The Time Drain is Over: Presentations Done Right

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When the big meeting is coming fast and you have a presentation to put together,
the last thing you want to be doing is messing around and wasting your time. When you’re stuck with multiple file types – images and graphs scattered throughout – it can be difficult to compile what you need into one place. With Docurated, finding your files, surfacing the content you need, and making use of it is easier than ever before.


We’ve all been there: you need to re-use that table from last month’s report, but there’s no way to easily copy and paste it. You take a screenshot, stick it into an archaic graphic editing app like MS Paint, and go from there. It’s tedious and clunky and time consuming. With Docurated, reusing your best content has never been easier.

Docurated lets you quickly copy parts of PDFs, Power Points, images and other documents into an easily-accessible clipboard, which can then be shared internally or repurposed into a new PDF, Power Point or Keynote File. The “extract object” tool even allows you to pull individual graphics from files to reuse or share.


The last thing you want to be doing when you’re putting together that presentation is wasting time. If you’re stuck searching for files and fooling around with MS Paint, you can request a demo or try Docurated to see what you’re missing.

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