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Efficiency is a top priority in sales. After all, the more efficient your sales processes, the greater your return on investment and the more time your sales reps can spend prospecting for new business to keep the pipeline flooded with ready buyers. And in today’s complex selling climate, it’s not uncommon for sales reps to spend hours upon hours – weeks upon weeks, even – nurturing a large-but-coveted client.


While there’s certainly something to be said for perseverance, technology has placed a slew of resources at our fingertips to completely streamline sales processes and make sales representatives more efficient at what they do. Eliminating inconveniences like searching for the right presentation materials or fighting with an overhead projector are things of the past, thanks to mobile technology, sales enablement tools and other resources.

Still, the buying cycle can be lengthy and complex in many markets, and without the right systems in place it becomes easy to lose focus completely or over-focus on one segment or client to the point at which you’re actually losing valuable time you could be spending closing deals. This is the mere tip of the iceberg when it comes to sales efficiency challenges. Fortunately, there are plenty of experts who have weathered the storm of rapidly shifting sales technology for the past few decades, many of whom have developed sophisticated-yet-incredibly-simple systems for motivating sales reps, improving processes and identifying the right technology to streamline the sales cycle and ultimately, boost the ROI of an organization’s sales team.

We’ve searched the far-reaching corners of the web in search of the best blogs for sales leaders looking to improve sales efficiency. While there are many excellent sales-strategy blogs with helpful tips and advice, we think the following 54 are the best of the best. Note: The 54 blogs named here aren’t listed in any particular order; the numbering system is used simply to make it easy to reference a specific blog later or in communications with your colleagues. In other words, we’re not trying to imply that #1 is better than #52, but rather that these 52 blogs represent some of the best insights on sales efficiency you’ll find on the web.

Many of these bloggers have penned best-selling, nationally-recognized books on sales strategy and sales efficiency, have proven their processes time and time again with clients in every imaginable vertical, and have completely mastered the art of transformational leadership. No matter what your style, we’re sure you’ll be adding at least a few of these blogs to your must-read list.

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1. The List Blog



The List is a b2b sales and lead generation resource with used by over 125,000 key decision makers. With a blog that features expertise in new business, marketing, sales, research, analysis, technology, database management and operations, The List offer a valuable resource for sales efficiency insights.

Three posts we like from The List Blog:


2. InsightSquared Blog



InsightSquared offer a web-based data intelligence suite for small and medium businesses. Whether it’s pipeline forecasting, profitability analysis, or activity tracking InsightSquared will provide all the business intelligence your company needs. The InsightSquared blog with it’s regularly updated expertise on sales, marketing, finance, and staffing is a must follow.

Three posts we like from the InsightSquared Blog:


3. Salesforce Blog



Salesforce is a powerhouse in the CRM world, so it’s no surprise that the Salesforce Blog is one of the best resources on sales efficiency you’ll find. From streamlining management and improving training to boosting productivity and tapping into hidden opportunities, Salesforce covers just about every possible corner of the spectrum when it comes to making your sales processes more efficient.

Three posts we like from the Salesforce Blog:


4. RingDNA Sales Acceleration Blog


Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 2.19.11 PM

RingDNA maximizes inside sales performance by helping sales teams qualify, connect with and convert more customers. Unsurprisingly, their blog is one of the leading sources of inside sales insights on the web today.

Three posts we like from the RingDNA Blog:


5. Sales & Marketing Management


Sales & Marketing Management strives to be an authoritative information portal for sales executives through white papers, webcasts, newsletters and a multitude of resources in various formats. Covering trends and strategies, perspectives from some of the world’s leading sales professionals and thought leaders, and illustrating successes from some of the most innovative sales programs across the globe, Sales & Marketing Management is a blog to follow if improving sales efficiency nears the top of your goals list.

Three posts we like from Sales & Marketing Management:


6. Top Sales Dog


Top Sales Dog

Top Sales Dog, one of several blogs at the Rapid Learning Institute, is focused on providing the most effective sales training strategies and ideas for sales leaders to develop winning sales teams. From evaluating different approaches to sales training, such as self-directed training, to delving into problem-solving and relationship-building, Top Sales Dog covers all the sales training bases. Sales efficiency is highly dependent on the effectiveness of your team, so Top Sales Dog is a must-follow blog.

