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Having the ability to share information across an organization is more important now than ever before, with the advent of Big Data, personalization, and customer experience. As companies invest more in content and digital assets, CIOs know that there is value in using, sharing, and reusing the material that is creating the biggest bang for the company’s buck. Indeed, companies that have the right knowledge management strategy and practices in place are empowering their executives, marketers, salespeople, and customer service representatives with the knowledge they need to work more efficiently and increase revenue.


Giving your people the ability to find just the right information without losing hours at a time searching for it improves productivity and the organization’s bottom line. If you are interested in learning more about the knowledge management process, the following blogs will serve as an excellent resource. We have chosen our top knowledge management blogs for CIOs based on the quality of information, depth of insight, and practical advice that they have to offer. The authors behind our chosen blogs are well-regarded authorities on enhancing knowledge sharing across your company. Please note, we have listed the following 49 blogs in no particular order.

1. Above and Beyond KM

Above and Beyond KM

V. Mary Abraham is the author of the Above and Beyond KM blog, which focuses on how people work and how knowledge management can help them. Abraham blogs about putting KM to work in her New York City firm and uses her first-hand experiences to inspire others to attempt to follow suit.

Three key posts we like from Above and Beyond KM:

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2. KMEdge

KM Edge

KMEdge is a new blog dedicated to knowledge management that offers insights and interesting posts for CIOs and others interested in learning more about the software, strategies, and systems associated with sharing knowledge at the corporate level. The blog also offers links to useful tips and tacit knowledge.

Three key posts we like from KMEdge:

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3. Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Knowledge Jolt with Jack

Jack Vinson, the Jack in Knowledge Jolt with Jack, shares his opinions on knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints, and other topics in his blog posts. He views knowledge management as a tool to help businesses achieve their goals.

Three key posts we like from Knowledge Jolt with Jack:

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4. Green Chameleon

Green Chameleon

Green Chameleon is written by knowledge management experts Patrick Lambe, Edgar Tan, and Paolina Martin. The blog began as Lambe’s personal site and now is the resource website of Straits Knowledge, a global consulting firm that shares knowledge, learning resources, and innovation via how-to guides and posts.

Three key posts we like from Green Chameleon:

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5. Inside Knowledge

Inside Knowledge

Inside Knowledge is an online magazine that shares global knowledge management news, opinions, blogs, and photos from thought leaders. Their blog has been active for nearly a year and contains posts from executives and the authorities who are at the helm of KM leadership in their organizations.

Three key posts we like from Inside Knowledge:

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6. Matthew Loxton’s KM & OL Blog

Matthew Loxtons KM OL Blog

Matthew Loxton is a knowledge management expert with a Master’s degree in the field from the University of Canberra. He shares his extensive experience in his blog posts, which cover organizational learning, intellectual assets, knowledge transfer, and much more.

Three key posts we like from Matthew Loxton’s KM & OL Blog:

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7. Knowledge Management in Context

Knowledge Management in Context

Knowledge Management in Context is a collection of articles written by Mitch De Felice that are available at CIO.com. He works with key business stakeholders and technology executive leadership developing technology solutions to support unstructured data, including the areas of content management, records management, enterprise search, and eDiscovery solutions.

Three key posts we like from Knowledge Management in Context:

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8. APQC Blog – Knowledge Management


APQC is a leading authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management. Their blog features several posts on knowledge management, including those that feature can studies from companies that are authorities in the KM space. There also is a KM section in their knowledge base that services as a robust resource for CIOs.

Three key posts we like from APQC Blog – Knowledge Management:

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9. Future of CIO – Knowledge Management

Future of CIO

Author of the Digital Master book series, Pearl Zhu is the woman behind Future of CIO. This blog supplements the Digital Master series with posts sharing insights and strategies to help CIOs become digital strategists, global thought leaders, and talent masters. Their knowledge management posts cover key factors in KM, information management, the culture and structure of KM, and much more.

Three key posts we like from Future of CIO – Knowledge Management:

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10. KMWorld


As a leading publisher, conference organizer, and information provider serving the knowledge management, content management, and document management markets, KMWorld shares blog posts from some of the most knowledgeable analysts in the industry. The posts cover KM news, KM in practice, KM features, and much more.

