The 54 Best Business Intelligence Tools: Top BI Software to Help You Analyze Data to Make Smarter Business Decisions (PART 3)

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36. Actimize Platform

Actimize Platform

The Actimize Platform leverages a single, scalable and flexible solution to provide enterprise-wide financial tools: fraud prevention, risk management, capital markets compliance, anti-money laundering, and more. The platform follows your business through the entire risk-management lifecycle, from modeling to execution to investigation to oversight.


  • Detect problems and anomalies in real time, as they occur
  • Develop and customize your analytical models to perfectly suit your business
  • Integrate and monitor multiple data sources and business processes

Cost: Contact for pricing

37. ActionBridge


Nimaya’s ActionBridge BI tool grabs data from behind any cloud- or SaaS-based firewall to generate a mashup of data reporting, functions and on-premise applications. The result: a single and interactive interface dashboard that displays the information you need, at the exact time you need it – leveraged data to help your business collaborate efficiently, make decisions effectively, and boost your bottom line.


  • Enact role-based security to control collaborator access
  • Easy configuration does not require knowledge of coding
  • Synchronize on-premise, cloud- and SaaS-based applications and data

Cost: Contact for pricing

38. e-cubix Executive Dashboard

e-cubix Executive Dashboard

The e-cubix Executive Dashboard from Dashboard Insight enables better and greater organizational control through powerful visualization and data reporting. The goal: boost company performance by empowering users to visualize data in a meaningful way – a way that makes clear how to identify and solve problems, take timely actions, and select the decisions that will most benefit your business.


  • Easy-to-use interface allows you to create dashboards in under two hours
  • 500 in-built and common KPIs to make configuration even faster
  • Connect with any commonly used database, including Oracle, MSSQL, MYSQL, and Access

Cost: Contact for pricing

39. Style Intelligence

Style Intelligence

InetSoft’s Style Intelligence is robust and flexible business analytics software that scales to enterprise level. The platform, which has a remarkably small footprint, is built to serve the needs of OEM and enterprise developers – an agile, self-service development tool that simplifies advanced data mashups, interactive dashboards, scorecards, exception alerts, and enterprise reporting.


  • Employs Data Block™ architecture for real-time data mashup
  • Connects to many commonly used databases – relational and multidimensional, as well as column-based data warehouses
  • Multi-dimensional charting and brushing for maximum data exploration

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

40. Tableau Business Intelligence

Tableau Business Intelligence

Tableau’s intuitive BI software makes it easy for anyone, regardless of technological know-how, to connect with data and create visual reports. The platform is as simple to use as Excel, but is very feature rich – sharable dashboards, interactive reporting, flexible features, and scalability make for one-click access to any data you need to analyze.


  • Choose between the on-premise Tableau Server or cloud-based Tableau Online
  • One-click reporting gets answers in seconds
  • Share dashboards and enable viewers to explore data further

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing
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41. Cetova C-QRY


Cetova C-QRY is a simple query-management tool that boasts both usability and scalability for data analysis and reporting. The tool is end-user friendly, allowing even the non-technical to drag-and-drop data to generate reports. No coding is required to create row-by-row, transaction-by-transaction tables that are fully searchable for almost any query.


  • Easy to use, even for tech newbies
  • Output reports as Excel files, PDF, or HTML
  • All queries are saved for future retrieval and reuse

Cost: Contact for pricing

42. ChristianSteven CRD

ChristianSteven CRD

CRD from ChristianSteven is a feature-rich, flexible business intelligence tool that simplifies Crystal Reports scheduling, exporting, distributing and exporting. The tool simplifies automation processes – it’s billed as “set it and forget it” – and makes it easy to generate and send reports in many standard formats.


  • Fast setup and simple use, no training required
  • Send reports to SharePoint, email, print, fax, disk, SMS, or FTP
  • Schedule and automate Crystal Report, hassle-free

Cost: Free Trial; Small business package starts at $6,995

43. WebFOCUS


The WebFOCUS premise is that one information delivery system does not fit all: it’s important to equip businesses with the right tools for the right users. WebFOCUS empowers companies with robust solutions to compile, manage, package and deliver data to both company users and clients – managers, C-level executives, employees, suppliers and customers –  via easy-to-use “InfoApps.”


  • Deliver the right information to the right user, via the right delivery approach
  • Scorecards and dashboards provide visualization of critical metrics
  • InfoApps empowers anyone to manipulate and consume data reports

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing
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44. iDashboards


IDashboards offers powerful insights in just a few clicks, combining drag-and-drop data integration, visual dashboards, drill-down filtering, database connectivity and other features to drive your business intelligence. The software, which is available in on-premise or cloud-based enterprise versions, requires no programming or coding, and is easy to maintain with minimal resources.


  • Hundreds of maps, charts and other data generation methods
  • Filtering and data drill-down for dashboards, charts, and web URLs
  • Connectivity to relational databases, Excel, Salesforce, and Google Analytics

Cost: Free Trial; Cloud-hosted starting at $1,995

45. InsightSquared


InsightSquared is one of the world’s top Salesforce Analytics tools, empowering small and medium business to make better, more informed data-driven decisions. This solution works to visualize all your big data, providing easy-to-understand analytics for your sales, marketing, financial, staffing and support information.