Three posts we like from Top Sales Dog:


7. Sales Benchmark Index


Sales Benchmark Index

Sales Benchmark Index is a sales and marketing consultancy that helps B2B companies develop more effective sales and marketing practices. The SBI blog is packed with valuable insights based on results they’ve gotten with clients, insights from the field, sales data, culture and more.

Three posts we like from Sales Benchmark Index:


8. Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook


Paul Castain

Paul Castain is the Vice President of Rock Star Development for Castain Training Systems. He despises “stuffy, clinical, technical and most of all boring sales training,” going against the grain by teaching his clients how to stand out by being different, combining traditional selling with personal branding and social tools like Twitter and LinkedIn to make an impact. His blog, started back in 2008, is packed with valuable insights conveyed in an anything-but-boring fashion, encompassing everything from attitude and presentation skills to social media, time management and goal setting.

Three posts we like from Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook:


9. Sales Enablement Perspectives


Sales Enablement Perspectives

Tamara Schenk is the Research Director for the MHI Research Institute, blogging about sales enablement and blogs about insights gained on sales enablement through her role at MHI. She discusses strategy, methodology, processes and technology that can be used to aid front-line sales professionals and ultimately deliver more value to customers.

Three posts we like from Sales Enablement Perspectives:


10. Fill the Funnel


Fill the Funnel

Miles Austin is a sales and marketing technologist and author of Fill the Funnel, where he focuses on web tools for sales pros and leaders. He offers tips for overcoming sales slumps, strategies for standing out in a crowded market, relationship building and provides recommendations and reviews of tools for streamlining sales, including webinar tools, social media and more.

Three posts we like from Fill the Funnel:


11. Velocify



Velocify creates cloud-based sales software and other solutions to streamline sales operations and enhance performance. The Velocify blog emphasizes sales automation and research, highlighting useful tips and tactics as well as customer success stories that demonstrate thought leadership and effectiveness.

Three posts we like from Velocify:


12. Zero Time Selling



Andy Paul is the author of Zero Time Selling and the accompanying blog by the same name. A coach and sought-after speaker, Paul offers executive sales strategies and maximum-impact techniques through phone consultations, workshops, keynotes and several other formats, but you can glean some valuable insights and take a glimpse into Paul’s genius sales mind at the Zero Time Selling blog.

Three posts we like from Zero Time Selling:


13. A Sales Guy


A Sales Guy

Jim Keenan, named a Top 50 Sales and Marketing Influencer in 2012, 2013 and 2014 by Top Sales World, is a guy with advice you should heed. Luckily, you can get advice directly from one of the best of the best at Keenan’s blog, A Sales Guy, where he and other leading sales authority figures share their best advice on social selling, configuring sales compensation plans that motivate sales reps, active listening and more, all mixed in with some general discourse on the nitty-gritty of a life in the sales trenches.

Three posts we like from A Sales Guy:


14. Open View Labs



“As the operational consulting arm of OpenView Venture Partners, the Labs brings industry standards, functional expertise, and best practices to OpenView’s portfolio of expansion-stage companies.” The company, founded in 2007, emphasizes three primary areas: talent, decision support and go-to market and growth. The Open View Labs blog is a wealth of information for startups, including strategic tactics for implementing highly successful sales programs from the start.

Three posts we like from Open View Labs:


15. Jill Konrath – Fresh Sales Strategies



Jill Konrath wrote the book on Agile Selling – literally, along with SNAP Selling and Selling to Big Companies. Konrath is on a self-described, “relentless search for fresh sales strategies that actually work in today’s business environment,” and she’s taking readers along for the ride through her blog. Offering insights on everything from creating winning value propositions to utilizing social selling tools and closing the deal, Konrath’s blog is a comprehensive guide to mastering sales efficiency.

Three posts we like from Jill Konrath – Fresh Sales Strategies:


16. The Funnelholic



Many of you have probably already heard of Craig Rosenberg, a.k.a. The Funnelholic. A self-professed “student of the game,” Rosenberg is also the co-founder of TOPO, a research, advisory, and consulting firm focused on helping sales and marketing teams smash their revenue goals. The Funnelholic covers the full spectrum of the sales cycle, all with the ultimate objective behind any solid sales strategy in mind: revenue.

