Advertising Agency Tools: The 54 Best Software Tools to Run and Scale Your Ad Agency

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Running an ad agency? Your day might be filled by pitching prospects and landing clients, tracking creative and securing approvals, media buys and monitoring placements, and that’s just the tip of the iceburg. Running an ad agency, as you know, requires a superhuman-like attention to detail and insane organizational skills for constant multi-tasking.


The juggling act only gets more complicated as your agency grows. You have two choices: Allow yourself to be driven insane by the chaos, or find a workable solution that streamlines your operations and enables you to scale your agency.

How about a software solution that can handle all the nitty-gritty details of managing an ad agency in one central dashboard? Or a platform that acts as a central hub to coordinate agency-wide media buying, project management and planning activities? If you want to keep up in the fast-paced world of advertising, you have to invest in technology to scale your business. We’ve rounded up 54 tools that provide solutions for advertising and creative agencies, from comprehensive end-to-end solutions to genius tools that meet a very specific – but very major – need.

Note: The following tools for running and scaling your ad agency are NOT rated or ranked in any particular order of importance. The numerical formatting is meant to provide an easy point of reference only. There are some excellent tools out there for ad agencies. If you’re looking for a solution that can turn your daily chaos into an orderly flow of activities, this is a great place to start.




WorkZone was created by an ad agency 13 years ago. With project management and client collaboration tools in one interface, along with cross-project dashboards for team visibility, WorkZone is a comprehensive solution for managing and prioritizing projects, creative, and tasks.

Key Features:

  • Management Dashboard for broad project status
  • Master to-do list, filter by team member for individual tasks
  • Secure file sharing for quicker creative review
  • Project templates
  • Gantt charts
  • Time tracking and workload reports
  • Flexible permissions
  • Integrated discussions with each task and document
  • File versioning and approvals workflow
  • Custom branding for a personalized client dashboard


Cost: Contact for a quote


Pegasus Systems


Pegasus offers tools for both emerging and established agencies, with the ability to scale up as your organization grows or integrate seamlessly with your established systems and workflows. An end-to-end solution, Pegasus has tools to streamline every facet of your agency, from finance and account servicing to production and media. With tons of automation features to auto-populate records and auto-generate invoices, time-sheets and reports, Pegasus can save your agency thousands of hours of administrative time.

Key Features:

  • Choose modules you need; add as you grow
  • Fully hosted on secure servers
  • Get a clear and up-to-date financial picture with robust reporting
  • Automatic generation of reports and records based on data entered, such as bookings or resource allocation
  • Single-screen view for full job insight
  • Dashboard shows creative and studio briefs, images and collateral, client WIP reports, production timelines, estimates, purchase orders and costs, timesheets and invoices
  • WIP reports generated automatically in real-time
  • Instantly generate traffic reports by client, account exec, job type, and more
  • Comprehensive reporting with historical and future media booking data
  • Plan broad objectives and specific insertions
  • Automate media placement processes, while maintaining full control and full visibility


Cost: Contact for a quote


Function Point



A cloud-based solution for creative agencies, Function Point streamlines your workflow with a suite of integrated tools to manage prospects and clients, get real-time reports on-demand within your dashboard, and manage every step of the production process with all your resources and assets, creative briefs, estimates, proposals, tasks and projects organized in a single, intuitive interface.

Key Features:

  • Track prospects through the pipeline and stay on top of follow-ups
  • Creative briefs, estimates and proposals organized and readily accessible
  • Project and task management to stay on deadline
  • Track project time, expenses, vendor and client invoices
  • Financial and WIP reports on-demand and in real-time
  • Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, MYOB and other accounting platforms
  • Online portal for team and client collaboration
  • User access restriction for total privacy control
  • Daily, weekly and monthly backups
  • Secure SSL logins



  • $29/user/month – 5-user minimum
  • $19/user/month – 40-99 users
  • $15/user/month – 100+ users





Project and resource management, CRM and accounting are bundled into a single, logical platform designed for project-driven agencies. With no fixed plans or pricing and a configurable solution that allows agencies to choose only the modules they need, WorkBook puts the tools you need at your fingertips without the need to invest in features you won’t use.

Key Features:

  • Complete CRM to manage your project and client pipeline
  • Manage projects and resources in the same dashboard
  • Quickly and accurately define project scope, estimate time, quality and budget
  • Built on open standards for easy integration
  • Works with Sage, Microsoft Business Solutions, SAP and others


Cost (note: varies based on modules selected):

  • Starter: $19/user/month
  • Project: $19/$36/user/month, + CRM and pipeline management, Gantt chart management and resource planning and more
  • Business: $19/Contact for quote/month + Complete financing and accounting module, integration with 3rd-party accounting software, and more
  • Enterprise: $19/Contact for quote/month + Subscription management, inter-company and consolidation features


Activity Management System BTL


Offered by RosComputing, Activity Management System BTL provides data-driven, below-the-line project management. The platform facilitates data collection and analysis for management and streamlined reporting. A feature-packed dashboard accessible from any internet connection, Activity Management System BTL offers tons of customization options for seamless integration with your existing processes.

Key Features:

  • Task and staff management
  • Set your own key project indicators to gauge progress
  • Collect data via web browser or mobile application
  • Estimate and track project deliverables to stay on track
  • Custom report configuration with charts and pivot tables
  • Schedule client and project reports at specified intervals
  • Central hub for your project data and assets
  • Supports a variety of marketing tools, such as leaflet, brochure, roadshow and more



  • $67/user/month
  • Pricing scaled by number of users
  • Maximum 250 field users
  • Custom pricing available for larger enterprises


Avenue Right



Avenue Right is designed to make advertising and PR less consuming for small businesses that may not be entrenched in the world of advertising every day like a creative agency. That said, it’s also a highly-functional platform that can completely streamline the media buying process for new agencies with fewer team members or those that haven’t yet fully engaged with the social media sphere but must provide these services to clients or risk losing business to their competitors.

