere to industry security standards.
  • Mobile Digital Asset Access: Effective cloud digital asset management software can provide companies with the 24/7 access to their digital assets that has become essential in today’s fast-paced business world.


The Docurated Digital Asset Management Solution

docurated digital asset management softwareDocurated solves the digital asset management problems that are hampering productivity by providing companies with instant access to their digital assets. Docurated’s digital asset management system is like a “Google” for digital assets, enabling teams to instantly access the image, chart, graph, or video file they need, no matter where it is stored, without opening a single file or folder. This instant access eliminates unnecessarily wasted time and allows employees to focus on what is important.
Unlike other digital asset management solutions, Docurated does not require employees to spend their time uploading digital assets to a specific location. Instead of creating yet another location for already overburdened teams to search through, Docurated sits neatly on top of all enterprise storage solutions and content repositories creating a single access point for employees to instantly surface the most relevant digital assets.
With Docurated, the exact digital asset you need is accessible with one click of a button. Docurated’s highly visual and intuitive search capabilities enables teams to access the most relevant digital assets instantly. Docurated also ensures that only the the most current versions of digital assets appear in search results.
Digital assets can also be accessed on the go with the Docurated app, and, with effective digital asset analytics, companies receive feedback on which assets have been most successfully leveraged by the sales team. With instantaneous content surfacing, Docurated provides a digital asset management solution that caters for the needs of the modern employee. Easy to implement and easy to use, Docurated’s digital asset management solution can dramatically increase productivity at your organization.
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