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Driving top-line growth is the number one CEO mandate to the CMO, according to Forbes Insights research. Yet most marketing executives struggle to achieve that objective. According to D&B’s CMO Rishi Dave, only 30% of all companies achieved growth of any kind over the past year.

Marketers are challenged every day to influence the outcomes of their sales organizations, not just by generating more leads, but to provide real support and accountability for pipeline and revenue throughout the sales funnel. While marketers have been heavily focused on top-of-the- funnel lead generation activity, sales teams complain that just sending them more and more leads doesn’t help.

Progressive marketing leaders have realized that lead generation efforts need to be balanced and supplemented by middle and bottom of the funnel activities where there are fewer opportunities in play but the ability to make an impact and to do so in a predictable fashion is much higher.

However, competing teams and technologies abstract Marketing’s ability to meet this challenge; the adoption of silo’d Sales Enablement functions and channel-specific workflow solutions have only pushed Marketing and Sales further apart.

In a world where data has surpassed oil as the most valuable resource on the planet, marketers need complete visibility from the top of the funnel down to the “last mile” to make a real impact on sales.

Today’s top marketers are looking to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns throughout the Sales funnel, which guides them with data to sharpen future investments, targeting and distribution.

When Marketing efforts and Sales activity are aligned by opportunity and attributed across every channel, assets and campaigns across all touch points analyzed, scored, and correlated against revenue, CMOs can render a complete, actionable view of the Sales funnel to surpass the organizational challenge of supporting Sales and truly have an impact on revenue.

“To optimize planning, many marketers are incorporating data-driven
tools such as audience intelligence and predictive recommendations into the
campaign and topic modeling process.”

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