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Consultative sales is a pretty niche topic in the blogging world – surprisingly so, given that it’s a popular sales framework that’s widely utilized by small businesses and enterprises today. Still, you won’t find many blogs dedicated solely to consultative sales. So we thought we’d investigate the far-reaching corners of the web to round up some of the top blogs with robust resources on consultative selling to help you build your reading list, we think you’ll like what we found.


The following 50 blogs cover practically every spectrum of the field of sales, from blogs focused on the technology niche offering resources for high-tech sales consultants, to CRM tools with blogs chock-full of tips for sales professionals to fill and work their pipelines, to blogs from some of the world’s most recognized sales thought leaders – including some who have developed their own sales frameworks, some of which share many similarities to the consultative sales process, and much more.

Note: The following 50 blogs aren’t listed in order of quality or importance. In other words, we’re not trying to say that #1 is better than #50, but that these 50 blogs are the best blogs on consultative sales among the thousands of sales blogs in existence. But we used a numbering system so it’s easy for you to reference a specific blog later, or to point out a blog if you send this list to a friend or co-worker. If you’re looking to brush up your consultative selling skills, these 50 blogs are must-reads.

1. Dave Stein’s Blog


Dave Stein s Blog

Dave Stein is a B2B sales strategist and consultant, trainer, and author. He also writes the regular sales training column for Sales and Marketing Management magazine. His blog is a wealth of information about business-to-business sales, and while he covers a variety of sales processes and frameworks, much of his advice is relevant to the consultative sales process. As part of his consulting work, Stein works with businesses to evaluate their sales methodologies and determine the best sales approach based on their audiences and products or solutions, so his blog is an excellent resource for uncovering value-added methods for making the consultative sales process more effective.

Three posts we like from Dave Stein’s Blog:


2. Corporate Visions


Corporate Visions

Corporate Visions is all about effective messaging and customer conversations, a core component of the consultative sales process. Focused on helping B2B companies develop messages, tools, and visual stories that engage decision makers not just at the introduction or the close, but throughout the buying cycle, Corporate Visions offers an abundance of useful information in its blog to help refine your consultative sales approach with compelling messages that matter.

Three posts we like from Corporate Visions:


3. TrustedAdvisor


Trusted Advisor

TrustedAdvisor emphasizes one of the first essential steps in the consultative sales process: establishing trust. The company offers workshops and consulting services aimed at helping business executives, including sales professionals, establish trust and influence with both internal and external partners and clients. Company founder Charles H. Green has written multiple books on the subject, including the popular Trust-Based Selling. The TrustedAdvisor TrustMatters blog focuses on establishing trust in professional relationships, including in the sales environment.

Three posts we like from TrustedAdvisor:


4. Wilson Learning


Wilson Learning

Offering business learning solutions for leadership, development, sales, and other training needs, Wilson Learning has worked with thousands of corporations over the past 50 years, globally. The Research & Insights Blog delves into all of the key areas of leadership, sales strategy, development, and more, with many posts related to building relationships, asking questions, and other critical consultative sales concepts.

Three posts we like from Wilson Learning:


5. Harrison Consulting


Harrison Consulting

The Harrison Consulting Blog is called “Sales and Management Toolbox,” and for good reason. There’s a slew of information here about the sales process, negotiation, sales strategy development, and more, with a special focus on consultative selling, one of Harrison Consulting’s core service offerings.

Three posts we like from Harrison Consulting:


6. Futurecurve



Futurecurve is a team of business, innovation, and psychology consultants, helping leaders and change managers through the creation of winning value propositions, behavioral change, and other tools and solutions. The company’s blog covers a variety of sales and leadership topics, including transactional sales, customer experience, customer service, marketing, social media, and consultative sales, making this an excellent resource for discovering ways to integrate your consultative sales process with marketing and other initiatives.

Three posts we like from Futurecurve:


7. Sharon Drew Morgen


Sharon Drew Morgen

Speaker, author, and sales visionary Sharon Drew Morgen helps businesses influence and facilitate the customer’s behind-the-scenes buying journey. Though she’s now in semi-retirement, although she still does the periodic speaking or consulting engagement, Morgen’s blog remains a must-read to learn about the concepts behind her unique approach to sales, which is quite similar to the consultative sales approach used by many organizations today with a sharper focus on the buyer’s journey.

