Moving Beyond Digital Asset Management with Docurated

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In the world of Knowledge Management, a lot of time is wasted searching for content. The traditional file folder paradigm lacks context and leaves users searching for the content they need by file names alone. While legacy Digital Asset Management Systems (DAMS) help to organize content and assist with retrieval, they can involve a lot of hands-on work around organizing, categorizing and importing content. They also require user-submitted metadata to organize assets, which can create similar organizational issues. What if one user doesn’t think a piece of information belongs in the same category as the one who put it there? They may never find it.


Docurated offers a new way to interface with content, going beyond simple digital asset management and helping users retrieve information. By acting as a “Google for your documents“, Docurated allows users to simply search for content by phrase or keyword, unearthing content that might never be otherwise found. And when you find this content, Docurated gives users a quick and simple way to repurpose that content for immediate use.

When you use Docurated to manage your digital assets, you don’t need to worry about manual importing or categorization. Not only is content automatically onboarded, but searching digs inside of files and pulls content from within, making it possible to surface your most relevant digital assets. Docurated can also deal with a variety of file formats, meaning that a search will give users immediate access to spreadsheets, Power Point slideshows, PDFs, documents and even images.

With users creating content at a faster rate than ever before, it’s important to spend your time using this content rather than wasting your time organizing or fruitlessly searching. Docurated takes digital asset management to a new, more automated and efficient level of operation.

If you’re stuck in the old digital asset management paradigm, you can request a demo or try Docurated and see what you’re missing.

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