Report: Sales in the Dark About Marketing Content

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New research from our State of Sales Enablement Report shows that Sales does not realize how much high value content Marketing creates.

sales-enablement-report-cover (1)Efforts to simplify the content supply chain through the creation of yet another content repository have so far failed to deliver any meaningful results.

Our data confirms the heterogeneity of content storage with 68% of organizations operating 5 or more content repositories.

This increase in content repositories is a natural by-product of the increase in content production and has led to a situation where reps cannot find relevant marketing content.

68% of Organizations have 5 or more storage repositories.

Despite efforts to simplify IT infrastructure, the number of repositories continues to grow. Storage repositories include local and shared drives, cloud storage services, email, wikis, file servers, SharePoint, CRMs and “Sales Enablement” systems that require the creation of a separate content repository.

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Who actually creates content?

The data we collected shows that it is Sales and not Marketing who are the primary content creators within the modern organization.

The solutions put forward by many sales enablement vendors are based on the theory that approved marketing content could be stored in one magic location for reps to access. However, our data shows that Sales plays a much larger role in content creation than is generally understood.

We surveyed new Docurated customers about who they thought created content within their organization.

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Through our analytics, we learned that, in reality, content creation is spread much more evenly around the organization.

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For companies implementing sales enablement projects, it is important to understand that content creation is no longer the sole preserve of Marketing. To succeed today, companies need to adopt a content creation approach that unlocks the wealth of tribal knowledge reps generate in the field.


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