Why Sales Leadership Must Be Active in Any Productivity Initiatives

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Sales productivity is the #1 or #2 key focus for any sales leader as it determines their ability to hit goals and grow the business. Yet in many organizations today, decisions around sales productivity initiatives are often delegated to enablement or marketing and performed with very limited input from the sales organization. This decision is squarely to the detriment of the sales organization.

A recent Docurated survey of 207 organizations found that productivity initiatives specifically sponsored and led by sales led to 150% better productivity results in 30% less time than similar initiatives not led by sales.

It just makes sense. You decrease your odds of project success if the head of sales is a disconnected executive whose main responsibility is to secure the project funds and then come in for the victory lap when it is all over. But an engaged VP Sales — with a vested business interest in the project from kickoff to close — can mean the difference between success and failure.


One of the most common reasons why projects fall short is a lack of executive sponsorship and management buy-in, according to the KPMG Project Management Survey. In many cases, the head of sales is simply too busy. But when it comes to improving the productivity of the sales team that is a fatal error. In an increasingly competitive marketplace project sponsors cannot afford to take a hands-off approach.

Increase Odds of Success

In speaking to companies, sales leaders have the best pulse on which initiatives will drive the most value and also whether the dogs will eat the dog food. All too often well-intentioned marketing or enablement initiatives stray beyond what benefits sales and therefore fall flat.

Think about responsibilities the Sales VP can bring to the project:

  1. Providing clear direction for the project and how it links with the organization’s overall strategy
  2. Securing project resources
  3. Ensuring the project is on time, on budget
  4. Providing feedback on status reports and making sure they reach the necessary stakeholders
  5. Championing the project at the executive level to secure buy-in

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Sales Productivity initiatives are under continuous pressure to deliver better results with fewer resources. This means that an executive’s commitment is even more important now than before!


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