Three posts we like from Sharon Drew Morgen:


8. StrategyDriven



StrategyDriven is an “organization dedicated to providing executives and managers with the planning and execution advice, tools, and practices needed to create greater organizational alignment and accountability for the achievement of superior results.” The company’s blog focuses on strategic objectives and advice for aligning the goals of your organization to improve your bottom line, a key component of which is, of course, sales. There are numerous posts relevant to the consultative sales process, and the company also offers a Consultative Selling Knowledge Center.

Three posts we like from StrategyDriven:


9. OutSell Consulting


OutSell Consulting

OutSell Consulting helps companies and sales professionals improve their selling, customer experience, and leadership skills. The OutSell Consulting blog is a reflection on this mission, with practical tips, advice, and insights about the value of having a selling process framework, asking the right questions, and more.

Three posts we like from OutSell Consulting:


10. PointMaker Communications



Interpersonal effectiveness and communications skills is Jackie Kellso’s specialty and the focus of her consultancy, PointMaker Communications. A professional development trainer and coach who specializes in brain-based coaching, Kellso offers valuable, insightful knowledge about communicating and interacting with others in your professional and personal environments, all helpful for consultative sales professionals.

Three posts we like from PointMaker Communications:


11. Advance Consulting, Inc.


A management consulting and professional development firm, Advance Consulting offers training, consulting, and coaching services in strategic planning, communications, operational design, team building, and training for consultants on relationship building, establishing trust, and other skills essential for anyone serving in a consultative capacity. Advance Consulting, Inc. also offers a two-day intensive training workshop focused on Consultative Selling.

Three posts we like from Advance Consulting, Inc.:


12. BothSides of the Table



Mark Suster is a successful entrepreneur-turned-venture-capitalist who has created, built, and subsequently sold two companies to Now he runs Bothsi.des, where you’ll find lessons for startups, marketing and sales expertise, leadership advice, brand management strategies, and more, all focused on the startup culture. The Sales category is a robust resource for developing and fine-tuning your sales strategies and processes to set your company up for success.

Three posts we like from Bothsi.des:


13. The Maven TM Blog



A B2B inside sales and telemarketing consulting agency, Maven TM helps companies fill their sales pipelines and boost revenues. Through recruiting inside sales professionals and agents with vast experience in the field, Maven TM provides the tools and resources companies need to implement comprehensive sales operations programs to get results. The Maven TM Blog features content focused on all aspects of telemarketing and sales, including cold calling, inbound and outbound sales, generating sales leads, sales techniques, and more, with several articles addressing consultative sales practices.

Three posts we like from The Maven TM Blog:


14. Fusion Learning



Helping sales people and sales leaders ramp up their performance, Fusion Learning offers a custom model based on years of research focused on the five key challenges facing sales organizations today. The resulting sales effectiveness model focuses not only on the sales strategy, but the communication skills necessary to build strong customer relationships, as well as implementing effective feedback models to help sales leaders motivate and manage their teams. The Fusion Learning blog features resources and advice for sales organizations needing to better their sales methods, including plenty of advice on building those essential relationships, a foundation of consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Fusion Learning:


15. Accelerated Business Results


Accelerated Business Results (ABR or AcceleratedBR) offers classroom training, online learning, simulations, video animations, and mobile learning, and more, helping businesses create a functional, blended learning environment to promote happier employees and exceptional organizations. The blog covers a variety of topics, including resiliency, team building, training and development, leadership, and consultative sales, a topic that’s been covered on numerous occasions.

Three posts we like from Accelerated Business Results:


16. Pipeliner CRM Blog


Pipeliner CRM Blog

PipelinerCRM is “the winning playbook for sales professionals” and provides next-generation CRM software that incorporates visual tools to help salespeople interact with and improve their sales pipelines. The PipelinerCRM blog covers the sales pipeline, the sales process, social selling, and more, all packed with useful advice relevant for consultative sales professionals. You’ll find articles on helping customers instead of selling to them and similar advice to help you frame your mindset and embrace the consultative sales process.

Three posts we like from PipelinerCRM:


17. Merkado



Merkado is a technology marketing thought leadership blog. While the focus is on marketing and selling technology and related services, much of the advice you’ll find here is valuable for the consultative sales process as it’s a commonly used methodology for longer buying cycles, such as those for software and other technology. Merkado’s focus is on the customer: customer insights, customer relationship management, customer insights, and more, and of course, the customer is the center of consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Merkado:


18. CustomerCentricSelling



CustomerCentric Selling

CustomerCentricSelling is exactly what its name suggests: a sales performance improvement and training organization helping companies improve processes, build teams that excel, and increase revenue. If you want to create a “top-down company commitment to defining a repeatable, scalable sales process” that puts customers at the forefront and drives sales, CustomerCentricSelling is a go-to resource.