Key Features:

  • Automate RFP creation
  • Manage and store proposals
  • Traditional, social, mobile and online advertising plans
  • Budgeting plans to make the best use of your resources
  • Text and email plans to expand reach
  • Streamlined media buying process


Cost: Contact for a quote


Clients & Profits



With solutions targeting several facets of the creative industry – including MarComm, Ad Agencies and Designers – Clients & Profits has extensively evaluated every facet of managing a creative agency, breaking down cumbersome, repetitive and tedious processes into streamlined, and now cloud-based, applications to improve your workflow and enhance your bottom line.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive project management
  • Client and account management
  • Production and traffic manager
  • Pipelines, task management, production calendar
  • uMedia Universal Media Buying System
  • Briefs, estimates, calendar and analysis
  • Time tracking, job costing and billing
  • Staff productivity reports and one-click approvals
  • Complete financial accounting system
  • Financial overviews and job profitability reports
  • Loaded with usability features:
    • Search, tags, bookmarks and clip notes
    • Smart lookup lists, quick report generation
    • Define user roles to control access levels



  • ASAP (for Freelancers): $29/month
  • Studio (for Designers): $49/month + startup fee
  • MarCom (In-House Agencies): $69/month + startup fee
  • Agency (Ad Agencies): $99/month + startup fee
  • HQ (Multi-Office Shops): $99/month + startup fee




A cross-platform, web-based workflow management system, CurrentTrack captures, documents and reports the many streams of data that flow through a creative agency. It was built around the processes and systems agencies are already using, adapting to you rather than requiring a complete reconfiguration of the workflow your team is comfortably settled into.

Key Features:

  • Access from any internet connection
  • Establish goals, assign work and allocate resources
  • Traffic management with work-in-progress
  • Notifications for deadlines, resources required, dependencies
  • Messaging for communication on tasks, creative assets and more
  • Meeting recaps, print estimates, client change requests
  • Near real-time expense reporting for accurate picture of project costs
  • Complete media tool with demographics, costs, schedules, vendor traffic instructions
  • Client portal for approving creative, costs, changes, and more
  • Timesheets with daily input and automatic lock-out to ensure compliance
  • Purchase orders, media details, expense reports to control agency spending
  • Flows to job’s financial report for real-time status
  • Budget summary with time, expense, media totals, billing figures
  • Multiple reporting options for real-time picture of actual vs. budgeted costs


Cost: Contact for a quote





Pivot is a stackable software solution designed for agencies. With components ranging from a complete content management system (CMS) to analytics, project management and accounting, Pivot serves both traditional and digital advertising agencies.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based SNAP CMS
  • TRIBE Module for drip and blast email campaigns
  • List and profile management
  • VENTA for e-commerce
  • Shopping cart handles thousands of SKUs
  • FLOW Module for business management
  • Sales tracking, project management, invoicing and payments
  • REACH for creating social microsites to maximize reach
  • SONAR for centralized social media management
  • INSIGHT offers web analytics, visitor trends and traffic
  • MARK – an IDE for developing and editing PIVOT-based client assets



  • Set your own pricing with custom configurations
  • Establish pricing models with clients to add profit margins
  • Digital Bundles:
    • Basic: $650/month
    • Pro: $900/month
    • Norris: $1,500/month





Schedule your people, assets and resources in a single dashboard with ResourceGuru. It’s not specifically designed for creative agencies; it can also be used by software and engineering firms, film and television production companies, research firms, universities and basically any company that relies on processes and resource allocation to get the job done. It has plenty of features that can streamline your workflow and spare you a few frazzled nerves. With full-team views and individual dashboards, you’ll never return to an ordinary spreadsheet again.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive scheduling
  • Flexible booking – by number of hours or set times
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to revise schedules
  • Availability bar shows free resources to maximize utilization
  • Color coding for easy sorting
  • Single resource pool for all types of assets and resources
  • Set availability times by individual resource
  • Control who can book resources with access controls
  • Centralized management for clients and projects
  • Robust reporting:
    • Utilization and capacity planning
    • Project and client analysis
    • Analyze individual resources
    • Custom reports focusing on defined resource types



  • Mini: $19/month – up to 10 people
  • Basic: $49/month – up to 30 people
  • Premium: $99/month – up to 80 people
  • Premium Plus: $99+/month – 80 people +





Designed specifically for marketing and creative users, RoboHead is equipped to handle the higih-volume, fast-turnaround projects these agencies process every day. Project tracking and schedules are available to all users, from any internet location, in real-time, enabling geographically dispersed teams to collaborate seamlessly on major projects with ease.

Key Features:

  • Pre-defined project templates
  • Copy and customize previous projects to save time
  • Job invitation form to create a brand-new project from scratch
  • 25 configurable form fields to gather key project data
  • Drag-and-drop and annotation tools for creative collaboration
  • Online approvals with automatic deadline reminders
  • Manage digital assets in project-specific or categorized libraries
  • Client and team libraries enable permission-based file sharing
  • Multiple reporting options for in-depth performance views:
    • View team members and assigned tasks
    • Determine if projects are on track to meet deadline
    • Resource capacity utilization
    • Estimated vs. actual expenses
    • Outstanding approvals and deadlines
    • Multiple formats: Excel, PDF, calendar or Gantt chart


Cost: Contact for a quote





Samplr acts as a digital portfolio for agencies, so you can give clients easy access to view your impressive work history in just seconds. With handy customization features, you can create a targeted portfolio showcasing your most relevant projects in much less time than it would take to configure a custom collection of example projects manually. ToastedSnow, the maker of Samplr, offers several platforms that can be combined to streamline processes and workflows, including Howlr, discussed below.

Key Features:

  • Easily compile custom work samples in minutes
  • Create collections of work focused on a topic
  • Use to create holiday-focused or niche-topic portfolios for clients
  • Drag-and-drop creation
  • Archive, search, download and share ads
  • Connect with your current creative asset hub
  • Capture relevant samples for RFPs to meet last-minute deadlines
  • Public or private dashboards



  • FREE: 10 components or less
  • Small Agency: $69/month – 15 campaigns, 100 components, 1 public dashboard
  • Medium Agency: $149/month – 50 campaigns, 400 components, 3 public dashboards
  • Large Agency: $299/month – 100 campaigns, 800 components, 5 public dashboards
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – 2,000+ components, 10 public dashboards





Howlr is the sister platform of Samplr, both offered by ToastedSnow, which is also working on releasing complimentary apps Reviewr (to streamline the client approval process) and Granulr (social media monitoring so your team can run better campaigns for clients). Howlr serves as an internal social media network, providing a space for sharing ideas and brainstorming across departments, improving communication and collaboration overall.