Three posts we like from The Funnelholic:


17. Your Sales Management Guru



Ken Thoreson is the principal of Acumen Management Group Ltd., a sales leadership training consultancy. A thought leader in sales management, Thoreson shares the valuable insights he’s gained throughout the 25 years he’s spent in the trenches of sales leadership and sales management through his blog, Your Sales Management Guru. He helps clients – and readers – implement effective sales management strategies that build predictable revenue.

Three posts we like from Your Sales Management Guru:


18. Transforming Sales Results



Sales force transformation leader Mike Kunkle spent several years on the front lines of sales and sales management, and for the past 19 years has been serving in a corporate director or consultant capacity. Kunkle’s sales force transformation process is a mix of sales training, organizational effectiveness strategies, leadership development, aligning performance levers and leading change efforts, all of which he conveys with precision at Transforming Sales Results.

Three posts we like from Transforming Sales Results:


19. Predictable Revenue



Aaron Ross is the founder of Predictable Revenue and author of Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Business Into A Sales Machine With The $100 Million Best Practices Of Predictable Revenue specializes in helping companies double – even triple – their new sales. Their process is proven, too: The “Cold-Calling 2.0” framework aided in catapulting’s recurring revenues by $100 million. If you’re looking for proven strategies for creating sustainable sales processes that produce results without the “churn and burn” approach, Predictable Revenue is the blog for you. You can also download “Predictable Revenue Guide To Tripling Your Sales,” a free e-book outlining some of the same ideas that produced an added $1 billion in revenue for

Three posts we like from Predictable Revenue:


20. Partners in Excellence



Dave Brock blogs about sales, marketing, leadership and business at Partners in Excellence, taking a pragmatic, common-sense approach to tackling common challenges in the current sales climate. Brock aims to provide insightful commentary and useful tips that improve both the business and personal lives of readers.

Three posts we like from Partners in Excellence:


21. The Center for Sales Strategy


The Center for Sales Strategy

Sales and management coaching, talent analysis, digital sales coaching and inbound marketing are all in a day’s work at The Center for Sales Strategy. The company’s focus is helping sales organizations build top-performing teams that drive revenue and produce results. Founded in 1983 by Steve Marx, Chairman Emeritus, The Center for Sales Strategy continues to be a leading resource for sales-focused organizations today.

Three posts we like from The Center for Sales Strategy:


22. Sales Journal



Naviga Recruiting and Executive Search, a nationwide, full-service professional recruiting firm for sales and marketing, sponsors Sales Journal, and the company’s CEO and Founder, Kathleen Steffey, is the chief blogger. Naturally, Steffey knows a thing or two about what makes a rockstar sales professional, and she dishes on the characteristics and habits that make sales pros stand out from the crowd along with insights and information on sales strategies that work.

Three posts we like from Sales Journal:


23. No More Cold Calling



Many sales organizations relish the thought of never having to make another cold call and capitalizing on the warm nature of inbound leads. Few sales processes are more efficient than those in which customers are banging down the doors. Well, that’s the premise behind No More Cold Calling: devising strategies to facilitate referral sales. If you’re tired of endless cold calling and want to start generating sales referrals, No More Cold Calling is a blog to follow.

Three posts we like from No More Cold Calling:


24. DiscoverOrg



DiscoverOrg provides technology marketers and sales professionals with up-to-date, comprehensive data to promote sales efficiency in teams of all sizes. The service covers more than 18,000 organizations representing the largest buyers of technology in the world, enabling DiscoverOrg’s clients to achieve shorter sales cycles and generate increased revenues from each customer. The company’s blog is a wealth of information on driving sales efficiency with data, industry news and important product updates.

Three posts we like from DiscoverOrg:


25. Geoffrey James – Sales Source



Geoffrey James is the best-selling author of Business Without The Bullsh*t and Sales Source columnist at With a unique perspective on surviving in the real world of business, James’ book is a recommended read for everyone from college graduates to seasoned business executives. Glean some insights from James’ innovative mind on cutting through the crap in sales at Sales Source.

Three posts we like from Sales Source:


26. The Sales Hunter



Mark Hunter, a.k.a. The Sales Hunter, shares his sales motivation secrets and proven sales training tactics to help you increase sales and profitability. Hunter started consulting back in 1998 and wrote a book, High-Profit Selling: Win the Sale Without Compromising on Price, which he just released in 2012. Prior to branching out as a consultant, Hunter racked up 18 years of experience in sales and marketing divisions at Fortune 100 companies.

