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Driving Competitiveness

Customer Centric

To compete and win in today’s world companies need to become customer centric. The customer centric organization is tailored and personalized across everything it does, from sales to marketing to product development and IT.

“With Docurated it is simple for our partners to tailor content for each specific sales opportunity and it is easy for marketing to keep up with the velocity of content being generated.”

– Nick Mehta, CEO, Gainsight


Deliver a Tailored, On-Brand Message.

More Efficient & Effective Reps

Docurated delivers the information sales reps need to create winning presentations on any device – saving them time, shortening sales cycles, and increasing win rates.

The right content. In the right place. At the right time.

Instead of forcing sales teams to spend hours at their computers, away from selling, Docurated gives reps the exact collateral they need based on sales stage.

“Docurated’s next generation approach to content management makes our content easy to find, helps to develop responses that win deals, and lets us see what makes a salesperson successful.”

– Tim Bertrand, Chief Revenue Officer, Acquia


The right story helps partners sell more.

Partner Enablement

Ensure that partners have access to the most up to date and on-brand sales collateral right from within your partner portal.

Seamless Presentation Creation

Time is your partner’s biggest enemy. Partners are able to create personalized presentations right from within their PRM system.

“As an Account Executive I am always looking for good content to tell the story. Docurated helps me locate and reuse great content for presentations. Docurated saves me time and helps me work more efficiently.”

– Brian Reynolds, Account Executive, Appirio


Less Blocking & Tackling. More Strategy.

Power to the Marketer

See what content is being used and what is driving sales. Marketing has full control of the message – critical for legal and brand compliance.

Visibility. Speed. Precision

Monitor every conversation, reconcile with strategic objectives and give salespeople the right story at the right time. Docurated is the only solution that gives you a holistic view of the content supply chain.

“With Docurated, we get real data on why, who and how content is being used. We use this data to guide our content strategy and attribute marketing investments to revenue.”

– Eva Papoutsakis Smith, VP Sales Strategy & Marketing


Knowledge Management and Collaboration.

People & Ideas

R&D produces a wealth of information that should be leveraged across the company but unfortunately it’s locked away in silos.

Search & Re-Use

Find the exact page you need when you need it without knowing where that doc resides and without opening a single file. Mash-up pages from different files and formats to create new documents.

“Docurated has changed how we work, it’s light years ahead of everything else we looked at. Docurated improves our productivity and helps us deliver our products to clients.”

– Jo Ann Saitta, Chief Digital Officer, The CDM Group


Connecting The Enterprise With The Best Ideas.

Bridging Legacy Systems

Docurated sits on top of and connects with whatever content storage systems your organization uses. We connect local and shared drives, wikis, and cloud storage services – wherever documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and video files reside.

Docurated integrates seamlessly with: Box, SharePoint, Egnyte, Salesforce, Alfresco, Google Drive, Confluence, and many other content and document storage repositories.

“The #1 challenge for enterprises today is the inability to find and use knowledge. The ubiquitous possibilities of Docurated could be a game-changer.”

– Timothy Weaver, ‎CIO, Del Monte Foods

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