Key Features:

  • Post status, links, images and videos
  • Share and comment on posts
  • Follow discussion threads
  • Like and dislike other users’ content and comments
  • Get instant feedback from your team on creative, ideas and other deliverables
  • Quickly locate contacts within your agency
  • Optional chat add-on



  • FREE: Under 5 users
  • Small Agency: $199/month – 50 users
  • Midsize Agency: $499/month – 150 users
  • Large Agency: $899/month – 300 users
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – 300+ users


Studio Manager


A customizable tool for managing business information, Studio Manager is designed with creative agencies in mind. The tools are developed to simplify processes and enable your team to focus on providing top-quality services, as well as maintain costs to keep projects within budget and improve the bottom line. The one caveat is that this program requires FileMaker Pro to run, although most agencies are already utilizing this software and it costs just $295 if you don’t already have it.

Key Features:

  • Scheduling tool with four-week job calendar
  • Load leveling shows all projects at once
  • Identify projects requiring freelance support
  • Tasks per job and per employee
  • Tab-based job tracking module with full database access
  • Job specs, summary report, component jobs
  • Components and job status reports
  • Quick estimates with up to 4 options or flat-fee
  • Marketing module for lead nurturing
  • Robust marketing activity documentation
  • Timesheets, billing, payables, receivables, and purchase orders



  • FileMaker Pro 12 (required to run Studio Manager): $295
  • User manual:
    • $29 – print
    • FREE – PDF
  • Sample price points (based on # of users):
    • $895 (single-user)
    • $1,595 (4-user)
    • $2,495 (10-user)
    • $3,695 (20-user)
    • $4,495 (30-user)
    • $9,995 (Unlimited site license)


Traffic LIVE



Recently acquired by Deltek, Traffic LIVE helps you facilitate better collaboration among your teams and departments, optimize production for better efficiency and quality, and manage profits by staying under-budget and on-task. Manage both people and processes, along with every detail along the way, such as estimates, time tracking and detailed task views, for better results.

Key Features:

  • Flexible, agile tool for re-estimation and integration with Microsoft Project
  • Sales forecasting and CRM with tag management
  • Template library for estimates; custom rate cards
  • Pre-populated fields: Time, fees and costs
  • Calendar interface for time recording, appointments and workflow
  • Central database for job files with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Easily transition quotes to jobs
  • Automatically book and schedule resources to maximize utilization
  • Task splitting, drag-and-drop reallocation, current and future capacity
  • Custom client invoices, expense reporting, automated WIP, and more


Cost (based on annual billing discount):

  • Studio: $35/user/month
  • Pro: $49/user/month (+ 3rd-party integrations)
  • Premium: $56/user/month (+ bi-directional calendar sync, Sage Line 50 integration)
  • Enterprise: $75/user/month (+unlimited resource users, custom development, additional integrations)





Accounting, client services, creative, media, prospecting, production, traffic and resource management and overall business operations functions are all built into a single platform designed specifically around the typical workflows and requirements advertising agencies demand. Basically, it’s a single software solution for storing every last detail of agency operations in an integrated platform with logical connections between tasks, projects, assets, people and every other element involved from start to finish.

Key Features:

  • Simplified accounting software for simplified billing and reporting
  • Interface with clients through an online portal
  • Shared schedules with calendar and Gantt chart views
  • Store creative assets, client feedback, project specs and briefs
  • Accelerates bidding process and converts estimates to POs
  • Stores media specs and organizes media contacts, creates schedules
  • Integrates with TRATA and SmartPlus
  • Traffics media, generates powerful reports and simplifies billing
  • Supports Win Without Pitching tracking
  • Manages prospect pipeline with opportunity widgets and reports


Cost: $38/user/month (10 user minimum)




A fully-integrated agency software solution, AD-IN-ONE is suitable for mid-size agencies and larger advertising firms with 20 employees or more. With financial data incorporated in the same platform as your project management and production processes, it’s simpler to automate both procedures and reporting while staying within budgets and on-time.

Key Features:

  • Job tracking and job costing module
  • Integrated document management and workflow
  • Store scanned files, company rules, project specs
  • Traffic management
  • Integrated timesheet input for accurate billing
  • Digital asset management for creative components
  • Knowledge base
  • Monitor attendance and approve staff leave requests
  • Track business opportunities and project revenues
  • Full financial control: billing and budgeting, vendor invoices and petty cash


Cost: Contact for a quote





For both advertising agencies and in-house communications teams, as well as other businesses operating in a client-services capacity, Advantage keeps tabs on all the important details and helps your team move seamlessly through your workflows and processes to deliver faster, on-target services and improve profitability through better resource utilization and happy clients.

Key Features:

  • My Webvantage browser-based portal
  • Management and reporting for accounting and finance
  • Get alerts for tasks and milestones, budget status
  • Easily searchable document and asset database
  • Collaborate, get feedback and track revisions
  • Track issues internally for rapid resolution
  • Client portal for gaining quick approvals and feedback
  • Variety of administrative reports: goals, accounting, ratios and forecasts
  • Employee utilization, productivity and realization
  • Track tasks, time and expenses
  • Automate and manage projects
  • Media planning, estimating, ordering, connected with production
  • Job jackets, schedules, timelines, risks and workload/utilization views


Cost: Contact for a quote





Podio is a flexible platform with a ton of pre-built, customizable modules – called apps, located in the App Market and categorized by business function, such as business development, PR and communication, project management, meetings and conferences, creative and innovation and more. You can also create your own custom apps using a simple drag-and-drop interface to add elements.

Key Features:

  • Apps for practically any purpose in the App Market
  • Apps are free
  • Customizable to suit specific processes
  • Cross-reference apps for streamlined documentation
  • Social collaboration for chatting, commenting, liking and sharing
  • Integrate with GoToMeeting and ShareFile, DropBox and other cloud-storage platforms
  • Language-based wrappers for API for easy integration with 3rd-party software
  • Project management, CRM, prospecting and lead monitoring, production planning, event planning and tons of other pre-built apps
  • Transparency – see activities of your direct reports



  • FREE: 100 items
  • Team: 1,000 items – $25/month
  • Studio: 2,000 items- $49/month
  • Unlimited: unlimited items – $99/month





A set of social tools designed to eliminate the noise and clutter that can complicate a creative agency staffer’s workflow, AtTask adds visibility to your project management and provides integrated asset management conveniently organized within the context of your projects – so it’s always relevant, up-to-date, and easy to find, saving you hours of valuable time on project management.

