Top 51 Sales Automation Tools

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We’re going to let you in on a little secret: sales automation is about more than just automating your sales processes.

Shocking, we know, but true. For sales is not a standalone island, self-sufficient and capable of existing on its own. No, sales requires help: help with finding, nurturing and converting leads; help with building and strengthening enduring customer relationships; help with creating impressive proposals; help with marketing, from old-fashioned cold-calling to newfangled email marketing. In other words, lots and lots of help.


So when it comes to sales automation tools, it’s no surprise that the 51 solutions below don’t automate the sales process alone: they simplify your organization, your lead management, your customer service, your proposal and quote generation, your product ordering, your order fulfillment and more – everything you need to turn leads into customers and customers into lifelong clients. Automatically and with minimal manual effort.

1. InsightSquared


InsightSquared’s powerful Salesforce Analytics suite can empower your business to to make better, more informed data-driven decisions. This solution works to visualize all your big data, providing easy-to-understand analytics for your sales, marketing, financial, staffing and support information.


  • Analyze trends, identify room for improvement, and forecast future success
  • Publish daily lead-gen reports to progress toward company goals
  • Unlock historical financial data to drill-down on specifics over time

Price: Free Trial; Basic from $45/month per user (+ one-time setup fee)

2. Axiom Sales Manager

Axiom Sales Manager

For anyone who struggles with sales efficiency and management, there’s Axiom Sales Manager. This web-based tool automates quote and proposal creation, so you can easily present a professional face to your customers and clients. Axiom also helps you administer your sales force, through time-sensitive alerts, pipeline management, pricing, reporting, and other CRM functions.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Create sales quotes and proposals, easily and quickly
  • Visibility into your sales pipeline

Price: Pricing starting at $49/month

3. ReferenceEdge


ReferenceEdge leverages 10+ years of experience in sales and customer referral programs, and creates a native Salesforce® app that’s tailor-made to manage your happy customer information and automate all reference requests. Now, it’s easy to track your references: who they are, their areas of expertise, how often you can call on them, and more. The goal: to improve your sales efficiency, shorten your sales cycle, and win more bids.


  • Mobile-accessible within Salesforce® apps
  • Track satisfied customers, including all relevant information, in a central database
  • Powerful search function to filter and sort references

Price: Free Demo; contact for pricing

4. Ai2 ProSel

Ai2 ProSel

If your team is constantly on the move, Ai2 ProSel helps automate their quick-stepping sales. Whether you’re at a trade show, on the road, in the office, at a store, or in the field, Ai2 acts as a digital file folder – a place to store customer data, sales materials, product information, and more. It also integrates bar code scanning, daily activities, and more to create a robust tool that makes sales easier and more efficient, no matter where you are.


  • Available as a web-based tool or for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows notebooks, and Surface tablets
  • Integrates with your current ERP or back office systems
  • Access your data from anywhere you have an Internet connection

Price: Contact for pricing

5. SalesEdge


If half the battle is signing new clients, SalesEdge helps boost your yes-rate. The solution offers several products that incorporate with RFP (request for proposal) software to help your marketing team and sales reps create attractive, professional and persuasive proposals. SalesEdge also develops RFP responses, presentations, statements of work – and delivers these and other sales-critical documentation to potential clients.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • Significantly speed up your RFP response time
  • Automate sales presentations and pitchbooks

Price: Free Demo; contact for pricing

6. ActiveConversion


As states the tagline, ActiveConversion is about bridging the gap between sales and marketing. The plan: use marketing automation to track promotional efforts and visitor data in an effort to build your leads database. In addition (and as its name implies), ActiveConversion automates your sales force, qualified lead tracking, and other metrics to boost online customer acquisition.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • Optimize your sales cycle by contacting leads only when they’re ready to purchase
  • Track insights, like marketing successes and lead conversions

Price: Free Trial; Contact for pricing

7. Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft’s contribution to sales automation offers a robust line of flexible, integrated business management tools. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, a competitor of Salesforce®, is a way to get to know your customers better – to zero-in on your leads, win more bids, and make faster sales. In other words, it’s a customer relationship management (CRM) tool that drives sales and marketing effectiveness.