Three posts we like from The Sales Hunter:


27. Sales Pro Insider



Nancy Bleeke, Founder and President, started Sales Pro Insider back in 1998 to help companies improve sales and customer service and foster teamwork to boost performance results. She’s also the author of Conversations That Sell, named a Top Sales & Marketing book in 2013 and widely used as a tool for training sales teams. Having developed a series of sales training courses, Bleeke is well-equipped to provide useful insights on improving sales efficiency and driving results in organizations of all sizes.

Three posts we like from Sales Pro Insider:


28. Alen Majer – The Missing Piece to Your Sales Success



Introvert and sales expert aren’t often two words used to describe the same individual, but that’s precisely what Alen Majer’s Twitter bio says. He’s turned his own introverted personality into a winning brand, honing his expertise in on helping other introverted personalities succeed in the typically extroverted world of sales.

Three posts we like from Alen Majer:


29. Smart Calling



Sales is all about making calls: cold calls, sales calls, making the right call on how to pitch the prospect that just landed on your desk or which sales rep to send out on a challenging sales call. Smart Calling focuses on the cold-calling aspect of sales, one of the most dreaded components of the job for new and sometimes even seasoned sales professionals. If you want to make your cold-calling process smarter and more efficient, Smart Calling is a blog you should be reading.

Three posts we like from Smart Calling:


30. Keith Rosen



Keith Rosen is the author of several best-selling books on sales and management, including the widely-recognized Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions, which ranked as the #1 best-selling sales management book on and is used by top sales organizations to nurture transformational leadership among sales managers. With taglines like “Make It Happen,” and “Creating Sales Champions – One Manager at a Time,” it’s not hard to see why Rosen’s work is so compelling.

Three posts we like from Keith Rosen:


31. Sales Engine



Sales is a complex process, typically unique to each organization. When carefully constructed, in-tune with buyers’ needs and facilitated by well-trained professionals, sales runs like a well-oiled machine. But a machine is no good without its engine, and that’s precisely what Sales Engine wants to help you construct. According to the company’s Twitter bio, they, “drink lots of coffee, work tirelessly for clients, and read lots of books.” In between all that tireless effort, they still find time to share the valuable insights they gain from client experiences and the perspectives of thought leaders through the Sales Engine blog.

Three posts we like from Sales Engine:


32. The Sales Blog


The Sales Blog

Anthony Iannarino is the President and Chief Sales officer for SOLUTIONS Staffing and the Managing Director of B2B Sales Coach & Consultancy, a boutique agency through which he helps sales people and companies alike increase their effectiveness and efficiency to achieve their full potential. Writing about the sales process, management, success and more, Iannarino one day plans to compile his blog into a book or several. In the meantime, his expertise is up for grabs at your convenience at The Sales Blog.

Three posts we like from The Sales Blog:


33. Fearless Selling



Kelley Robertson has been in sales since the mid-1970’s, working in a men’s clothing store where he quickly developed his own unique style for pinpointing customer needs and translating that knowledge to sales. With no formal sales training or education, Robertson’s success in sales continued to build on the abilities he developed naturally and nurtured through roles of increasing responsibility in the hospitality industry. Now a keynote speaker and leading sales management consultant, Robertson shares his most successful techniques and strategies that have worked for him and his clients at Fearless Selling.

Three posts we like from Fearless Selling:


34. Matt on Marketing


Matt Heinz Blog

Matt Heinz is an expert on increasing revenue for B2B organizations through sales and marketing strategy, demand generation, sales pipeline and process improvement and other tactics that boost sales efficiency and generate results. Heinz doesn’t just focus on increasing revenue per-customer or generating new leads, but a combination of both to ensure lasting success and continued growth.

Three posts we like from Matt on Marketing:


35. Selling Fearlessly


Selling Fearlessly

Robert Terson, author of Selling Fearlessly: A Master Salesman’s Secrets For the One-Call-Close Salesperson, retired from his 40-year career in advertising sales in 2010 and started offering his expertise for the benefit of others through consulting, speaking, and of course writing at his Selling Fearlessly blog. You’ll find insights from Terson himself, along with a variety of other thought leaders with serious sales and marketing credibility.