Key Features:

  • Enterprise Work Management, end-to-end
  • Social collaboration and true workflow transparency
  • Centralized marketing request management
  • ExactTarget integration for multi-channel campaign management
  • View resources, job roles and bandwidth to avoid over-scheduling
  • Marketing calendar view shows every detail within context
  • Customizable templates, built-in creative briefs
  • Prioritized work lists
  • Customizable dashboards with real-time reporting
  • Financial tracking and reporting


Cost: Contact for a quote


Central Desktop SocialBridge



Central Desktop SocialBridge acts like a shared desktop among team members, providing everyone with access to the same files and assets. Everything from task management to web conferencing can be handled within Central Desktop, with full lifecycle management from brainstorming to production and final proof approvals possible with SocialBridge.

Key Features:

  • Dedicated online workspaces for projects, departments or clients
  • Document management and creative approvals
  • Project management
  • Configure databases and online forms for creative briefs, inventory tracking, contact management and more
  • Streamline workflow with automatic task assignment and alerts
  • Reports by project, workspace, client
  • Online shared calendars and web meetings



  • SocialBridge Professional: $99/month (small teams or departments)
  • SocialBridge for Enterprise: Contact for a quote
  • SocialBridge for Agencies and Marketers: Contact for a quote


10,000 Feet


Juggling multiple brands, multiple campaigns and multiple clients while trying to maintain creativity and profitability at the same time is no easy feat for a creative agency, but 10,000 Feet aims to simplify the tedious, complex processes, information and other elements so you can focus on the service. With 10,000 Feet’s visual resource planning, scheduling and allocation, you’ll maximize the benefits you gain from every company asset.

Key Features:

  • Create projects, organize into phases, assign tasks
  • Build teams, see agency-wide schedules
  • Full workload visibility across the agency
  • Stay on deadline and within budget
  • Visual analytics convey project profitability
  • Define and share deliverables
  • Resource planning and scheduling
  • Allocate resources to projects for maximum utilization



  • Pricing based on # of users
  • Up to 5 members: $49/month
  • Up to 10 members: $99/month
  • Up to 40 members: $399/month
  • Up to 100 members: $899/month
  • 100+ members: Contact for a quote





If simplifying your workflow is your top priority, Viewpath provides a clean, visual interface with Resource Allocation graphs, Agile tools, interactive Gantt charts and more. The platform enables you to collaborate with anyone – inside or outside of your department or organization – with customized user roles and permission levels for seamless client approvals and communications without granting unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Key Features:

  • Customized page layouts for each user
  • Integrates with Salesforce, Google Docs and other solutions
  • Organize and prioritize activities
  • View activities, resources and schedules in single dashboard
  • Add tasks with one click
  • Create subtasks
  • Inline editing capabilities for task names, assignee, etc.
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for scheduling
  • Attach documents, link to online documents, and track comments
  • Sort data, add/remove columns, send projects and tasks between projects
  • Set costs per resource for automatic project cost calculation
  • Integrated time sheets



  • Starter: FREE
  • Team: $15/month – Cross-project resource allocation and reporting
  • Professional: $25/month – Filtering, custom labels, critical path and more
  • Enterprise: $35/month – Unlimited snapshots and project resources, special pricing options





Resource scheduling and planning are two of the most important activities for agencies, and eResourceScheduler aims to provide a simplified solution that streamlines both processes. Project managers can coordinate and share resources in real-time, providing team members with a clear picture of project progress and enables directors to improve utilization, enhance client service delivery and cut costs.

Key Features:

  • Schedule and plan multiple resource types
  • Real-time data for collaboration
  • Configurable to mold with your existing workflow
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling functionality
  • Timesheets capture actuals
  • Comprehensive reports: utilization, forecasting, financial


Cost: Contact for a quote; concurrent user pricing model





Campaign planning isn’t a simple matter in the multi-channel world. With ADstruc, you get access to easy-to-use tools that enable you to develop sophisticated campaign plans to land projects in the first place, and then streamline the processes required for implementation – down to mapping for multiple cities and DMAs around points of interest.

Key Features:

  • Communicate with hundreds of operators from a single interface
  • Organize proposals from multiple operators
  • Create unified online experience for analyzing proposals
  • Compare against campaign criteria to select the best inventory
  • Visualize client data via heat maps
  • Navigate multiple cities and DMAs around points of interest
  • Advanced user management for access control
  • Edit proposed units across multiple markets and operators


Cost: Contact for a quote





HubSpot is one of the most well-known software suites for streamlining and optimizing processes and tactics, designed specifically for creative agencies operating in the digital space. The all-in-one software platform guides you from building websites to creating landing pages, calls to action and marketing automation to analytics and lead management. Ultimately, Salesforce integration means a seamless transition from your lead prospecting funnel to your CRM.

Key Features:

  • Focus on leads and customers within the interface
  • Manage and coordinate content production
  • Build email campaigns, create landing pages, blog posts, social media and more
  • Built-in SEO offers suggestions as you create content
  • Automated CTA matching links to best landing page for higher conversions
  • Create and customize subscriber emails
  • Unified analytics to track performance across content, social media and entire workflow



  • Basic: $200/month – 100 contacts
  • Pro: $800/month – 1,000 contacts
  • Enterprise: $2,400/month – 10,000 contacts





Basecamp is a project management tool offering seamless collaboration and communication for geographically diverse teams and agency-client coordination. From organizing digital files and assets in a central database to enabling real-time conversations and feedback, Basecamp makes it easy to brainstorm ideas, plan projects with clearly-defined task breakdowns and both group and individual project views, Basecamp keeps teams on-task without wasted time hunting assets and sending emails.

Key Features:

  • Conduct group brainstorms within discussion tools
  • Invite users and add project descriptions
  • Add and organize digital files and creative assets
  • Add and organize multiple to-do lists to break down larger tasks
  • Basecamp app adds additional functions, such as camera integration
  • Broad calendar view provides full-project insights
  • Project-specific calendar grid with drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Invite users to events within calendar
  • Agenda view for what’s up next
  • Individual task lists and resource reports
  • Create project templates for repeated use
  • Email tasks and notifications



  • $20/month – 10 projects
  • $50/month – 40 projects
  • $150/month – unlimited projects
  • $3,000/year – annual unlimited access package





Copper is a project management software application with a unique, intuitive workflow that offers some useful features. A built-in timer, for instance, tracks your on-the-job billable hours without you actually checking your start and end time. It also integrates with the financial management software Xero for more comprehensive financial management, or you can simply export timesheets and billable data to add it to another existing program. Copper’s simple, user-friendly invoice makes project planning and coordination a far less time-consuming task.