Three posts we like from CustomerCentricSelling:


19. The Five Abilities


The Five Abilities

Rick Wong is the CEO of The Five Abilities and creator of The Five Abilities® Sales Methodology, which teaches unique, immediately effective, sales actions for B2B companies. After spending more than 35 years in the trenches of sales and sales leadership, Wong has plenty of real-world experiences to draw from, many of which he shares on the Five Abilities blog. While The Five Abilities® Sales Methodology is a distinct selling process, it carries many similarities with consultative sales.

Three posts we like from The Five Abilities:


20. Asher Strategies


Asher Strategies

A global leader in sales strategies and CPQ aptitude assessments, Asher Strategies provides sales training, consulting, and assessments to organizations worldwide. The company’s CEO, John Asher, is a Vistage speaker who has trained thousands of sales professionals. The Asher Blog is a robust resource on everything and anything sales, including many articles focused on the consultative sales process.

Three posts we like from Asher Strategies:


21. Dave Stelzl’s Blog

Dave Stelzl s Blog

David Stelzl is a leader in high-tech marketing and sales, having helped small resellers expand into large, thriving corporations that offer high-end security programs and realize increased profits through the addition of consultative offerings and managed services programs. His blog is focused on high-tech sales and marketing strategies, an industry that generally utilizes a consultative sales approach due to the lengthy buying cycles common in this vertical. As such, you’ll find Dave Stelzl’s insights valuable for refining your consultative sales process, with plenty of general sales advice applicable to other verticals.

Three posts we like from Dave Stelzl’s Blog:


22. Sales Gravy – Women in Sales


Sales Gravy

The Women in Sales blog at Sales Gravy focuses on the unique challenges women face in the sales world, questions, struggles, humor, and other anecdotes. As many women are in consultative sales roles, there’s plenty of useful advice to refine your sales strategies, improve your presentation skills, become a tougher negotiator, and more.

Three posts we like from Sales Gravy – Women in Sales:


23. Learning Cog Blog

Learning Cog Blog
Providing practical and effective training to improve business performance, Learning Cog designs and delivers cost effective solutions. The Learning Cog Blog says true to the company’s mission with posts dedicated to better business practices, including tips and strategies for consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Learning Cog Blog:


24. Right 2 Win! Communications, Inc.

Right 2 Win!
As President of Right 2 Win! Communications, Gary Kieper believes all of the traditional sales strategies are necessary for business success. But, he also believes that driving sales rests on adding value to the relationship by educating and helping prospects understand their problems and showing them how you’ve helped solve those same problems for other clients. He has consultative sales at the core of his business philosophy, and it shines through his blog posts as well.Three posts we like from Right 2 Win! Communications, Inc.:


25. SalesBlog!


Chris Lott brings his 15+ years of experience in sales management, business ownership, marketing (and more) to SalesBlog! He focuses on sales techniques using the latest technology tools, tips, strategies, and thought-provoking questions in his bog posts, which are sure to help anyone in consultative sales.

Three posts we like from SalesBlog!:


26. 3Hr Learning

@3Hr Learning
3Hr Learning
3Hr Learning seeks to help motivated salespeople get to the next level in their careers. Steven Osinski is the man behind 3Hr Learning, with his 3 decades of sales, marketing, and teaching experience at San Diego State University. The blog shares Osinski’s insights and tips and focuses on the top ways for anyone – recent grad or veteran salesperson – to get ahead using consultative sales strategies.

Three posts we like from 3Hr Learning:


27. ReframeYourClients


ReframeYourClients looks to change the MSP’s communication with their clients so they understand them better to sell more and deliver the virtual CIO services their clients expect. Even though ReframeYourClients is very specific to the IT niche, their blog posts contain a great deal of consultative sales content because consultative sales is a keystone of their methodology.

Three posts we like from ReframeYourClients:


28. Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Blog

Jeffrey Gitomer's Sales Blog
Known as “America’s #1 Sales Authority,” Jeffrey Gitomer is an acclaimed author, and speaker with expertise in sales, customer loyalty, and personal development. He offers presentations, seminars, keynote addresses, online sales training, a program to become a Gitomer Certified Advisor, and more. His blog stays true to his fun personality, while offering some of the best tips and strategies for building long-term relationships and conquering consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Sales Blog:


29. The AXIOMs of Selling Blog

The AXIOMs of Selling Blog
Axiom Sales Force Development strives to reinvent sales through better learning, coaching, and selling. They are “changing the way companies think about increasing performance of their sales team,” and part of their philosophy is the consultative sales process.