  • Available in the cloud, onsite, via mobile apps, or as a hybrid tool
  • Almost 50% less expensive than Salesforce®
  • Track leads and gain insight to buyer behaviors

Price: $65 per user, per month

8. Auric Prospector

Auric Prospector

For sales teams that often hit the road, Auric Prospector offers a web-based, offline-accessible sales and customer management system. Easily automate, organize and track your leads, contacts, and sales opportunities, and keep your finger on mission-critical information at all times. Analytics help you gain insight into your customer service and sales, so you can work to improve conversions and shorten your sales cycle.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • Sales force automation consolidates lead management and tracking in one place
  • Customer service module tracks open cases from start to resolution

Price: Free Demo; contact for pricing

9. Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand

Oracle CRM On Demand offers a robust, broad-spectrum solution to your sales, marketing, customer service and loyalty concerns. The tool pairs with Oracle’s complementary Commerce solution, to automate invoicing and billing, sale processes, and customer service tracking – and to generate a diverse range of analytics for each of your sales, marketing, and customer service metrics.


  • Available in the cloud and for mobile devices
  • Increase efficiency by automating sales processes
  • Track customer service inquiries in one single source, to which all reps have access

Price: Free Demo; contact for pricing

10. Pipedrive


If you’ve ever felt like your sales tool wasn’t built for your needs, check out Pipeline, the CRM tool built by salespeople, for salespeople. As its name suggests, Pipeline offers an easy and automated solution to sales pipeline management, so you can focus on the right leads to close more deals, faster. The drag-and-drop interface is intuitive and the setup time almost nil (


  • Available for desktop or mobile
  • Intuitive sales pipeline management anyone can use
  • Drill-down with filters, like new deals, sales rep, or progress

Price: Free Trial; $9 per month, per user

11. Base


Base makes one, big promise: it’ll make your sales team 10x more productive. And while the promise is grand, the theory is simple: Base is a tool to manage customer relationships and your sales processes. It does this by automating email, recording calls, automating tasks, integrating sales forecasting, delivering advanced sales insights and analytics, enacting call scripts, and more – everything you need to boost productivity and close more sales in less time.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • Manage your contacts, leads, deals and tasks
  • Use sales forecasting, customer insights, and analytics to identify opportunities

Price: 14-Day Free Trial; Pricing from $15 per month, per seat



In many ways, good sales is about good relationships – and SalesJunction is about helping you maintain good relationships with your customers. A web-based CRM (customer relationship management) and SFA (sales force automation) tool, SalesJunction automates sales processes, schedules alerts, centralizes your document library, displays sales workflows, and more.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • View insights, metrics and data from the easy-to-understand dashboard
  • Unlimited storage, including 15,000 monthly emails

Price: Free Trial; pricing from $10 per user, per month

13. Better Pipeline

Better Pipeline

Sometimes, simple is good – and simple and free is even better! Better Pipeline, from BetterSalez, is a free mobile app for tracking potential sales and leads. It’ll track your emails, calls, and meetings to analyze your sales momentum and visualize your sales pipeline. It’s fast, easy to setup, and free of useless features.


  • Available as a mobile app for Android and Windows Phone
  • Sync your data to identify new opportunities
  • Track leads and pending sales

Price: Free

14. BuzzBuilderPro


BuzzBuilder is a multi-faceted solution to sales and marketing automation, lead nurturing, and territory management, with social media tools and email marketing thrown in for good measure. BuzzBuilder is all about using today’s leading tools, like social connections and email marketing, to connect with prospects, automate your marketing, generate interest, and boost sales.


  • Available as a web-based tool or mobile app
  • Automate your lead generation efforts through better email marketing & social tools
  • Easily develop lead-nurturing campaigns

Price: Free Trial; pricing from $250/month

15. SugarCRM


SugarCRM is a dual-option customer relationship management program: Sugar UX™ and Sugar PurePrice™. Sugar UX™ is designed as a flexible, individualized CRM tool to integrate social and mobile simply, while optimizing business and sales processes. Sugar PurePrice™ offers many of the same features, but with a simple pricing structure that lets larger companies get Sugar into the hands of every sales rep.