Three key posts we like from KMWorld:

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11. Forrester – Knowledge Management


Forrester works with business and technology leaders to develop customer-focused strategies that drive growth. Their blogs offer actionable guidance aligned to your professional role, including their blog posts that focus on knowledge management for CIOs.

Three key posts we like from Forrester – Knowledge Management:

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12. CIOZone – Knowledge Management



CIOZone is a professional network for CIOs and IT professionals. Their blog includes dozens of knowledge management posts for the C-suite and covers KM leadership, strategy, and challenges.

Three key posts we like from CIOZone – Knowledge Management:

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13. KM Institute

KM Institute

KM Institute offers KM certification, training, and conferences. They also offer their knowledge management blog, which covers a variety of topics, including digital transformation, productivity, information architecture, and many others, from industry experts.

Three key posts we like from KM Institute:

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14. Lucidea – Knowledge Management


Lucidea is in the business of knowledge management, and they focus on things that help keep people learning and information flowing. Their blog includes posts on information management, organizational KM strategy, and much more.

Three key posts we like from Lucidea – Knowledge Management:

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15. Knoco Stories

Knoco Stories

Knowledge management guide and coach with more than two decades of experience, Nick Milton is the director and founder of Knoco Ltd. He’s also the man behind Knoco Stories, a blog about knowledge management from the front lines.

Three key posts we like from Knoco Stories:

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16. Stan Garfield – Knowledge Management

Stan Garfield

Stan Garfield is a knowledge manager, author, speaker, and leader who posts about KM and collaboration on LinkedIn. After 20 years in knowledge management and 100 posts about it, Garfield has created this blog-style post that includes links to all of his previous KM posts organized by category.

Three key posts we like from Stan Garfield – Knowledge Management:

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17. ProProfs Knowledgebase

ProProfs Knowledgebase

ProProfs Knowledgebase provides web-based tools for building and testing knowledge for businesses, educators, and students. The ProProfs Knowledgebase is a blog that covers knowledge management for those at all stages of implementation and offers tips and strategies for CIOs and other business leaders.

Three key posts we like from ProProfs Knowledgebase:

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18. DZone Software Blog – Knowledge Management

DZone Software Blog

DZone Software provides an enterprise knowledge management and online community platform to enable people and teams to optimize efficiency and productivity. Their blog centers on knowledge management, collaboration, and community and shares insights and tips for CIOs looking to create a culture of knowledge sharing.

Three key posts we like from DZone Software Blog – Knowledge Management:

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19. Brainspace


Brainspace, a pioneer and leader in helping enterprises gain meaning and insights from unstructured data, shares a relatively new blog that features knowledge management tips and insights. This blog especially is helpful for CIOs because it is geared toward the enterprise.

Three key posts we like from Brainspace:

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20. Chris Collison – Knowledge Management

Chris Collison

Chris Collison is an author, advisor, consultant, and coach in knowledge management and organizational learning. His Knowledgeable blog shares the experience he has gained after 11 years of working as an independent consultant and 21 years of working in the field of knowledge management.

Three key posts we like from Chris Collison – Knowledge Management:

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21. Dr. Bonnie Cheuk

Dr Bonnie Cheuk

Dr. Bonnie Cheuk is an author who defines knowledge management as ‘knowledging’ and who is passionate about two-way communication. Her blog posts focus on KM, information seeking and behavior, information literacy in the workplace, facilitation techniques, and much more that CIOs especially will find helpful.

Three key posts we like from Dr. Bonnie Cheuk:

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22. Insights Blog

Insights Blog

TallyFox powers ecosystems to solve the challenges associated with knowledge management. Their blog shares insights on collaboration, education, project, and knowledge management.

Three key posts we like from Insights Blog:

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23. The TIBCO Blog

The TIBCO Blog

TIBCO is a global leader in integration and analytics. Their blog includes posts geared especially toward CIOs in terms of knowledge management strategy and covers topics such as innovation, employee expertise, and ensuring your employees are as knowledgeable as possible.

Three key posts we like from The TIBCO Blog:

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24. M-Brain – Knowledge Management


M-Brain Group helps organizations gain informed leadership through monitoring, intelligence, consultancy and technology. The blog posts on knowledge management are insightful and offer tips for leaders and decision makers.

