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Media and Publishing are in disruption. New competitors with new business models arrive everyday and incumbents choose to ignore the new players or to flee to higher-margin activities. This industry is ripe for disruption because low barriers to entry lead to more agile competition and incumbents have large legacy business models which generate the majority of their revenue.

To compete and win in today’s world Publishers need to transform and become customer centric. Customer centric means being more tailored and personalized across everything you do; from sales strategy to product development.

The Cost of Not Transforming

Market Share Lost To New Arrival0%
Operating Inefficiencies0%
Unproductive Content0%
Sales And Marketing Waste0%

How Docurated Helps

Advertising Sales

Respond quicker to client requests. Quickly and easily access and reuse approved marketing materials and up to date content.


Create a hub that pushes only approved and the most recent marketing material to your sales staff and account planners.

Media Planning

Easily access and use campaign data from multiple sources, and media types by searching all company directories from one source.



Simplify Communication

Gather examples and statistics from past work by keyword search instead of waiting for email responses and meetings.

Repurpose Content

Reuse elements (pages, text, images, charts, graphs, and video) from past proposals without having to recreate each item.

Leverage Success

Docurated naturally surfaces the best and most used content within your organization, so your pitches contain powerful information.

Consistent Messaging

Docurated provides a centralized hub for all marketing material to be seamlessly pushed to your advertising sales team so that only approved messages and presentations are used in sales meetings.

Deliver Current Material

Easily manage presentations in topics so that only the most current and approved messages are available.

Maintain Formatting

Extract pages and elements from presentations and proposals for use in new material, maintaining approved formatting without additional work.

Free Your Content

Pull content from any repository and avoid being trapped in applications and repositories.

The Right Content at the Right Time

Push Notifications

Receive notifications as new materials are created and shared with sales teams, ensuring your team is up-to-date.

Remove Duplification

Deprecated files are removed from search results so only the most current resources are available for use.

Gather Feedback

Through commenting sales teams easily communicate with content creators, enabling feedback on new material.


Unify Advertising Sales Messaging

Delivering a consistent and unified message across a global sales team is simple with Docurated as your content hub, providing one place to search for current, approved content.

Useable Content

Push material to sales teams that can be used in whole or parts without compromising the integrity of the layout.

Organize Material

Organize your material into topics or let Docurated auto-index files for simple search and discovery for your sales teams.

Quick Alterations

Quickly make updates to existing content and instantly disseminate to teams, ensuring everyone is using the most current version.


Discover and Deliver Timely Data

Docurated indexes any documentation displaying relevant demographic information and campaign results for different media types and past campaigns and allows for reuse for reporting in new pitches or client updates.

Simplify Reporting

Give all relevant parties the ability to easily find and use campaign statistics without pesky email chains.

Cut Research Time

Organize results and media by demographics, industry, geography, company, or date to easily find relevant information.

Reuse Powerful Material

Easily reuse charts, graphics, or entire pages of presentations to display compelling information.

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