  • Cloud-based tool available online and via mobile apps
  • Sales automation and forecasting
  • Call center and customer service automation

Price: Free Trial; pricing from $35 per user, per month (minimum annual subscription starts at $4,200/year, which includes 10 user licenses)

16. PipelineDeals


Proper organization is the key to a streamlined sales pipeline, and PipelineDeals is a great solution to your data management woes. This web-based tool brings your sales pipeline to life, highlighting leads as qualified, interested, contacted and more. It’ll also organize and manage current deals, sales materials, your calendar, and all your contacts – everything you need to close the deal.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms, and also via iOS and Android apps
  • Organize and manage your calendar, documents, deals and contacts
  • Automatic backup of all your data

Price: $24 per user, per month

17. Anaplan


Anaplan is a cloud-based solution for planning and modeling your company’s sales, finances and general operations. It allows for collaboration with team members, mobile access, and real-time performance metrics, so it’s as flexible and available as you need it to be. One of the tool’s strongest features is its analytics reporting, which generates a single picture of your performance across factors, like sales rep and territory, or against a yearly quota.


  • Cloud-based, so available online or via mobile app
  • Add, edit and manipulate rules, data, and information on the fly
  • Collaborate with coworkers to execute plans

Price: Free Demo; contact for pricing

18. OpusViz


OpusViz is a two-pronged sales automation tool, offering up its Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Distribution Channel Sales Management (DCSM) as solutions to your workflow management. The two products complement each other, making it easy to manage your leads, clients, and sales network, and layering on sales team and order booking management, as well.


  • Available online and for mobile
  • Create and manage a central database of employees, branches, products, inventories, and suppliers
  • Generate real-time sales reports

Price: Free Trial; contact for pricing

19. Sales Engine International

SalesEngine International

Sales Engine is very much what it sounds like – a marketing engine designed to drive sales. This tool was developed for B2B companies and uses Marketing as a Service (MaaS) to weave together content creation, marketing automation, and finally, campaign execution. Additionally, Sales Engine helps you qualify and make use of your leads by nurturing those still in the decision-making process and selling to those ready to buy.


  • Available as an online service
  • Services for content creation, marketing automation, audience development, sale enablement, and more
  • Analytics to dig into the efficacy of your marketing

Price: Contact for pricing

20. Call Activity Tracking System

Call Activity Tracking System

The Call Activity Tracking System, or C.A.T.S., blends back-office functionality with sales force automation by giving companies the ability to review the status of their calls. Your reps can log a call and track its progress, via Internet connection, and view a bevy of information about any call. In other words, C.A.T.S. equips your reps with better tools to know your clients.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Quickly track and review the status of your sales calls
  • Add client information, viewable by any rep

Price: Contact for pricing

21. Cincom Acquire

Cincom Acquire

Cincom Acquire is an advanced Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution designed to help you sell more, faster and at lower cost to you. The tool enables guided selling, as well as channel and distributor collaboration, product configuration, quote and proposal management, and collaborative selling. Cincom Acquire boasts results like a 25% reduction in unit costs, 100% configuration accuracy, and 60% reduction in order processing time.


  • Available for all desktop and mobile devices
  • Reduce your sales cycle by up to 80%
  • Integrates with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

22. Sigma Sales Force Automation

Sigma Sales Force Automation

Per its name, Sigma Sales Force Automation (Sigma SFA) automates many of your sales force operations, including maintaining your contact lists, analyzing team goals, lead tracking, monitoring deals and sales through to closure, and helping make your sales force more independent.


  • Available as desktop software
  • One tool for lead tracking, campaign management, contact tracking, prospect management, and more
  • Easy-to-use dashboard with reporting and tracking

Price: Contact for pricing

23. Salesnet CRM

Salesnet CRM

Salesnet CRM (customer relationship management) gives your sales managers and reps easy-to-use, on-demand sales tools to improve your customer service and client interactions. The goals: to improve sales, increase your control over sales processes, boost effectiveness, and create better and more transparent pipeline visibility – in simple terms that are easy to view, edit and understand, via the web, mobile app and offline.


  • Available as a web-based tool, mobile app(s), and offline desktop software
  • Identify and drive better, more effective sales opportunities and activities
  • Access powerful reports with real-time visibility

Price: Free Trial; contact for pricing

24. CallProof


CallProof is a mobile app for on-the-go sales, designed to automate and improve your phone and text marketing. The tool’s mobile lead-tracking features are particularly useful, as it allows you to “check in” to your appointments, identify your closest leads, get directions, preview your destination with Google Streetview, and more.


