Top 21 Wealth Management Software Tools to Boost Productivity

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Wealth management is one area that is undergoing rapid transformation. Clients today expect a more tailored, personalized experience. Relationship managers have had to adapt as a result. At last, companies are beginning to invest in the technologies they need to match growing client expectations.


Strict regulation and compliance caused the financial services industry to take longer to embrace technologies than other areas of business. However, with growing client expectations coupled with an estimated $2 trillion in wealth ready to be passed on from one generation to the next over the coming five years, leading financial services companies have realized they must evolve or risk being left behind by more technologically advanced competitors.

To help relationship managers meet the needs of the modern client, a number of breakthrough wealth management software tools have emerged. We have compiled a list of our top 20 tools leading wealth management companies have really started to embrace. Our recommended software solutions range from scheduling tools to email marketing to video conferencing – a sign of the changing wealth management landscape. In no particular order, here is our Top 20 wealth management software tools that can help you meet the needs of the modern client.

1. Dynamo Software

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Dynamo Software provide a CRM specifically tailored to the needs of investment management companies. Among the companies that use Dynamo’s software are private equity firms, venture capital groups, institutional investors, hedge funds, funds of funds, fund administrators, prime brokerages, family offices, and real estate private equity firms. Dynamo boasts an impressive range of features including client relations management, compliance, contact management, data analysis, deal management, mobile access, performance tracking and reporting.

2. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

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Salesforce, the providers of the world’s leading CRM software, launched the Salesforce Financial Cloud back in August 2015. Built on the power of the Salesforce CRM, the Salesforce financial suite help advisors and relationship managers build deeper, more meaningful relationships with clients.

The Financial Cloud provides a centralized location from which advisors can view all client information like tear-sheets, financial accounts, and goals. There is also a Client Profile Relationship feature in the Financial Cloud which provides advisors with a complete view of everyone in the family, helping to prepare companies for future generational transfers.

The Financial Cloud can also boost advisor productivity by automating time-consuming manual tasks. Advisors are also presented with timely to-do lists with data and information compiled from connected systems. As you would expect with Salesforce, the Financial Services Cloud caters for the needs of the modern client with full mobile functionality.

3. Microsoft Dynamics

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Microsoft Dynamics is an enterprise CRM which allows advisors and relationship managers to get a complete view of their client. Dynamics can boost your efficiency and also increase profitability by enabling your advisors to develop more meaningful relationships with clients.

More and more leading financial services companies are turning to CRMs to help them improve their client offering. Microsoft Dynamics CRM can act as a complete end-to-end CRM solution for your business. Verticals that have benefitted from the power of Dynamics include those in banking, wealth management, and insurance. Want to become a customer-centric company? Look no further than Microsoft Dynamics.

4. Sungard

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Sungard, owned by FIS, continues to push the boundaries of financial services technology. Sungard’s financial services suite helps companies become more adaptive and agile in tune with the today’s clients. Sungard’s range of offerings includes asset management, fund admin, market data, post-trade processing, private equity, and reconciliations. The true benefit of SunGard’s software is that it allows financial services companies to automate many unnecessarily manual tasks freeing up time for advisors to focus on developing client relationships.

5. InsightSquared

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InsightSquared provides a detailed analytics suite that can help financial services companies get the most out of their CRM. CRMs may store some key client information, this info is of little use if you can not effectively interpret it to refine your strategy. InsightSquared can provide your company with some imprtant and actionable insights from your CRM data. At-a-glance reports can also highlight the key indicators of client engagement and retention helping wealth management companies refine to hone their client retention strategy.

6. Temenos WealthManager

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Temenos integrated management platform – WealthManager – is specifically created with today’s wealth management company in mind. WealthManager helps companies looking to grow their business by providing clients with a higher level of service. The tool can also help to improve advisor productivity by automating many of the time-consuming manual tasks advisors are faced with.

WealthManager also enables wealth management firms to fully support the provision of discretionary, advisory and brokerage services from one single platform and across multiple back offices. A suite of components that can be combined flexibly to create a seamlessly integrated business solution, WealthManager enhances all facets of the wealth management process.

7. Tableau

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Tableau’s analytics suite can help wealth management companies identify the key trends and data points they need to boost client engagement. Wealth management success today is based on accurate interpretation of the data companies gather. Unfortunately, it can take a long time to analyze all the data firms collect. Tableau frees wealth managers from this massive time investment by providing a service that transforms large volumes of data into easily understood visualizations.

Tableau’s mobile-ready wealth management software solution comes with a dashboard that shows insight into top advisors, regional distribution, trends over time and product category. For a deeper understanding, you can drill down into the underlying data from the visualization or through the tab.

8. Advisor Software

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Advisor Software Inc’s (ASI) Wealth Management Cloud helps companies meet the top challenges facing wealth management companies today. Their software addresses functions like planning, proposal generation, portfolio construction, rebalancing, digital advice, and investment analytics. ASI’s software is designed specifically to master the science of wealth management freeing advisors and relationship managers up to focus their efforts on the art. ASI provide companies with a highly-customizable cloud architecture that includes APIs, alerts, applications, research, and customer support.

9. DocuSign

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For leading wealth management companies, the days of the “wet signature” are well and truly over. DocuSign makes it easy for banks, credit unions and wealth management companies to quickly and securely capture electronic signatures and important customer data for account openings, consumer loans, internal approvals and more. Used by many of the world’s largest financial service institutions, DocuSign is the global industry standard for security and compliance, a powerful solution to automate document flows, increase transaction speeds, reduce costs, and delight clients.