Three posts we like from The AXIOMs of Selling Blog:


30. Solution Selling Blog

Solution Selling Blog
The Solution Selling Bog is sponsored by Sales Performance International (SPI), a global sales performance improvement firm that is dedicated to helping corporations enhance their sales relationships, drive revenue growth, and improve sales performance. With the focus being on relationships and selling, Solution Selling Blog is a fantastic resource for salespeople interested in seeing the power of consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Solution Selling Blog:


31. CPV Consulting Blog

CPV Consulting Blog
Charles Howden founded CPV Consulting after realizing that much of the available sales training was not working for many businesses, since the majority of sales problems cannot be solved by training courses. Instead, Howden saw the need to revamp the sales process, which he now shares insights about on the CPV Consulting Blog, covering topics of importance to the consultative sales process, including strategies for better understanding customers and selling through conversations rather than pitches.

Three posts we like from CPV Consulting Blog:


32. Flannery Sales Systems Blog

Flannery Sales Blog
Flannery Sales Systems Blog is provided by Flannery Sales Systems, which aims to help companies drive sales through sales training, management coaching, and sales process defining. Flannery Sales Systems customizes its training curriculum to each company it serves, which is just one more way that it proves it is using the consultative selling process at the heart of all that it does; this is evident in its blog as well.

Three posts we like from Flannery Sales Systems Blog:


33. Sell Results Blog

Sell Results Blog
Sell Results, LLC, is a “sales training and content development company who helps clients develop the sales methodology they need to be successful.” The blog shares the company’s 20+ years of experience with helping others achieve their sales goals, including strategies and tips for developing relationships with customers to close more deals through the consultative selling process.

Three posts we like from Sell Results Blog:


34. Practical Eloquence

Practical Eloquence

Author, speaker, trainer, and sales consultant, Jack Malcolm has experience in the corporate banking world and consultative sales. He focuses on effective communication within companies and between companies and clients, because communication is a key part of the consultative selling process. The strategies for effective communication and tips for consultative selling are evident in Malcolm’s posts in the Practical Eloquence blog.

Three posts we like from Practical Eloquence:


35. EyesOnSales


The goal of EyesOnSales is to share the latest tips, articles, techniques, and best practices to help sales professionals become more successful. The blog covers a wide range of sales-related topics, including lead generation, sales tools, phone sales, sales scripts, and more; but, its sales tips are best suited to salespeople looking for information and tips on consultative sales.

Three tips we like from EyesOnSales:


36. Consultative Sales & Marketing Blog

Consultative Sales & Marketing Blog

From the Vision Group, Consultative Sales & Marketing Blog offers practical tips and strategies for consultative sales. The blog offers several posts dedicated to consultative sales, from those about beginning the process with new clients, to making sales a 3-step process. Consultative Sales & Marketing Blog is a great place for information for those just beginning the consultative selling process.

Three posts we like from Consultative Sales & Marketing Blog:


37. Sales Pro Insider

Sales Pro Insider
Founder and President of Sales Pro Insider, Inc., Nancy Bleeke wanted “to help companies improve their sales, customer service, coaching, and teamwork resuts with conversations that count.” The company’s dedication to the consultative sales process is evident in the blog posts that promote conversations, denounce assumptions, promote the power of first impressions, and more.

Three posts we like from Sales Pro Insider:


38. Demand Metric


Demand Metric

Demand Metric is all about being strategic by using practical research, tools, training, and advice from the best in marketing and sales. Thus, the blog is a vast resource for individuals interested in marketing and sales, and the “Sales” category is quite helpful for sales professionals seeking to learn more about the consultative sales process with topics ranging from how to solve sales problems, to handling a less than stellar sales experience.

Three posts we like from Demand Metric:


39. Sales Training Connection

Sales Training Connection
Richard Ruff founded Sales Momentum with Janet Spirer to design updated sales training programs focused on helping Fortune 1000 companies “achieve high impact business results.” In 2011, they launched Sales Horizons to share the lessons learned from market leaders with small to mid-size companies. The Sales Training Connection blog is the forum where they share strategies and tips from their sales training, and sales professionals looking for proven sales ideas for consultative selling will find the blog to be an invaluable resource.

