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Mm ba ba de, Um bum ba de, Um bu bu bum da de
Pressure, pushing down on me
Pressing down on you no man ask for
Under pressure

The famous opening lines to “Under Pressure” the 1981 Queen and David Bowie song. I feel pressure, you feel pressure, and even the fearless CIO feels it. According to McKinsey’s Global Survey Results, written by Naufal Khan and Johnson Sikes @sjsikes, “recognition of IT’s strategic importance is growing, but so is dissatisfaction with its effectiveness”. Among the most substantial challenges faced by the CIO cohort are demonstrating effective leadership and finding, developing, and retaining IT talent. View the full report here.


Organizations are using IT to improve business effectiveness and efficiency, not just manage costs
Comparing the 2013 responses to previous years indicates notable changes in organizations’ current priorities for IT. Interestingly, concerns about managing costs are down. The authors also suggest that the survey respondent companies are “getting better at aligning their actual priorities with what’s ideal—and that more executives see IT as core and relevant to day-to-day business, not merely a cost center”.
McKinsey CIO Q1

In coming years, executives expect their IT organizations to spend less on infrastructure and more on analytics and innovation
Unfortunately for CIOs Overall satisfaction with IT performance is down.
McKinsey Survey 2

IT has become less effective at enabling business goals
CIO struggle to provide service comparable to the consumer-grade cloud and mobile applications that are readily available outside the business.
McKinsey Survey 3

Naufal Khan and Johnson Sikes Looking ahead
Kahn and Sikes urge CIOs to address talent from the top and be more involved in developing talent. “As IT continues to evolve as an important strategic tool, the required skills and staff are becoming harder to find and retain, especially in areas such as analytics and next-generation infrastructure.” In addition the authors encourage executives to address critical gaps in IT by elevating knowledge in areas that span both the business and IT functions. According to the survey, there are three important areas for improvement:
1. data and analytics
2. business-IT interactions
3. approaches to development work

View the full report here.


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