Key Features:

  • Quickly set up projects and task lists
  • Add team members to projects
  • No manual timesheets or spreadsheets
  • Easily assign tasks using the “pin and pass” feature
  • Import/export Microsoft Project XML Plans
  • Project view lists projects, organization, user, start and end dates
  • Create hierarchies to add sub-tasks
  • Drag-and-drop to reorder tasks
  • Project timeline view with drag-and-drop for resource reallocation
  • Generate reports; create project templates



  • Studio: $49/month – 10 users, 100 projects
  • Corporate: $75/month – 50 users, 500 projects
  • Premium: $149/month – unlimited users, projects





FunctionFox couples the two processes that go hand-in-hand for creative agencies within a single dashboard to automate reporting and reduce documentation demands so your team members can focus on their creative flow: Timesheets and project management.

Key Features:

  • Track projects on user-defined statuses
  • Schedule milestones, meetings and activities
  • Broad team calendar view for scheduling
  • Simplified time tracking
  • Easy, one-click reports on clients, projects or personnel
  • Comprehensive cost management to stay on budget
  • Global or project-specific task lists
  • Individual team member task views
  • Project timelines visual view for future planning
  • Project blog for team communication
  • Cycle and Capacity Reports
  • Track time and costs against project budget
  • Create and save custom reports



  • Timefox Classic: $35/user/month
  • Timefox Premier: $50/1 user/month – additional users $10/user/month
  • Timefox In-House: $100/1 user/month – additional users $15/user/month





Paprika streamlines a multitude of processes central to the creative agency, from job costing to client management and accounting. You’ll only enter a single data point once, and Paprika automatically feeds it to the other processes and workflows where it’s relevant. Both job and accounting data is analyzed, revealing true client profitability, and the platform completely eliminates the need to install or subscribe to a variety of applications, each simplifying a different, disjointed process or enabling reporting of one solitary metric. Parprika brings your entire business together within a single dashboard.

Key Features:

  • Single point of data-entry
  • Transparent client profitability
  • Easily match documents and data
  • Supplier orders and client billing seamlessly matched
  • View status of all current projects within client view
  • Store billing, rates and payment terms with client records
  • Generate accurate invoices with version control
  • Optional mark-up rates by client and expense type
  • Resource scheduling and capacity planning
  • Reports, Gantt charts, plan by project
  • Billable vs. non-billable analysis for utilization and staff productivity reports
  • Excess hours and time entered vs. jobs comparisons
  • Purchase orders
  • Client billing by phase, deliverable or custom date


Cost: Contact for a quote





eSilentPartner helps you increase billable hours, decrease administrative demands, and maintain better accuracy in meeting deadlines, achieving goals and maintaining project costs within budget. Manage projects and coordinate the workflow among multiple team members and departments, and collaborate directly with clients via a web-based interface.

Key Features:

  • Identify bottlenecks in advance
  • Improve task-focus by eliminating administrative demands
  • Pre-defined project templates
  • Critical Path Methodology — incorporate milestones, dependencies and durations
  • Automatic task assignment notifications
  • Resource capacity planning software to maximize utilization
  • Mange digital assets alone or within project context
  • Configurable dashboards
  • Time and expense tracking
  • Financial management and reporting
  • Complete CRM functionality


Cost: Contact for a quote





Vertabase Project Management Software is a full—featured project management suite for managing and coordinating projects across teams, reporting across multiple projects, hundreds of tasks and dozens of resources or more. With so many individual elements, tasks, files, processes, goals, timelines and budgets to monitor and maintain, agencies without an integrated software suite lack the ability to accurately optimize resource utilization and control costs. Vertabase solves all those problems, bringing everything you need into a single interface with automation and streamlined reporting.

Key Features:

  • Project management, time tracking and resource allocation
  • Project and task management reporting
  • Digital asset and document storage for collaboration
  • Issue tracking and management
  • Budget tracking, reporting and management
  • Resource allocation and utilization optimization
  • Multiple task, schedule and dashboard views
  • Change requests, baseline tracking and variance reports
  • Task scratch pad
  • All assets, items, people and entities, tasks and milestones easily searchable


Cost: Contact for a quote





RationalPlan is a project management platform for teams and project managers, enabling you to maximize the utilization of your project assets and talent for the best results and minimal cost. By coordinating all your resources and assets within a single interface, you’ll maintain a firmer grip on costs and timelines than using the old-fashioned spreadsheet method and hoping for accuracy and complete information.

Key Features:

  • Centralized data repository for multiple projects
  • Interproject dependencies for better planning
  • Project Portfolio shows all project data in one place
  • Manage and allocate company-wide resources between projects
  • Detect over-allocation of resources to resolve or allow
  • Identify risks, assumptions and constraints
  • Create and view WBS
  • Schedule tasks, assign resources
  • Calendar with multiple views


Cost (Multi-Project): $98/user/month (volume discounts for 4+ users)




Swiftlight emphasizes simplicity and visualization, providing an intuitive, graphical view of projects and project-related details for easy reconfiguration and reallocation to get the most out of each resource. With visualizations so intuitive, you can use these tools to generate a client-facing presentation to convey the project timeline.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user interface with drag-and-drop functionality
  • 8 different views from high-level to highly-detailed
  • Views to support every stage of most projects
  • Timeline for project charters and proposals
  • Focus on key milestones and activities
  • Include task completion percentage and other data
  • Review mode compares current plan against baseline
  • Activity group and action details over timeline views
  • Objectives and scope, action list, activity summary views
  • View data logs and contacts
  • Brand visualizations and dashboards with your logo and color scheme



  • Single User License: $225
  • Volume discounts for 4+ users





Replicon identifies as a time-tracking application, although it’s actually a suite of tools designed to simplify everything from time recording to resource management, time off requests, scheduling and approvals, task-specific reporting for expenses, costs and billable hours, analytics and more. Sold as a series of editions, the Replicon product suite has a variety of configurations with tools that will help you keep your projects within scope and manage allocation of resources to accommodate shifting dynamics.

