Alex Gorbansky

CEO & Co-founder

Alex was previously CEO of Frontier Strategy Group (FSG). Prior to FSG, Mr. Gorbansky was a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, where his work focused on the natural resources sector. He also worked in strategic positions with Loudcloud and EMC Corporation. Mr. Gorbansky holds a BS in Financial Engineering from Stanford University and studied international relations and globalization at Magdalen College, Oxford University. Alex has been published in Forbes and VentureBeat in the past, he is a frequent speaker at industry conferences such as BoxWorks, and has appeared on Bloomberg and Fox News.

Irene Tserkovny

COO & Co-founder

Irene is responsible for Product Development, Product Management, and Operations at Docurated. Previously Irene was VP of Strategy at American Express. Earlier in her career Irene held leadership positions at JWT, Johannes Leonardo, Berlin Cameron United, Digitas, and EMC. Irene holds a B.A. from Brandeis University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ryan Cooke

VP Engineering & Co-founder

Ryan leads engineering efforts at Docurated and related practices including technology strategy, security and innovation. Previously he cofounded Alta Investors which provided holistic portfolio analysis software for institutional investors with a focus on alternative asset classes. Over the past decade Ryan has been involved in multiple startups, most from an early stage, contributing to the development of technology products. He studied computer science at Stanford University.

Fergal Glynn

VP Marketing

Fergal is responsible for all of Docurated’s pipeline generation initiatives including marketing, sales development, strategy, awareness, demand generation, and driving growth. Fergal previously led Veracode’s marketing and inside sales teams. Prior to Veracode Fergal led product management and engineering teams at BlueNote Networks (acquired by Aspect Software), Fidelity Investments, and Oracle. Fergal holds a B.Eng from the University of Limerick and a MBA from Babson College.

Adam Duston

VP Product Development

Adam is responsible for product development efforts at Docurated and related practices including technology strategy, security and innovation. Prior to Docurated, Adam held positions at Incrwd, Universal Subtitles and 8 Planes. Adam holds a Computer Science degree from The University of Chicago.

Gordana Vuckovic

VP Sales

Gordana is responsible for leading Docurated’s commercial organization and go to market strategy. Previously Gordana held management roles at Clearslide, LexisNexis, HelloBrain, and HP. She holds a BS in International Business and Relations from Austin College.

Geeta Arora

VP Customer Success

Geeta is responsible for the long-term growth of Docurated client partnerships through successful deployments and oversees implementation, support, and client services functions. Prior to Docurated Geeta held positions at American Express, Xerox, UNIQ Luxury Experiences and Buy It Mobility Networks. Geeta holds a B.A. in Public Policy from Duke University and a MBA from Kellogg School of Management.

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