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Get Reps Back Selling

Docurated is simple to deploy (no manual uploading or tagging) and simple to use. With powerful content analytics and next generation search capabilities, Docurated gives your reps instant access to the right content at the right time, regardless of where it is stored. Empowered sales reps can create perfectly tailored on-brand pitches in minutes.

One Go To Market

Enable consistency across the entire sales organization.

Control Content Availability

Change management is seamless – new content is deployed to the field in seconds and old content is removed.

Simple To Use

Docurated works with your existing workflows and is integrated with

One Go To Market

Put sales reps in the best position to win with the right content.

Docurated is a Single Source of Truth for your organization’s content. Docurated makes it easy to find and use content. No migration or uploading is necessary to populate Salesforce with relevant content and Sales get the slides that ACTUALLY win more business.


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Control Content Availability

Learn your Content ROI

Docurated provides content analytics so you can understand your Content ROI. Docurated shows what decks are resonating in the field and helps Marketing re-purpose and optimize content. As Marketing changes content Docurated automatically picks it up and makes available to Sales. Docurated is the only solution that provides a Sales->Marketing Feedback loop.


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Simplify Workflow

No change in rep behavior.

Docurated is the only solution that can adapt to YOUR workflow. Docurated works where you work and easily scales as the volume of content, categories and users grow. Version control is taken care of for you.


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