  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Integrates with Google Calendar
  • Sends daily emails regarding leads that still require follow-up

Price: From $5 per user, per month

25. Cameleon CPQ

Cameleon CPQ

Optimizing the lead-to-revenue process is every salesperson’s goal, and Chameleon CPQ is designed to do just that. As a CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool, Chameleon makes it easy to automate your product and pricing information, manage leads, build and sent proposals or quotes, and manage your partner relationships. Bottom line, it makes it easy to close deals faster.


  • Available as a web-based tool for all platforms
  • Easily build your product and pricing database, no coding skills required
  • Integrates with your existing CRM, PRM, ecommerce portals, and ERP software

Price: Contact for pricing

26. Centerbase


Let’s say you want a centralized product and pricing database, available as a hosted or on-premise CRM solution, and cloud-based so it’s accessible from remote location. Say you want a CRM tool that makes it easy to track leads, sales opportunities, customer contact information, service tickets, and other elements of the sales funnel. And say you require configurable forms, powerful analytics, customizable dashboards, and tough security. We say you should check out Centerbase.


  • Available as a web-based tool, and as a mobile app for iOS and Android
  • Easily customizable dashboards display powerful analytics
  • Customize relationships, rules, formulas and more to build a tool that accurately reflects your business logic and processes

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

27. Claromentis Sales Manager

Claromentis Sales Manager

Sales Manager by Claromentis is intranet-based software that provides sales opportunity management tools. Your reps can log in to a single information database, which comes complete with permission-based access, and the whole thing integrates with your existing processes and documentation. Robust dashboards, news systems, and other components round out the offerings.


  • Available as software on your local intranet
  • Track sales stages, as defined by your own processes and methodologies
  • Integrates with a document management module for every company and sales opportunity

Price: Contact for pricing

28. ContactChamp


If your sales involve lots of phone time, ContactChamp makes the job easier. This web-based tool offers contact management, including daily call activity tracking, appointment and task reminders, and call cycle tracking. You can access your daily call list, create call cycles for each contact, schedule appointments, set up reminders, and more – in other words, just about anything and everything related to your sales calls.


  • Available as a web-based tool across all platforms
  • Easily create a call cycle for each contact
  • Generate reports on call activity and sales

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $8 per user, per month

29. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM

Who wouldn’t love a tool that promises to make your sales process “practically run itself?” Pipeliner CRM works its hardest to deliver on that promise, using a proprietary visual tool to help your sales team engage with leads and current customers, prioritize deal-closing activities, and work collaboratively toward better profits and higher goals. Bonus: this CRM tool uses hybrid technology, so you can work online, offline and on your full system.


  • Available as a web-based tool, or as software for Windows and Mac
  • Leverage the power of a visual sales pipeline – actionable, easy-to-understand analytics and goal-setting
  • Drag-and-drop software is incredibly easy to use, right out of the box

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $35 per user, per month

30. ChannelOnline


CNET’s ChannelOnline automates your entire sales cycle, from proposal/quote to purchase order. The hosted application offers an ecommerce storefront, easy-to-use quote-building, dashboard management, supplier and customer contact management, and other simple tools to create a truly robust solution for your sales funnel.


  • Available as a web-based tool across platforms
  • Enhance productivity with easy-to-use quotes, purchase orders, and sales orders
  • Enable customers to find and manage their own orders via an online storefront

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

31. CoPilot


Sales prospecting can be complicated and time-consuming, but CoPilot makes the process simpler – and makes it easier to close more deals in less time. Create a lead database, automate follow-up emails, build responses based on your leads’ specific actions, track your sales calls, and configure your prospecting based on best times, days of the week, and other elements.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Syncs with your existing Salesforce tools
  • Powerful dashboard delivers analytics and insights into your sales processes

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $39 per month, per seat


If there’s nothing you’d like better than to close more deals and make more sales, you can’t miss This online CRM takes the ho-hum out of sales by eliminating the need for data entry and automating processes like sales calls and email marketing. And on the make-it-easy front, integrates with Zapier services, like newsletter and contact form software, and will import your leads database from your existing CRM.


  • Available as a web-based tool, and as software for Windows and Mac
  • Make and receive sales calls from within the program
  • Automatically send and track sales emails

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $59 per user, per month

33. CPQ OnDemand

CPQ OnDemand

CPQ OnDemand by FPX™ is sales configuration software on speed. This multi-tenet and on-demand CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool makes it easy to configure your product and pricing database, streamline your sales processes, manage your prospects and existing customers, and boost your ROI through better sales tools, like faster quote/proposal generation and better order accuracy.


