Simplified Trend Discovery and Real-Time Reporting for Sales Professionals

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Today I’d like to introduce you to a brand new tool – and also give you a sneak peek at their upcoming ad campaign. Eric Cohen, CEO of has given us a sneak peek at their anticipated shock-advertisement campaign which, quite frankly, was very entertaining; they’re even letting us give you a preview!! Starting August 29th, They’re doing 28 days of 28 hysterical and unique shocking advertisements – it’s going to be on a digital billboard, right on Interstate 95 south, going towards New Haven, CT.   I believe Eric and team, with a dose of humor, has captured how salespeople feel about generating reports and statistics.


Unfortunately, for sales pros, these stats are necessary and very often demanded by management. But why fight it? These results will benefit you big time. Eric Cohen is a career sales professional, just like you! He created this application for the following reasons:

  • Frustration with management demands for reports, that he didn’t have the time to generate
  • The understanding of how valuable this data would be to his sales success.

The data, as you can imagine is invaluable; However, the current methods within the sales industry have proven to be cumbersome and time-consuming. Time and simplicity are the issues has set out to address. After reviewing the application myself, I would have to say that has made tracking and reporting of personal sales trends, pipelines, and projections much simpler.

Let’s play out a couple scenarios and I’m betting you’ll relate to at least one of these (Probably all):

At one time or another you’ve likely been caught off guard by your boss calling you into his or her office as you walk by, or maybe even an impromptu meeting, with requests for your pipeline and sales projections. You probably found it difficult to answer these questions on the spot; because odds are, you were focused on all the other important tasks required to hit your sales goals.

Then there’s my favorite: That awkward conversation where you’re told about your new target industries, with no supporting data, from anyone. Usually, this comes from someone reading an article that tells them about an industry is spending a ton of money right now. You’ve got a gut feeling on your most successful target markets (the one they’re dictating just doesn’t jive), but you didn’t have the supporting data to debate the topic. Are we hitting close to home here? was designed to address these issues, require less than 30 seconds per task and, focuses on delivering personal reports for sales trends, pipelines and projections, in real-time.

To learn more I would recommend signing up for their 30 Day Free Trial. #KnowYourTrends

Good luck Eric with the campaign!

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