Content Analytics Unification

Docurated helps Marketing deliver more value and optimize content investments, by giving a complete view of content usage across all critical distribution channels
Data unification
No more silo’s view

Removing the silo’d view of content between numerous channels, Docurated unifies Sales and Marketing usage data, from websites, salesforce libraries, e-mail campaign systems, sharepoint and other content management systems, and Marketing a single view of content usage.



  • Unified engagement analytics
  • Complete Account based view of content
  • Big data streams support


  • Content classification
  • User segmentation
  • AI usage modeling
Data segmentation and analysis
Actionable insights

Docurated analyzes and understands content, and its usage by reps and prospects and groups that usage into meaningful categories that help Marketing take actions on new and existing content distribution

Flexible UI and reporting
No more restrictions

Docurated integrates with best in class reporting software providers, such as Tableau, to give Marketing and management the flexibility they need to analyze their data the way they need to for their business, without being restricted to formats, filters or data points



  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Analytics data api
  • Big data processing

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