Sales and Marketing Content Recommendations

Docurated brings Sales and Marketing closer to their prospective buyers by leveraging content engagement intelligence along the funnel
Unifying prospect intelligence
No more funnel divide

Avoiding the pitfalls of yet another content silo, Docurated unifies Sales and Marketing content sources, such as websites, salesforce libraries, e-mail campaign systems, sharepoint and other content management systems, and provides users a single source of truth.



  • Unified engagement analytics
  • Complete Account based view of content
  • Persona mapping


  • Top rep modeling
  • Real-time email sync
  • CRM data sync
Sales content usage analysis
No more blind spots

Docurated analyzes and understands content usage by reps in all critical channels, including their e-mail conversations, giving Marketing visibility into what is actually working in the sales channel

Advancing content scoring
No more guessing

Docurated scores every piece of Marketing content used across the buying funnel and ranks them based on their performance with different buyer personas, giving marketing the ability to better target best content to the right people to drive revenue



  • Docurank
  • Content similarity
  • Persona development


  • CRM integration
  • API to embed anywhere
Targeted Recommendations Across Channels
No more outdated user experience

Docurated delivers a flexible, unified and fully customizable recommendations platform that supports Sales AND Marketing efforts and can be embedded in CRM, ABM campaigns, Websites or any other place where personalized recommendations can drive value to the prospects along the buying journey.

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