Key Features:

  • TimeBill – time tracking, projects, billing, practice and client management
  • TimeCost – Time capture, tax credit tracking, labor cost normalization, program management
  • TimeAttend – Supports various timesheet formats, configurable pay rules, overtime, attendance rules and time off requests
  • TimeOff – Monitors time off requests and totals, self-service employee experience, flexible approval workflows, calendar scheduling views
  • CloudClock – Deploy apps to teams or field staff, photo audit trail and simple time entry
  • WebExpense – Simple expense documentation for easy report generation, track and manage expenses by project
  • All configurations offer task-level data collection and configurable reports
  • TimeBill, TimeCost offer analytics
  • Enterprise editions available for some apps (Contact for a price quote)



  • TimeBill: $22/user/month
  • TimeCost: $16/user/month
  • TimeAttend: $9/user/month
  • TimeOff: $6/user/month
  • CloudClock: Contact for a quote
  • WebExpense: $4/user/month





For predictive scheduling, dynamic collaboration and simplified time tracking, LiquidPlanner is a flexible, intuitive platform that streamlines staff reporting while creating and analyzing data to provide valuable recommendations to reduce project costs and increase revenues.

Key Features:

  • Multi-project planning and organization
  • Presents best and worst-case predictive scenarios
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling functionality
  • Integrated project portals
  • Collaboration and file-sharing
  • Analysis and trend reporting
  • Android, iOS and web apps
  • Integrates with email and calendar apps



  • Mothly: $29/user/month
  • Yearly: $24/user/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote



Clocking IT

A free, hosted application, ClockingIT is a unique application enables you to keep track of how much time your team is spending on various tasks, analyzing trends and identifying areas in which time could be better utilized. With built-in project management, timelines, milestones and time tracking, it’s a useful app for managing time across teams, department and projects for in-depth analysis.

Key Features:

  • Time tracking, timeline and project milestones
  • Calendar, Gannt chart views, graphs
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling
  • Task filters and other organization features
  • Notes and comments in line with tasks and milestones
  • Built-in collaboration tools
  • Private forum, wiki and group chat with transcripts
  • Widgets and avatars
  • Custom branding
  • Private server with offsite backups


Cost: FREE



AppWright digs deep into your processes to uncover hidden opportunities to excel. With financial, marketing, production and technical views, there’s a dashboard for every type of user to get the most value out of the data and reports. Production view, for instance, illustrates to a production manager where maximum capacity lies, and possible areas where capacity could be expanded.

Key Features:

  • Process mapping tools
  • Workflow configuration
  • Comprehensive project view
  • Tasks, assignees, dates and other options
  • User-configured dashboards
  • User-defined input screens and forms
  • Extensible database with user=defined report writing
  • Identify production bottlenecks and reallocate resources
  • Collaboration and communication
  • Unique, threaded discussion in line with every process or project
  • Customers, markets and selling activities
  • Document management and results reporting
  • Hosted with Rackspace or on your on-site server


Cost: Contact for a quote





WORKetc enables you to manage your entire agency in the cloud, which simplifies collaboration with easy, real-time access from any internet connection, Android device or iOS device. WORKetc offers everything from a CRM platform to an integrated help desk and templates you can reuse instead of starting from scratch every time.

Key Features:

  • Consolidate multiple apps in a single platform
  • CRM with entire customer history
  • Project management
  • Invoicing and project quotes
  • Integrated help desk
  • Setup dependencies and triggers
  • Gantt chart, tree or timeline project views
  • Organize users by groups and roles
  • Template responses to automate email replies
  • Custom project priority levels and statuses
  • Company-wide and in-depth, focuses reports
  • Executive dashboards and custom form building



  • Starter: $78/month – 2 user maximum, 2,000 contacts
  • Team: $195/month – 3 users, 10,000 contacts
  • Foundations: $395/month – 3 users, 20,000
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote


Hub Planner



Plan both your staff and your resources with Hub Planner, useful for producers, project managers, resource planners and digital agencies. Timesheet tracking with added features and functions, filtering options and a resource scheduling component help you drill down to the real data behind utilization and discover whether your staff and assets are being used in the best way.

Key Features:

  • Filter resources and projects; organize by group
  • Highlights
  • Heat map tool, color themes for easy labeling
  • Highlights over-booking of resources
  • Resolve scheduling conflicts based on utilization
  • 5 project statuses to indicate pending, planned, active, etc.
  • Budget by cash amount or time
  • Set custom rates by project, client, or resource
  • Smart Groups recommendations



  • Sliding fee scale based on # of resources
  • Discounts for 6-month and 12-month advance subscriptions
  • Plan up to 7 Resources:
    • Single Month: $49
    • 6-Month: $279
    • 12-Month: $499
  • Plan up to 40 Resources:
    • Single Month: $279
    • 6-Month: $1,599
    • 12-Month: $2,799
  • Plan up to 100 Resources:
    • Single Month: $699
    • 6-Month: $3,999
    • 12-Month: $6,999
  • Plan 100+ Resources: Contact for a quote


Project Manager



Project Manager pulls all your essential data into a single, visual interface with rich graphics. Project Manager makes it easier to manage teams, share project plans and track progress to stay on deadline. This platform offers a robust set of tracking, analytics and reporting features, producing sleek reports with charts, graphs and other data visualizations to share with clients

Key Features:

  • Manage multiple, customizable project dashboards
  • Project plans with detailed tasks lists and inter-linking options
  • Track actual vs. planned progress in real-time
  • Project status reports, project overview reports and resource reports
  • Manage timesheets and compare against schedule
  • Build project resource teams including staff and other assets
  • Assign tasks, monitor progress and reallocate resources
  • Import task lists from third-party apps or create in Project Manager
  • Assign tasks to team members and report on progress
  • Track projects and generate reports using a variety of metrics and views:
    • Overall project health
    • Project progress against schedule
    • Total spend to date
    • Resource utilization
    • Efficiency and completion
    • Risk level
    • And more
    • Build multiple Gantt charts, schedule and assign tasks
    • Add task dependencies
    • Track progress or share with clients



  • Starter: $25/user/month
  • Team: $35/user/month (+project templates, Gantt charts, discussions)
  • Business: $45/user/month (+ project roadmaps and advanced reporting)





Seamless collaboration is a must for creative agencies, and being equipped with systems and processes that demonstrate ease of communication during the pitching and approval process sets the tone for a positive working relationship from the start. ProofHQ aims to meet this critical need by facilitating proof management between clients and agencies.