Three key posts we like from M-Brain – Knowledge Management:

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25. Digital Clarity Group – Knowledge Management

Digital Clarity Group

Digital Clarity Group is a team of research-driven industry analysts focused on digital transformation. They cover technology and agencies that enable consumer engagement and the social enterprise. Their blog posts covering knowledge management consider business processes, content management, digital assets, and much more.

Three key posts we like from Digital Clarity Group – Knowledge Management:

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26. Another DAM Blog

Another DAM Blog

Henrik de Gyor, digital asset management consultant who works with all DAMs, metadata, rights management, user adoption, and migration, also blogs and creates podcasts. His blog is in the digital asset management niche and applies to CIOs who are interested in workflow, controlled vocabulary, digitization, metadata, and the like.

Three key posts we like from Another DAM Blog:

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27. Borrowed Insight

Borrowed Insight

Romney Whitehead is the woman behind Borrowed Insight. Whitehead’s expertise lies in digital content, publishing, and tech, and she puts her knowledge to work as a digital content specialist and DAM consultant, and as a blogger. While not updated as frequently as some of our other knowledge management blog picks, Borrowed Insight contains valuable insights and tips from Whitehead’s first-hand experience in digital content.

Three key posts we like from Borrowed Insight:

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28. MerlinOne Blog

MerlinOne Blog

MerlinOne offers advanced tools for streamlining digital workflow. Their blog offers insight into DAM workflow, productivity, data security, and other topics that are of use to CIOs.

Three key posts we like from MerlinOne Blog:

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29. Canto Digital Asset Management Blog

Canto Digital Asset Management Blog

Canto has been enabling organizations to manage digital content for nearly 30 years. Their blog covers digital asset management and the related business processes and implementation tips that help companies to manage their digital assets properly.

Three key posts we like from Canto Digital Asset Management Blog:

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30. CIO.com


CIO.com delivers the latest news, analysis, videos, blogs, tips, and research for IT professionals and tech leaders. As such, they are a trusted source for knowledge management tips and insights for the C-suite.

Three key posts we like from CIO.com:

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31. CIO Insight

CIO Insight

CIO Insight provides business and technology insights by, for, and about senior information technology executives. They cover several topics relating to knowledge management, and they are geared specifically toward CIOs.

Three key posts we like from CIO Insight:

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32. CIO Journal

CIO Journal

The Wall Street Journal is a highly-esteemed business-focused publication that shares breaking news and top stories from around the world. Their CIO Journal, sponsored by Deloitte, is a premium news and information service for CIOs and seniors business executives who have an interest in technology. That’s why the CIO Journal’s knowledge management posts are among some of the most authoritative available online.

Three key posts we like from CIO Journal:


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33. CIO Update

CIO Update

CIO Update delivers information for busy CIOs and IT managers to help them make the right decisions for strategy, tactical direction, and more. With more than 350 posts and resources dedicated to knowledge management, CIO Update is one of the most robust KM blogs to make our list.

Three key posts we like from CIO Update:

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34. Attensa Information and Knowledge Management Blog

Attensa Information and Knowledge Management Blog

Attensa works to turn information managers into heroes by “cooking up intelligence from unstructured information.” Their blog covers knowledge management, information management, enterprise content management, collaboration, and other topics for CIOs.

Three key posts we like from Attensa Information and Knowledge Management Blog:

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35. RightAnswers – Knowledge Management


RightAnswers is a top provider of cloud-based knowledge management and self-service solutions. Their posts on knowledge management cover collaboration, trends in managing knowledge, KM implementation, and other topics of importance to CIOs.

Three key posts we like from RightAnswers – Knowledge Management:

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36. KM Knowledge

KM Knowledge

KM Knowledge is under the helm of David Skyrme, a retired knowledge management consultant. The blog features several resources on knowledge and information management, including best practices, KM basics, a KM Roadmap, and more.

Three key posts we like from KM Knowledge:

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37. Enterprise Web 2.0

Enterprise Web 20

ZDNet, where technology meets business, presents Enterprise Web 2.0. The blog features expert insights from Dion Hinchcliffe, an expert in information technology, business strategy, and next-generation enterprises. The focus of Enterprise Web 2.0 is geared toward CIOs, as it discusses leveraging the convergence of IT and the next generation of the web.