Three posts we like from Selling Fearlessly:


36. Sales Training Connection


Sales Training Connection

For 30 years, Richard (Dick) Ruff developed sales training programs for the Fortune 1000 companies. He went on to start two companies of his own, co-founding Sales Momentum in 2000 and later, Sales Horizons in 2010. Ruff, along with Dr. Janet Spirer, a university professor who taught business, sales and marketing courses, share their expertise with insightful commentary and useful strategies for training the most efficient, top-performing sales teams around the globe at Sales Training Connection.

Three posts we like from Sales Training Connection:


37. Selling Power Blog


Selling Power Blog

Selling Power Mag is a leading magazine for sales managers and leaders. The Selling Power Blog is the official blog for the magazine, although there’s certainly plenty of valuable news and information on the magazine’s primary website, also. Multiple contributors weigh in on the Selling Power Blog with step-by-step strategies for streamlining sales processes, boosting sales efficiency, overcoming common customer objections and much more.

Three posts we like from Selling Power Blog:


38. Heavy Hitter Sales Blog


Heavy Hitter Sales Blog

Steve W. Martin has written a whole series of books built on his “Heavy Hitter” framework, which is geared towards using linguistics for strategic advantage in the sales decision-making process. At the Heavy Hitter Sales Blog, Martin talks about emerging research impacting the marketing and sales fields, trends and related industry news, overcoming common sales challenges and other topics of interest to sales professionals and leaders at any stage in their careers.

Three posts we like from Heavy Hitter Sales Blog:


39. Inside Sales Experts


Inside Sales Experts Blog

Trish Bertuzzi is a thinker, writer and builder of all things inside sales. Inside Sales Experts is an extension of that, providing a platform for the sharing of news, trends, metrics and analysis that impact the way sales professionals work. From dividing territories efficiently to tips and tricks for using sales and CRM tools like, Inside Sales Experts is a valuable resource for companies committed to sales efficiency.

Three posts we like from Inside Sales Experts:


40. Ken Krogue


Ken Krogue

Ken Krogue is the founder of, a sales acceleration platform that uses machine learning and data analysis to drive decision-making and sales efficiency. With gamification, predictive analytics, data visualization and more, is a powerful tool for sales teams. Krogue’s value-add doesn’t end there, however. He blogs regularly at, offering up expertise and strategies for strategic growth, effective leadership, best practices for inside sales and more.

Three posts we like from Ken Krogue:


41. Vorsight



Vorsight is a sales effectiveness firm focused on the first half of the sales cycle, helping B2B sales teams overcome the most challenging hurdle: getting in the door. The company was originally founded in 2005 as an outsourced meeting scheduling firm, Vorsight has contributed to the generation of $20 million in new revenue for its clients. At the Vorsight blog, you’ll find inside sales tips, tactics and strategies, including advice on cold calling, prospecting more effectively, using email and other technology tools to get past gatekeepers and more.

Three posts we like from Vorsight:


42. Sales Management Blog – Steven A. Rosen


Steven Rosen

Steven A. Rosen is an executive sales coach inspiring sales professionals to achieve success through his coaching, training and consulting organization STAR Results. Rosen uses his own sales management experience and motivational strategies to transform sales managers into influential sales leaders. His Sales Management Blog reflects this style, with insights on motivating sales teams, achieving success, overcoming obstacles and more.

Three posts we like from Sales Management Blog:


43. Smart Selling Tools


Smart Selling Tools

Smart Selling Tools offers sales productivity tools and advanced sales strategies. Founder and President Nancy Nardin is a recognized thought leader on sales productivity tools, dedicated to helping companies achieve higher revenues and better results by tapping into processes and technology to make the sales process more efficient and more effective. Smart Selling Tools is an abundance of resources on sales efficiency and productivity, with tips on automating sales processes, reviews of the latest technology tools and hacks, and other relevant insights for sales leaders.

Three posts we like from Smart Selling Tools:


44. InsideView Blog



InsideView is a “pioneer in sales intelligence,” providing a suite of software solutions designed to arm sales and marketing leaders with the information they need to be successful. From market data to business insights and strong professional connections for generating more leads, InsideView’s CRM tools are a comprehensive solution for sales teams. The blog delves into technology for improving sales efficiency, transformational leaders and influencers, and tips for putting technology tools to use to boost revenues and improve profitability.

