Enterprise Content Portals Powered by Docurated

Whether it be internal, partner or client facing, Docurated Portals drive significant increase in content consumption through a combination of unique capabilities
Unifying Content Silos
No more content migration, re-organization and re-tagging

Avoiding the pitfalls of yet another content silo, Docurated unifies Sales and Marketing content sources, such as websites, salesforce libraries, sharepoint and other content management systems, and provides users a single source of truth.



  • Real-time content sync
  • Content de-duping across silos
  • Auto-version detection
  • Permission mirroring


  • Meta-data analysis
  • Meta-data to topic mapping
  • Auto-classification
  • Auto-categorization
Streamlining navigation and taxonomy
No more inconsistent taxonomies

Docurated analyzes and understands your content – using existing tagging, folder structures and taxonomies across your company,  constructs a single view of your content categories and creates one consistent taxonomy for single source of truth

Advancing search and navigation with relevance
No more content clutter

Docurated delivers visual, page based, full text search across all of your content silos.   Moving beyond standard search, using the latest AI technology, Docurated models behaviors of different user segments in your organization and introduces a notion of personal relevance. Personal relevance feeds both the search and browsing experience of every user in your organization that needs access to content.



  • Full text search
  • Page based visual results
  • Page and document ranking
  • Personalization


  • Content templates
  • Playbooks
  • Custom menu
  • Custom landing pages
Enhancing the user experience
No more outdated user experience

Docurated gives Marketers powerful tools to drive content engagement and brand consistency.  This means that the Docurated user experience is fully customizable, from the page layout, to the branding, the content display, ranking, search experience, even to how the portal is embedded in your existing infrastructure. Docurated also gives marketers the ability to convert their content into templates, which are easily maintained and give users the ability to customize the content without destroying the brand consistency.

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