Key Features:

  • Embed mini-proofs in a website; drag-and-drop files from desktop
  • Customizable interface; integrate your brand identity
  • Organized by Dashboard, Header, Dropzone and Sidebar
  • Files and users organized by folder and group, tags for easy searching
  • Proof roles assign editing capabilities per individual proof
  • Add contacts and connect to one or more proofs
  • Activity audit trail keeps track of every detail, comment and action
  • Real-time discussion threads
  • Dropzone for non-login users to submit proofs via web, desktop or email
  • Create proofs from print, web, audio and visual files
  • Supports most static file types
  • Automated workflow with review and task reminders
  • Progress bar for overall proof progress, status and state
  • Integrates with a variety of third-party applications



  • Standard: $11/user/month – 20 proofs, standard features
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – 25 proofs, custom fields, electronic signatures, audit trails and email and web drop folders
  • Unlimited: Contact for a quote – Unlimited proofs, automated workflows, enhanced SLA





Agencies are tasked with handling the flow of marketing content, status updates, engagement, and analytics across multiple channels and multiple clients, a process that can become complex and messy if not diligently planned and cautiously monitored. Marketo simplifies marketing in the multi-channel environment, providing solutions and tools to enable agencies to engage audiences and convert leads.

Key Features:

  • Create, automate and measure campaigns across channels
  • Generate demand through search marketing, landing pages and forms, and social marketing
  • Website visitor tracking to pinpoint conversion opportunities and shortcomings
  • Build relationships through email marketing and lead nurturing
  • Drive sales with CRM integration, lead scoring and sales intelligence
  • Closed-loop marketing reporting and analytics
  • Program analyzer (ROI), Ad Hoc reports & analysis, opportunity influence analyzer, revenue modeler and success path analyzer



  • Quarterly or annual payment options
  • 10% off with annual payment option
  • Prices below reflect monthly payment amount for annual payments
  • MA Spark: $895+
  • MA Standard: $1,795+ (lead scoring, dynamic content, advanced CRM integration and more)
  • MA Select: $3,195+ (advanced analytics, advanced custom reports, role-based permissions and more)
  • MA Enterprise: Contact for a quote





TimeTrade is a useful tool for enhancing your own lead capture and client conversion processes, with a web-based appointment scheduler that provides better-qualified leads who are already closer to conversion. Click-to-Schedule lead generation tools enable any visitor to a website, social network or other web property where the code is installed to instantly create a pre-scheduled appointment to discuss your services.

Key Features:

  • Integrates with CRM and marketing automation platforms
  • Eliminate the several-step process typically required to earn appointments with prospects
  • Pooled resource manager selects the best team member
  • Create your own scheduling workflows for a custom UI
  • Configure booking processes by channel (email marketing, social media, website, etc.)
  • Rules-based scheduling for compliance with existing processes and protocols
  • Get data on each customer-associate engagement



  • Individual or Team:
    • Personal: FREE – 1 user, 5 appointments/month
    • Professional: $49/year, 1 user, unlimited appointment types, Outlook, iCal & Google Calendar Integration, mobile scheduling
    • Workgroup: Starting at $99/user/year, multiple users, Salesforce integration, usage reports and analytics, central administration and configuration
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote
  • Retail: Contact for a quote




A complete software solution for advertising agencies, public relations and marketing firms, ControlG is an end-to-end solution, encompassing everything from the financials – proposals, invoices, timesheets, and the like – to trafficking and media buying. With a straightforward, simple interface, ControlG emphasizes functionality.

Key Features:

  • On-premise software application
  • Keyed to a date-sensitive billing cycle
  • Can handle unlimited transactions per month
  • Purchase orders, job estimates, media bills and insertions, supplier invoices and more
  • Individual custom client options, such as markup, finance charges and tax rates
  • Pre-billing analysis or “laundry list” output
  • Client invoices, statements, client profitability reports
  • Accounts receivable aging report



  • $450 (requires ControlG financial package)
  • $225 (if you already have the prerequisite program)
  • JobControLnet: $450
  • $350
  • Media and Accounting modules coming soon (will be web-based)




Of course, one of the hallmarks of running an advertising agency is media planning, along with media buying, trafficking and the overall process of securing, placing and tracking ads across media channels. MediaPlanHQ provides an intuitive workflow to completely streamline and simplify this painstaking task – even among distributed teams, which can now collaborate with ease.

Key Features:

  • Collaborate on media plans in real-time
  • Manage and track creative projects
  • Real-time insights on expenses and budget
  • Define budgets by market
  • Plan insertions for campaigns, markets and media
  • Book media insertions with automatic invoice, calendar and project triggers
  • Brief creative team and assign projects
  • Track creative project progress
  • View booked media and related details
  • Control access levels for users
  • Preview and download creative files
  • Validate and approve media supplier invoices
  • Generate reports to compare multiple plans
  • Custom reporting



  • Starter: $99/month – 8 markets
  • Plus: $199/month – 20 markets
  • Premium: $349/month – 50 markets
  • Deluxe: $549/month – 100 markets
  • Platinum: $749/month – 200 markets




Fuimus offers a targeted Advertising Agency Management Software (AAMS) based on the company’s 25-plus years of experience serving agencies and communications organizations. The platform encompasses nine different modules, or business processes, each designed specifically to streamline a particular workflow or process that agencies must manage.

Key Features:

  • One-click reporting with custom branding
  • Invoices and supporting documents, insertion and purchase orders
  • Estimate templates and estimate-to-actual reports
  • Measure against benchmarks:
    • Client profitability reports
    • Time and billing reporting by client, employee and work type
    • Compare against project estimates
    • Retainer or fee agreements vs. actual earnings
    • Financial and accounting reports for forecasting, budgeting, and banking purposes
    • WIP reports, project costs, overall revenue and cost reports, and more
    • Employee timesheet documentation
    • Manage production through traffic scheduler
    • 26 sub-schedules per job
    • Missed deadline and future due date reports
    • Broadcast, Print, Outdoor and Internet media planning
    • Master Media Schedules, Station Schedules and Buy Information reports


Cost: Contact for a quote





Zimbra is a collaboration platform that comes in three different versions: Zimbra Collaboration, an open-source messaging and collaboration solution, Zimbra Community, an online community and private social networking solution for teams, and Zimbra desktop, providing the same tools and functionality as the Collaboration suite but with offline accessibility and synching on connect.