  • Available as web-based software
  • Ensure that all sales orders, no matter how complicated, conform to company rules
  • Integrates seamlessly with Salesforce

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

34. Cuesent


Customers are the cornerstone of your business, and CRM from Cuesent™ is about nurturing your client relationships. This cost-effective tool offers customer service and support, workflow management, sales force automation, marketing automation, and customized, on-demand CRM tools to fuel your sales, create better visibility for your business, and build enduring customer relationships.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Easily manage contacts, leads, and accounts
  • Automate email marketing, including full email campaigns

Price: Contact for pricing

35. webCRM


No one understands salespeople like other salespeople, and that’s the basis of webCRM. This customer relationship management tool, built by sales professionals for sales professionals, offers up a secure, web-based CRM solution for sales reps and managers. Among other functions, webCRM simplifies and automates your email marketing, pipeline management, activity management, proposal and quote generation, budgets and reporting, and timesheets.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Easily configurable for your specific business needs, processes and rules
  • Generate extensive reports to review goals, track sales, identify areas for improvement, and more

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from £18 ($30) per month, per user

36. Datanyze


Datanyze is a lead generation and sales intelligence app that employs data-driven sales tools – lead targeting and scoring, alerts, email address identification, outreach, and more – to improve and automate your sales processes. The tool specializes in leveraging customer data to boost lead generation and customer retention, and throws in up-to-date information and seamless Salesforce integration to round out the powerful package.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Find the right prospects easily, thanks to customized data
  • Export your data for use with other tools

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $600 per month

37. SalesNexus Online CRM

SalesNexus Online CRM

SalesNexus Online is a robust, web-based tool that combines lead generation, email marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) into one solution. SalesNexus utilizes a three-step process – target, connect, and convert – to help you identify leads, pitch your product or service, and win bids. And it’s all available in the cloud, accessible from anywhere.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Download 500 leads/month from, directly into your CRM
  • Automate lead interactions, so your contact is always warm

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $45 per month

38. Daylite


To celebrate the OCD in all of us, Daylite makes it easy to organize your entire business in just one app. The handy software centralizes your company’s contacts, sales, projects, meetings, appointments, notes and even email – everything in one place and easy to find in just seconds. Various functions overlap and integrate so you can, for example, manage a contact and any emails, phone calls, appointments, or notes related to that contact.


  • Available for Mac, iPhone, and iPad
  • Centralize your contacts, email and other business information in one app
  • Track your customers across all contact, from email to in-person meetings to phone calls

Price: $299.95/user

39. Software on Sailboats

Software on Sailboats

Desktop Sales Office from Software on Sailboats is a Windows-based solution to improve and automate your sales processes. The robust tool offers a variety of functions, like integrated and customizable calendars, reports, and activity logs, as well as Internet research abilities to target new keywords and leads to build your sales database.


  • Available for Windows
  • Easily collaborate with team members
  • Integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive

Price: Pricing from $29.95; Lifetime license (free support + free upgrades, forever) for $99.95

40. DOTS Lead Validation

DOTS Lead Validation

DOTS Lead ValidationSM is a web-based, real-time API tool that helps you validate leads through five critical components: name, street address, phone number, email address, and IP address. Then, the software analyzes each lead based on 130+ data points, to generate a validation score of 1-100, to help you determine whether your customer data is acceptable at its point-of-entry.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Analyze and validate leads based on 130+ data points
  • Create a robust and verified leads database

Price: 500 free API test transactions; Pricing from $119/month (with annual contract)

41. Marketo Lead Management

Marketo Marketing Automation

Marketo offers several automated solutions to sales challenges, from lead generation to loyalty marketing to upsell and cross-sell to inbound marketing. Marketo’s Lead Management tools integrate with your existing sales force automation software to capture leads through smart forms and targeted landing pages, and then to nurture those leads through email marketing and, finally, to upsell or cross-sell your services. In other words, it’s a total sales package.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Automate the sales process from lead generation through cross-selling
  • Generate more revenue with less manual effort

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $895 per month

42. Fision


Fision is a sales force automation tool that weaves together efficiency and effectiveness into several sales tools: email marketing, a customized collateral builder, digital asset management, social media marketing, user-based authorization and business rules configuration, print on-demand, list management, brand storefront, and other services. The goal: to automate your sales force and make easier your marketing.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Combine specialized tools designed for specific marketing functions
  • Easily create, print and distribute email, social media, web, and print marketing campaigns

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

43. i-snapshot


I-snapshot is a sales management app that generates reports based on unique fields – all in under a minute. The app links directly to your existing CRM system to increase compliance for your reps, while adding sales management. The promise: increase sales productivity by more than 20% in 90 days or less, and achieve 95% sales team compliance.