Three posts we like from Sales Training Connection:


40. Smart Blog

Smart Blog
Founded by Karl Walinskas, Smart Company Growth looks to help small to mid-size businesses use proven strategies to help businesses achieve longevity. With profits being the focus of Smart Company Growth, their mission is to “grow sustainable profits by leveraging the best strategies to lower the cost of qualified leads.” How does this translate to consultative sales? Well, in order to achieve profits and longevity, salespeople need to develop lasting relationships with customers, and the Smart Blog offers strategies and tips in line with the consultative sales process.Three posts we like from Smart Blog:


41. Carpenter & Associates

Carpenter & Associates

Carpenter & Associates works to help customers grow sales by providing the skills, tools, and processes necessary for moving our organization forward. Their blog promotes their purpose with posts full of content geared toward consultative selling and developing relationships with customers for the best sales practices.

Three posts we like from Carpenter & Associates:


42. Pro Excellence

Pro Excellence
Pro Excellence, a sales growth consultancy, helps small and medium-sized technology companies improve their sales by developing effective sales growth strategies, improving their salespeople, and focusing on their sales processes and skills. The blog advances their methodology to readers with a focus on understanding the customer and addressing the key areas of consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Pro Excellence:


43. Revenue Architects

Revenue Architects
Revenue Architects strive to drive top-line growth “with revenue strategy, revenue systems, and revenue programs.” Revenue Architects understand the power of strong relationships in developing the right strategies, systems, and programs for clients, so they can use the same consultative sales process to win prospects and close deals.

Three posts we like from Revenue Architects:


44. Selling Skills Blog

Selling Skills Blog

Sales consultants and trainers, Zehren-Friedman & Associates rely on “the concept and practice of principled persuasion” as the basis for their consulting and training in sales, presentations, and negotiations. As a company that delivers so much to its clients, Zehren-Friedman also offers four blogs to readers: the Selling Skills Blog is the one that contains the information most pertinent to consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Selling Skills Blog:


45. Sales Training Blog

Sales Training Blog

Carew International takes its sales training program beyond the traditional model to incorporate improved communication practices and professional attitudes of all of its program participants. They employ an interactive format to “fully engage every participant with real life situations and challenges. Every program is offered as a customized training experience to address the unique challenges, needs and culture of each client.” The way in which Carew International conducts its own business is a direct match for how it trains other organizations’ members to conduct theirs – engaging the client and making it a personalized experience to make for a true consultative selling experience.

Three posts we like from Sales Training Blog:


46. Customer Think

Customer Think
Customer Think, “the global thought leader in customer-centric business management,” focuses on making everyone involved in the selling experience feel like a valued member of a team. Through their collaborative and consultative methods, Customer Think brings together a community of business leaders who want to drive profits. They share their experiences, strategies, and tips through their blog posts that are a great read for sales professionals striving to achieve success with the consultative selling process.

Three posts we like from Customer Think:


47. Crushing Mediocrity

Crushing Mediocrity
“A consultative networking organization for independent insurance and benefits agencies,” Q4intelligence works to help agencies take control of their businesses with a solution-based selling system. With its proven strategies and system, Q4intelligence relies on the consultative approach to help its clients succeed, and the organization shares its insight, tips, and ideas on the consultative selling process with readers on the Crushing Mediocrity blog.

Three posts we like from Crushing Mediocrity:


48. Sales and Marketing Performance Blog

Sales and Marketing Performance Blog

A B2B Marketing and Sales Consultancy, Advanced Marketing Concepts values clear communication above all else for building success in business. The value of communication plays a key role in the consultative selling process, and the company shares its insight into how to develop clear communication in its Sales and Marketing Performance Blog.

Three posts we like from Sales and Marketing Performance Blog:


49. The Chat

The Chat
Exec-Comm LLC has been offering a wide range of communication training to professionals for 30 years. Their blog offers suggestions and tips for effective communication, which is essential to consultative sales.

Three posts we like from The Chat:


50. Leadership Connections

Leadership Connections
Leadership Connection prides itself on having trainers and resources that have “front line experience.” Their Sales mastery “Lead the Pack” Sales Training, Sales Management, and Sales Hiring are designed to help sales professionals increase sales by building their self confidence and getting more enjoyment out of professional selling. With a focus on the people involved in the sale and the relationships that produce better results, Leadership Connections’ blog posts are sure to help any salesperson interested in consultative sales.

Three posts we like from Leadership Connections:

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