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If you’re running a startup, here’s a tip on how to boost your sales, marketing, fundraising and recruiting at once – speak at a Tech Meetup in a big city.

Docurated is located in New York City, anyone’s definition of a big city. If you’re a startup in New York  (or close enough to convince the organizers you’re worthy of sharing the stage with nine other startups), do whatever you can to get on the schedule. It’s an amazing experience.

We were fortunate enough to be invited to speak at the January 7 New York Tech Meetup. There were over 850 in attendance. We shared the stage with a wide range of companies. Range meaning our fellow presenters widely diverged on technologies, products, size, funding success, market traction, and maturity. The commonality shared by everyone was a real sense of enthusiasm and purpose.

(Forbes just published an excellent review of the evening).

Did you Say a Product Demo?

Everyone appeared to be on a mission. There was a real sense of excitement in each product demo. Yes, everyone does a demo. This isn’t an evening of pretty PowerPoints. Everyone logs into their SaaS offering, launches their app, or shows off what their product can do.

You get about 5-7 minutes to complete your demo, then its question time. The entire vendor demo part of the evening is about 75 minutes. A terrific networking opportunity follows. You’ll meet people looking for investment opportunities, people looking for their first job or a new job, service providers seeking new clients, and prospects you may be able to turn into customers. It’s really the landscape of IT right now.

After the MeetUp

What’s been even more amazing is the postscript. One week later and we’ve received dozens of emails; from engineers, impressed by our technology, who are looking for an exciting company like Docurated to join, investors interested in our next funding round, and companies in our target markets that were in attendance or were told or read about our presentation.

In terms of return-in-investment, it’s been a homerun so far. We enjoyed sharing the stage with so many other innovators, and the spotlight for a brief moment so we could show off what our engineering team has worked so hard to develop.

So, to any startups  in New York that are ready to demo what they’ve created, head to and pitch your company so you can walk up on stage in front of a lot of people a couple of months later and pitch it again. Presenting at the New York Tech Meetup is definitely worth it.

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