Three posts we like from InsideView Blog:


45. Top Line Leadership



Problem-solving is at the core of any effective sales process, and that’s precisely where Top Line Leadership aims to improve sales professionals: by instilling a problem-solution mentality and fostering the ability to translate objections into problems and products or services into solutions. Beginning with a deep understanding of the buying process, Top Line Leadership aids companies in implementing consistent sales processes for results through sales training and sales management consulting. The company has trained over 35,000 sales leaders and tens of thousands of sales reps at companies spanning every sector. You can read about the insights they’ve gained along the way at the Top Line Leadership blog.

Three posts we like from Top Line Leadership:


46. The Sales Leader Blog


The Sales Leader Blog

Colleen Francis brings her 20+ years of experience working in sales and sales management to help sales and marketing leaders design and implement tactics that are effective in the current climate and seize current market opportunities. From improving productivity to working hand-in-hand with sales leaders to devise cutting-edge strategies for reaching new target markets, Francis’ expertise is invaluable. At The Sales Leader Blog, you’ll find regular tips and tactics from Francis, covering topics such as referrals, profitability, productivity and more.

Three posts we like from The Sales Leader Blog:


47. Barb Giamanco



Barb Giamanco is a leading authority on social selling, offering advisory programs, speaking and consulting to help organizations achieve results using social sales strategies. She’s also the author of The New Handshake: Sales Meets Social Media, addressing the new form of selling that has emerged from social media and providing a blueprint for achieving sales success utilizing these new channels. On her blog, she talks about social selling challenges, implementation strategies, and other insights for achieving sales efficiency in the new sales climate.

Three posts we like from Barb Giamanco:


48. The Adaptive Sales Team

Adaptive Sales Team

Michael Fox has spent more than 20 years in high-tech corporate sales environments in senior sales and marketing roles. He’s familiar with and has utilized a number of leading sales frameworks, bringing a deep understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of established systems such as Solution Selling, SPIN Selling and similar account management methodologies. Most importantly, he served in leadership roles during one of the most pivotal periods in technology, meaning he’s weathered his share of storms and total transformations. Not only does Fox understand the importance of adaptability in sales, but he knows how to prepare sales teams to adapt to rapidly changing climates in technology and other verticals.

Three posts we like from The Adaptive Sales Team:


49. ROI4Sales



Creating and deploying online and spreadsheet-based ROI, TCO and Business Case models for B2B companies, ROI4Sales offers a range of solutions to streamline the sales process along with sales enablement tools and strategies, sales audits, win/loss analysis, coaching, research and training. At the ROI4Sales blog, you’ll find plenty of ideas for increasing revenues, shortening sales cycles, pricing strategies, customer relations and much more.

Three posts we like from ROI4Sales:


50. Score More Sales


Score More Sales

Score More Sales is the brain-child of Lori Richardson, named a Top 12 Sales Influencer by Forbes. Richardson’s motto is “never confuse activity with accomplishment,” helping sales leaders improve their teams’ enthusiasm, activity and revenues using interactive training, coaching and strategic consulting. Richardson shares many of her secrets and insights at the Score More Sales blog.

Three posts we like from Score More Sales:


51. The New Sales Coach


The New Sales Coach

An expert in business development and sales management, Mike Weinberg is the author of the best-selling book New Sales. Simplified.He’s on a mission to help his clients and readers simplify sales and get better results. His blog focuses on developing systematic, efficient processes that are proven to produce results, tips on productivity, staying motivated, and overcoming common sales challenges.

Three posts we like from The New Sales Coach:


52. The Pipeline


The Pipeline

Tibor Shanto is an award winning author, speaker and B2B sales execution specialist. “Execution, everything else is just talk!” is his motto, and that’s the focus of his blog, The Pipeline. From commitment to culture and change management, The Pipeline is a wealth of information on strategies and techniques to keep your pipeline chock-full of prospects.

Three posts we like from The Pipeline:


53. The Whale Hunters


The Whale Hunters

Barbara Weaver Smith is the Founder & CEO of The Whale Hunters, and chief blogger at the company’s blog, where she shares insights to help smaller companies land and manage bigger deals with bigger clients. Her focus is on sales complexity, offering techniques for streamlining processes and improving efficiency that make it possible for little fish to swim in the big sea.

Three posts we like from The Whale Hunters:


54. Richardson Blog


The Richardson blog for consideration has over 20,000 subscribers and post 2-3 times a week on the hottest issues in sales force productivity.

Two posts we like from The Richardson Blog:


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