Three key posts we like from Enterprise Web 2.0:

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38. Patti Anklam

Patti Anklam

Patti Anklam is a consultant, public speaker, and writer who specializes in knowledge management, social and learning networks, and collaboration. She helps companies understand their organizational roles and how to enhance people-to-people connections and knowledge flow and to capture and curate information and knowledge assets. Her blog is perfect for CIOs looking to learn and understand more about knowledge management.

Three key posts we like from Patti Anklam:

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39. Content Marketing Institute – Knowledge Management

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute is on a mission to advance the practice of content marketing. The site offers practical, how-to guidance, in addition to insight and advice from experts, on knowledge management.

Three key posts we like from Content Marketing Institute – Knowledge Management:

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40. TechNewsWorld – Knowledge Management


TechNewsWorld shares the latest tech news and information. Their articles on knowledge management cover everything from cyber security to cloud solutions for knowledge management and the CIO.

Three key posts we like from TechNewsWorld – Knowledge Management:

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41. PricewaterhouseCoopers – Knowledge Management


PricewaterhouseCoopers is a worldwide network of firms working together to deliver value to your business. When it comes to knowledge management, their blog posts are valuable to CIOs who want to experience success with the business innovation and processes associated with KM.

Three key posts we like from PricewaterhouseCoopers – Knowledge Management:

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42. CIO Dashboard – Digital Transformation

CIO Dashboard

A PricewaterhouseCoopers principal who works closely with clients on their most fundamental IT challenges, Chris Curran blogs about emerging technology, enterprise architecture, and other current concerns and challenges facing today’s CIOs. CIO Dashboard offers tips and insights into business strategy, information strategy, enterprise collaboration, and much more.

Three key posts we like from CIO Dashboard – Digital Transformation:

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43. Theknowledgecore’s Blog

Theknowledgecores Blog

Dr. David Griffiths, knowledge management expert, is the founder of K3-Cubed and the author of Theknowledgecore’s Blog. The blog covers a variety of KM topics and touches on leadership and organizational values, which are of special interest to CIOs.

Three key posts we like from Theknowledgecore’s Blog:

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44. Toolbox for IT

Toolbox for IT

Toolbox for IT is an online community for IT professionals that provides discussion groups, blogs, research, and networking for its more than 2 million members. With a section on the latest in KM, Toolbox for IT is a multi-faceted resource for CIOs who want to enhance their knowledge management understanding and practice.

Three key posts we like from Toolbox for IT:

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45. KMCI


Knowledge Management Consortium International (KMCI) was founded as an international professional association of knowledge management practitioners in 1997. KMCI is under the direction of Dr. Joseph M. Firestone, who is the managing director and CEO. Their Knowledge and Innovation Management Journal is a KM resource for CIOs who want to learn more about taking it to the next level, using business process methodologies in terms of KM, creating and managing KM in at the enterprise level, and more.

Three key posts we like from KCMI:

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46. The KNOW Network

The KNOW Network

A global community of knowledge-driven organizations dedicated to networking and sharing best practices for superior performance, the KNOW Network features a variety of posts that focus on knowledge management. The posts are well suited to CIOs, as they cover topics such as creating a company culture and breathing new life into a tired KM program.

Three key posts we like from The KNOW Network:

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47. OECD


The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, OECD is a global policy forum that strives to implement better policies for better lives. Their internet economy posts will interest CIOs who are looking to understand the value of information and knowledge management.

Three key posts we like from OECD:

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48. Strategy + Business

Strategy Business

Strategy + Business shares the best ideas in business, helping CIOs to be on their game when it comes to innovation and leadership in knowledge management. Their blog posts are insightful and often utilize research and data to validate their points.

Three key posts we like from Strategy + Business:

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49. International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development

International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development

IKED is a non-profit association that operates as an independent organization that joins experts on various aspects of international economics, industrial organization, technology, innovation, enterprise development, and more. IKED’s goal is to address the drivers of new technologies and the conditions that are shaping learning to expand the knowledge economy. Their publications, while not a traditional blog, give CIOs a look into knowledge management practices and challenges from around the world.

Three key posts we like from International Organisation for Knowledge Economy and Enterprise Development:

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