  • Analyze trends, identify room for improvement, and forecast future success
  • Publish daily lead-gen reports to progress toward company goals
  • Unlock historical financial data to drill-down on specifics over time

Cost: Free Trial; Basic from $45/month per user (+ one-time setup fee)

46. TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is designed to help companies integrate and synthesize big data into an easily consumed and easily understood format. The end goal: to create actionable data reporting through self-discovery – tools anyone in your organization can utilize to manipulate and understand company information.


  • Leverage existing database skill sets to quickly create feature-rich applications
  • Instant visualize and interact with your data to reveal opportunities within your organization
  • Location-based analytics take e-commerce to the next level

Cost: Free Trial; Desktop solutions from $2,000

47. TARGIT BI Suite


The TARGIT Decision Suite is data discovery and reporting wrapped in a self-service package of beautiful dashboards, easy mobility and single-solution integration. The business analytics software suite promotes synergy across departments and systems, manipulating your data to provide easy insights to aid action, observation, orientation and final decision-making.


  • Storyboards tell the data story, so everyone at your company can track progress and goals
  • Visual dashboards make it easy to drill-down to the information you need
  • Set alerts and notifications

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

48. Stratum Business Intelligence

Stratum Business Intelligence

Silvon’s Stratum Business Intelligence solution is an end-to-end BI tool that makes data gathering and reporting simple. The service suite collects and organizes data from any source, including multiple databases, and then provides filtering to generate insightful analytics to drive intelligent decision-making.


  • House in one place all information from any transactional system – ERP systems, POS, IRI/Nielsen, etc.
  • Packaged analytics simplify report generation
  • Flexible delivery through SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, online, and other methods

Cost: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

49. Klipfolio


Lovers of dashboards love Klipfolio, a real-time business dashboard that aggregates all your data into one flexible, powerful dashboard. Combine multiple data sources to create mashups, drill-down information, and produce visualizations of any data-driven metric for your organization. Klipfolio is a big-feature solution without the complexity and cost of many full-service BI suites.


  • Choose from the Klip library to create clean visualizations to share with your team
  • Thresholds and customizable indicators highlight key events and exceptions
  • Let collaborators share insights and add their own annotations

Cost: Free Trial; Full version starting at $20/user per month

50. InfoZoom


At-a-glance data reporting is the name of the game at InfoZoom, a customizable business analytics software platform for small and medium business. Highly featured filtering makes it easy to pull out desired attributes, creating one-click access to easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement actionable insights.


  • Use big data to customize your customer experience
  • Uncover hidden potential for your business by mining various data
  • Easily export data reports to share with others

Cost: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

51. Dundas BI



Dundas BI gives users a single, unified experience across all data sources and devices. With Dundas, you get deeper, faster insights because you get access to full functionality and for data exploration, analysis, and visualization. No IT is required to use Dundas BI, so you can quickly connect and integrate data sources on your own timeline.

Key Features:

  • Manipulate data to the structure and logic you need
  • Faster data model setup
  • Pinch-to-zoom on scale mode
  • Better integrate with other web applications with navigation interactions that keep the same data context you selected

Cost: Contact for a quote

52. Halo BI


Halo is a business intelligence tool specifically designed for supply chain intelligence. This supply chain analytics and BI software solution helps you make better, faster decisions and enables you to get your data without relying on IT. Halo is the single solution that combines automated data integration, visualization, and analytics.

Key Features:

  • Visualization, reporting, and analytics
  • Data warehousing automation
  • Self-service data analysis
  • Clean, intuitive interface for self-service dashboard customization
  • Share, collaborate, and take action while archiving discussions
  • Create custom scheduled reports and automated alerts to notify you when your key thresholds are not being met

Cost: Contact for a quote
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53. Domo


Domo is a BI tool designed to optimize business by connecting data, people, and expertise for improving business results. With Domo for BI, you connect to your business data and turn it into insights. Domo puts the information you need within reach in no time at all, so you can gain a competitive edge and make better business decisions.

Key Features:

  • Connect directly to any source of data to streamline reporting
  • Combine, cleans, and transform data to uncover insights in just a few clicks
  • Visualize and share data across your organization quickly and easily

Cost: Contact for a quote

54. Chartio


Chartio delivers analytics to everyone. This powerful BI tool is a platform that enables anyone to query and analyze data from any data source. With Chartio, users can explore data with the click of a button. Chartio also fosters collaboration across the entire organization.

Key Features:

  • Shared insights and discovery are possible when you share dashboard, individual analysis, and automated reports
  • Build interactive dashboards to explain what is behind your data
  • Convey exactly what you want with Chartio’s proprietary chart types and settings
  • Combine data from various sources into a single analysis or chart without any engineering required
  • Automatically creates metadata models as you connect data sources

Cost: Contact for a quote

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