  • Available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phones
  • Increase sales force productivity by 21%
  • 95% sales team compliance

Price: Contact for pricing

44. Exact Synergy

Exact Synergy

When it comes to sales success, your bottom line is about more than pretty proposals and cold-calling; it involves good organization tools, too. Exact Synergy gathers all your important information ¬– finances, workforce, and clients – in one centralized, web-based database. The tool’s capabilities extend to document management, workflow management, knowledge management, HRM, and CRM.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Complete solution to manage all your data streams
  • Based on latest Microsoft .Net technology

Price: Contact for pricing

45. Evenware


If you’re tired to trying to process orders when you’re out of the office, Evenware offers up a solution. This web-based CRM and sales order processing tool is available wherever you are, making it easy to automate sales force processes like inventory management, order placement, invoicing, and product dispatch.


  • Available as a web-based tool, and for iPad and Android
  • Shorten your order-to-cash cycle
  • Skip the office paperwork and handle everything through your 4G/WiFi connection

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

46. Commence


Commence is a widely recognized name in customer relationship management (CRM), offering a single solution to many sales automation needs: SFA, email campaigns and marketing management, lead management, customer contact management, and project management, among them.


  • Available for Windows
  • Designed for the needs of small and mid-sized companies
  • Add-on productivity apps include MS Outlook email plugin, sync with Google Calendar & Tasks, MS Word, Outlook Calendar, and internal chat

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $19 per user, per month

47. Highrise


Highrise CRM is the small-business, web-based solution to lead tracking, contact and relationship management, and deal management. It’s easy to use and integrates well with third-party accounting software, mobile solutions, customer service apps, and data visualization tools – all the things you already use to run your business efficiently.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Manage notes and email tracking for up to 30,000 contacts
  • Set up follow-up alerts

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $24/month

48. LeadVelocity


As its name suggests, LeadVelocity works to speed your lead generation and tracking processes – automatically. Designed for home builders, the tool automatically receives leads from standard sources like,, iNest, NewHomeSource, and more, then helps create dynamic email campaigns to contact your leads and convert them to customers.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Automatically import lead contacts from popular sources
  • Create and track marketing campaigns

Price: Free Demo; Contact for pricing

49. MailChimp


Email marketing can be a tough nut to crack – and an even tougher task to fulfill. MailChimp has built an easy, cost-effective solution with its automated email marketing tool, which allows you to nurture your email lead database in many ways. Set up email trickle campaigns; build monthly newsletters; and send out your weekly blog posts to maintain contact. You can even set up A/B split campaigns, to test different subject lines and content.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Easily set up and manage email trickle campaigns to nurture new leads
  • Template designer makes it simple to create beautiful emails, no coding required

Price: Free Trial; Free management of up to 2,000 email contacts

50. Nutshell CRM

Nutshell CRM

Nutshell is a simple, elegant CRM tool that provides your sales team with useful tools to fuel collaboration, improve sales, and reinforce your company processes. You’ll consolidate communications through meeting, phone and email tracking; drill-down to location-based customer information, like local weather; and even manage a social company feed.


  • Available as a web-based tool, and via iOS and Android apps
  • Integrates with third-party apps, like MailChimp, Zendesk, and Google Apps
  • Generate detailed, real-time reports for various metrics

Price: Free Trial; Pricing from $15 per user, per month

51. Creedenz CXM

Creedenz CXM

CXM from Creedenz is a mid-market platform – one of the most flexible and robust available – that offers more than just CRM: it offers a unified solution for real-time visibility of your marketing campaigns, lead management, sales process automation, project management, customer service, workflow management, and more. Its flexible platform may be deployed anywhere, and you can even integrate CXM with external applications you already use.


  • Available as a web-based tool
  • Completely customizable CRM solution integrating marketing, sales force automation, and other sales processes
  • Available on-premise or as SaaS

Price: Contact for pricing

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