Salesforce Lightning Knowledge To Allow Federated Search With Docurated

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dreamforce-logoAt Dreamforce yesterday, Salesforce announced a significant breakthrough in the search functionality of their CRM – Docurated has been integrated into Salesforce search transforming the capabilities of the most used function in Salesforce.

The new integration means that for the first time users can leverage Salesforce search to go beyond the Sales Cloud. Docurated connects with all enterprise storage repositories making all enterprise content instantly accessible to users. Docurated search leverages artificial intelligence to help users see and understand everything about their content.

Bridging Structured And Unstructured Data

Docurated provides Salesforce users with a holistic picture of sales productivity and customer engagement. Docurated tracks and analyzes the modification of all content over time and integrates with ubiquitous enterprise tools like CRM and Email so marketing can find out which content is performing well and what is falling flat. By integrating Docurated search into Salesforce lightning, users can surface the most relevant content whenever and wherever they need it.

Did you know that Search is the most used feature in Salesforce? However, it was often a source of frustration for customers as, prior to today, results were limited to info within Sales Cloud, did not relate to the context of each situation, and were not prioritized in terms of relevance to the user’s unique situation.

By leveraging the power of Docurated, Salesforce search can now map the relationships between people and information, and acts as the intelligent fabric delivering personal and contextual search results for every knowledge worker. By combining massive evidenced-based inputs and analytics with powerful content surfacing using the DocuRank algorithm, Docurated makes it possible to connect people to the relevant content around them.


Docurated Search Reaction

So far the reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. Salesforce search is perhaps the one area within Salesforce that was most in need of attention. Today’s announcement shows Salesforce are serious about search!

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