Key Features:

  • Zimbra Community:
    • Integrates with Sitecore, Sharepoint, and Salesforce, among other solutions
    • Community management and administration
    • Social ideation and analytics
    • Blogs, microblogs, wikis, forums, people search, profiles, activity stream
    • Commenting, liking, notifications and hashtag support
    • Messaging and real-time alerts
  • Zimbra Collaboration:
    • Email functionality and address book for managing contacts
    • Shared calendar and shared task management processes
    • click-to-call, visual voicemail, chat and presence
    • Document management, check-in and check-out, share documents and folders
    • Deploy on-premise or as a cloud service
    • Administrative user-access control
  • Zimbra Desktop:
    • Work online or offline
    • Email, voice and calendar
    • Contacts, share documents and files
    • Track conversations with discussion thread format
    • Edit documents and share via email
    • Synchronize to the server and view shared peers’ calendar, tasks, folders, files, and more



  • Zimbra Collaboration:
    • Server Open-Source Edition: FREE
    • Network Editions (Starter, Standard or Pro): Contact for a quote
  • Zimbra Community:
    • FREE Edition
    • Standard: Contact for a quote
    • Professional: Contact for a quote
  • Zimbra Desktop: FREE


Creative Management


Created by Dynamic Business Solutions, Creative Management is an agency-focused tool for advertising agencies, direct mail agencies, public relations firms, in-house marketing communications teams and any other creative service-oriented business. With a single solution, project managers can equip their teams with the must-have tools for enhancing service delivery and allocate resources and assets efficiently for the maximum return on investment.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive user interface with easy access to tools and functions
  • Manage contacts and leads
  • Coordinate creative briefs and project estimates
  • Project orders, deadlines, and traffic reports
  • Central hub for storing digital creative assets
  • Assign assets to projects; users to projects and tasks
  • Real-time views into project progress, time recorded vs. estimates and more
  • Time cards, invoices, purchase orders, and other documents pull data from anywhere in the platform


Cost $1,000


NetSuite OpenAir



NetSuite OpenAir is a cloud-based application for project-based, professional services organizations. With real-time visibility into performance and profitability, improved resource utilization and increased under-deadline deliveries, NetSuite OpenAir eliminates agency management challenges while maximizing the bottom line and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Key Features:

  • Manage, update, report on projects
  • Allocate resources based on project needs, employee skills, experience and availability
  • Flexible project accounting to stay within budget
  • Accurate client invoicing
  • Timesheet management
  • Agency-configured timesheet approval processes
  • Track time by project, phase, task and more
  • Streamlined expense management
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Resource utilization, profit margin and project budget vs. actual

Cost: Contact for a quote

Jive Software



Jive Software enables comprehensive social and community management that drives engagement, increases satisfaction and drives loyalty. Jive has been used by all types of companies to enhance collaboration and increase productivity, including some of the world’s largest communications firms and digital advertising agencies.

Key Features:

  • Jivex enables cloud-based, instant-on customer and partner communities
  • Integrated gamification module to motivate teams
  • Familiar, visually-based user interface mimics popular social networking
  • Integrate traditional social networks in the same interface
  • Easily answer customer questions with knowledge base articles and other data
  • Point-and-click analytics and built-in SEO
  • Pre-built templates and custom user experiences
  • Integrates with CRM and marketing automation platforms
  • Users create rich profiles highlighting photo galleries, skills, education and more
  • Videos and media-rich blogs and shared files for storage and collaboration
  • Public and private groups and interactive discussions and live events
  • Variety of add-on modules to extend functionality:
    • Office to create and share files directly in Jive
    • Steamonce for integrating outside social networks
    • eDiscovery for simple search
    • Ideation to capture customer suggestions
    • And more



  • Jive Essentials: $12/user/month
  • Jive Essentials+: $18/user/month (+Jive for Outlook, Jive for Office)
  • Jive Enterprise: Contact for a quote (includes Jive for Sharepoint, Jive for Lync and eDiscovery)
  • Additional modules available for a fee
  • Jivex Forums: $2,500/month
  • Jivex Essentials: Starts at $4,000/month (+advanced gamification, native mobile apps, ideas)
  • Jivex Essentials+: Starts at $5,500/month (+ projects, basic tasks, advanced social integration)


OSSM Cloud

OSSM Cloud

OSSM Cloud, a NetSuite software, is a unified cloud-based ERP solution for scaling your ad agency. This all-in-one software is tailored for digital marketing and advertising agencies and provides a solution for streamlining agency workflow and project-based accounting.

Key Features:

  • Closely monitor projects and their profitability with KPIs and custom-designed dashboards
  • Resource projects correctly and improve profitability
  • Enable users to enter their time and expenses remotely to save administrators time
  • Use automated processes and workflows to reduce project billing delays
  • Become more productive by spending more time on client work and less time on administrative tasks


Cost: Contact for a quote




Wrike is a work management and social collaboration solution for enterprises and SMBs. As ad agency software, Wrike serves as project management software that meets business needs, delivers insights, and provides security. Help team members boost productivity and produce their best work no matter where they are located.

Key Features:

  • Enhances communication, transparency, and accountability
  • Tailor made for creative teams who turn inspiration into execution
  • Easily assign, schedule, and balance the team’s project management workload
  • Clear, actionable online proofing and feedback on desktop or mobile
  • Custom workflows to maximize team satisfaction
  • Reports to track performance



  • FREE – For up to 5 users
  • Professional: Starting from $9.80/user/month billed annually – For 5, 10, or 15 users
  • Business: Starting from $24.80/user/month billed annually – For 5-200 users
  • Enterprise: Contact for a quote – For 5-unlimited users


inMotion Now

inMotion Now

inMotion Now is an ad agency software designed to help creatives and marketers solve workflow challenges and get content to market faster. With inMotion, creative and marketing teams improve project request accuracy, enjoy shorter project lifecycle, and get faster time to approval.

Key Features:

  • Automate review and approval with intelligent workflows that route proofs to the right person at the right time
  • Give your team and clients a better way to communicate feedback and get quicker approval on creative work
  • Flexible online forms for clients and colleagues to request new work
  • Powerful reporting to give team members the information they need to maintain accountability and improve productivity


Cost: Contact for a quote




TapClicks delivers a complete marketing operations platform including workflow, orders, analytics, and reporting. With complete workflow and order management, TapClicks is a top choice for growing ad agencies looking for an agency project management software.

Key Features:

  • More than 150 marketing integrations
  • Unified dashboard keeps all of your marketing and advertising campaign data in a single place
  • Schedule all client reporting or generate it on demand with the push of a button
  • Make better decisions with the analytics engine by visualizing performance across your marketing tools, clients, and teams


Cost: FREE trial available; Contact for a quote

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What tools and apps do you rely on to supercharge your agency? Whether your favorite tool streamlines media planning, production, management or accounting, or it’s a fantastic suite of products that meet every conceivable agency need, we want to hear about it. Tell us about your can’t-live-without-them agency tools in the comments below.


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