10. Maximizer CRM

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Maximizer Wealth Manager CRM helps advisors succeed by aggregating all client information into one centralized, accessible location. Advisors can easily track and gain key insights from the data Wealth Manager provides on clients needs and preferences. Team’s can collaborate easily with a shared view of client info and activities with assigned tasks for a streamlined client experience. Mobile-ready and highly secured, Maximizer Wealth Manager helps wealth management companies meet the challenges they face today by providing detailed client insights when and where they need them.

11. HCL

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HCL provide an impressive range of services aimed at financial services companies. In terms of wealth management, HCL covers the full lifecycle including customer acquisition, profiling, financial planning, portfolio management, financial performance monitoring and portfolio rebalancing, asset servicing, risk and compliance management, reporting and financial data management and warehousing. HCL provide two distinct options for wealth management companies looking to leverage their software with the availability of a platform-based delivery model or an offering specifically designed for unique customer needs like philanthropy, trusts, and investment in real estate.

12. Constant Contact

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Email marketing tools like Constant Contact might not traditionally be associated with companies in the financial services industry, but they are growing increasingly popular. As leads turn into prospects, email services like Constant Contact are a great way for wealth management companies to engage with potential clients. Email newsletter campaigns are a really effective way of sharing relevant financial information with prospects. Constant Contact comes with a set of easily customizable email templates and other easy to use features like personalization, scheduling, and success tracking including details like opens, clicks, and shares.

13. Booker

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Financial advisors are faced with extremely demanding schedules. Scheduling tools are now regularly used by wealth management companies to facilitate the coordination required to set up appointments. You can minimize the unnecessary email exchanges involved in client meetings with Booker which helps you to book appointments online, on social media, or on mobile. With 24/7 booking, you can also increase the number of meetings you schedule.

14. Smarsh

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Compliance is obviously an important concern for wealth management companies. When it comes to things like marketing and social media, it is important that your Compliance Officer approves your campaigns and archives everything you create and post. One way to stay on the right side of regulators is to sign up with a social media compliance vendor like Smarsh. With a product suite built specifically for compliance and e-discovery, Smarsh is used by leading companies like KPMH, AIG, and ING. Smarsh archives all the content you create and stores in a searchable platform which comes with a detailed reporting feature.

15. TweetDeck

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Social media is an increasingly important area for financial services companies. Companies like BNP Paribas have shown how financial services companies can get the most out of social media with their Tweet and Shoot campaign which invovled French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga returhing shot combinations set by Twitter users. While your company might not sign up a professional tennis player to promote your social media campaign, tools like TweetDeck allow for simple scheduling of tweets as well as tracking company mentions on the Twitterverse.

16. Camtasia

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The fact that Camtasia – a screen recording and video editing tool – is included in the list signifies how much wealth management is changing. Camtasia allows advisors to record themselves explaining documents, presentations, and other online content types. The recording can then be shared over the internet or sent to clients. Camtasia is highly intuitive and easy to use, meaning advisors do not have to undergo any major training programs to become competent Camtasia users. Camtasia’s features include mobile recording, video customization, video editing, multi-track timeline, greenscreen effect, and an option to include animated content.


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Millennial clients are more demanding than their parent’s generation. They expect open lines of communication and want questions answered in a timely fashion. As a result, wealth management companies have had to introduce new tools and software solutions to meet these demands. One great tool many leading wealth management companies have started using is which offers free video calling. Ruthless in its simplicity, does not require a software download or a plug-in to get up and running. All clients need to do is click the link to join the call getting you up and running in no time at all!

18. HubSpot

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The inbound marketing specialists, HubSpot provides an all-encompassing marketing platform with a number of highly impressive features including marketing analytics, blogging, SEO, email marketing, social media post scheduling, dynamic CTAs, and website visitor tracking. Companies like CFO On-Call, an Australia-based financial services advisory group, have leveraged HubSpot to great effect. Lee Rogers, the Operations Manager at CFO on Call explained that “HubSpot has enabled us to understand and manage our marketing campaigns on a whole new level, we couldn’t live without it.” By increasing their digital presence through HubSpot, CFO on Call were able to increase web traffic by 200% and saw a 9.6X increase in leads. When it comes to wealth management marketing, HubSpot offers a really well-rounded solution which brings all the disparate elements involved in modern marketing together.

19. Campaign Monitor

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Campaign Monitor is another great email marketing tool. Create high quality newsletters to send to prospects. Email marketing has a high ROI and most leading financial services companies are embracing email technologies like Campaign Monitor. Campiagn Monitor has an impressive range of features including list building, email templating, mobile marketing, automation, and dynamic content.

20. Doodle

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Doodle is a highly intuitive and easy to use scheduling tool which can help financial advisors streamline client communications. Better yet, Doodle syncs with your existing calendar helping to avoid scheduling conflicts. The MeetMe feature can act as your contact center to coordinate your meetings. As clients look to set up time to meet you, you can show them when you are available and how you want to be contacted.

21. Proofpoint

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Cybersecurity is no joke, especially when it comes to wealth management. The dangers are very real, but fortunately there are some cutting edge wealth management software security tools like Proofpoint available to help protect important client data as well as secure your intellectual property. Proofpoint provides industry-leading solutions in threat protection, compliance, and discovery. Proofpoint’s advanced security layer covers your advisor’s mobile devices and also automatically encrypts your emails. Broker-Dealer and Investment Advisory firms can manage information inclusively, securely, and in accordance with retention and supervisory review policies required for compliance with FINRA, SEC, FCA, IIROC and other regulatory mandates around the world.

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