How to Leverage Current Infrastructure To Model Sales & Deliver Insights

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Modeling sales and delivering insights requires a holistic view (intra-company collaboration, inter-company communication, CRM data) of the enterprise.

sales-manager-c (1)Docurated is simple and fast to deploy, does not require massive organizational change, and does not rely on human intervention to capture new streams of knowledge or to maintain existing content. Docurated is not a content silo. Instead, it connects to all the places where sales activity occurs — local/shared drives, cloud storage (e.g. Box), Sales Content Management systems, Collaboration (e.g. Confluence), CRM (e.g., Email — and consumes data from across the organization, and recognizes relationship patterns between CRM data, content used to support sales, and internal collaboration and customer interactions (Email).

Docurated syncs document and nondocument data. For example, comments from Google Drive, opportunities and other objects from Salesforce, metadata and tags from existing sales content management systems, and microblog posts and replies from SharePoint. Because Docurated synchs existing content metadata Content Analytics are available within Docurated on day 1.


screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-4-46-36-pmThe output of all the collected data is DocuGraph™ – a graph that analyzes the relationships between people, internal teams, time, and communication and actions with external parties, such as clients and prospects and their outcomes.

The DocuGraph™ is used to:

  1. Surface concepts that are trending.
  2. Understand usage patterns and what content (words, images, charts, graphs, concepts, pages and documents) and activity move opportunities forward.
  3. Understand content similarity and re-use in order to build models for similar contexts.
  4. Promote effective content and activity.

Artificial Intelligence For Sales Content

Docurated is the first artificial intelligence platform to marry CRM data, sales activity outside of CRM (e.g. email), and content (attachments, presentations, etc.), to provide insights about top salesperson DNA, pipeline accuracy and revenue consistency. Docurated helps you see and understand everything about your sales motion so you can have precise customer interactions.

Docurated does this by:

  1. Discovering all of your structured and unstructured data, no matter where it lives.
  2. Using Artificial Intelligence to predict the most effective activity and content combinations with minimal content maintenance.
  3. Prompting sales with tailored recommendations on which content to use for each specific situation.

It’s critical to deliver prospect experiences that feel connected, memorable, and personal. With Docurated, salespeople ramp faster, have better conversion rates and sell more. Salespeople get the right story, which is the perfect marriage of marketing insight, tribal knowledge, and the sales person’s ability to translate the exact customer need, when they need it.


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