Webinar Takeaways: Productivity Hacks to Win New Business

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Last week we held our latest educational webinar – “Productivity Hacks to Win New Business”. When it comes to winning new business, time is increasingly of the essence. Agencies must act fast if they are to beat the competition in the race for new business. New business can be difficult to win when companies are faced with competitors who have greater resources at their disposal. Luckily, a number of unexpected resources have recently emerged that, when utilized effectively, can help to identify, engage, and win new accounts. Our webinar examined how companies are leveraging these tools to win new business.

Expert Panel

To discuss these productivity hacks, we brought together two industry experts with a wealth of experience between them. Our own Senior Manager of Customer Success, Dan Catomeris was joined by Dave Currie, CMO of The List and CEO at Catapult New Business, an outsourced lead generation and business development firm that uses strategy, technology, and new business professionals to help advertising and marketing The List Logoservices agencies win new business. Dave is a renowned leader in both US and global agency growth strategy, sales, marketing, competitive, and prospect intelligence. Dave’s position at the intersection of content and distribution has placed him at the ideal vantage point from which to assess agency productivity.

Productivity Hacks

Dave began the webinar with a reminder that “life’s not fair and neither is new business”. Companies competing with much larger, wealthier rivals face a difficult task when trying to win new business. There are however a number of productivity tools that can be leveraged to even the odds. With these tools, agencies can make the best use of time resources. In this digital age, productivity hacks come in the form of digital tools and resources.


The first tool that our guests earmarked to increase productivity is the free tracking tool, Gagein. One of the most disruptive tools in recent memory, Gagein is like “Google Alerts on steroids”. Gagein allows companies to track prospects and customers, set sales triggers, and discover new prospects. Agencies can also tag and follow their own clients meaning account management teams can maximize any potential opportunities opportunities to generate more revenue from existing clients. The paid version of Gagein can be integrated with Salesforce.

Daily Vista

The second productivity tool featured on our webinar was Daily Vista. The Daily Vista platform interprets industry data to offer actionable insights. With Daily Vista, companies can stay on top of proven triggers such as mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, spending shifts, and new funding. The platform offers real time analysis on prospects and clients allowing companies to quickly act on any new business opportunities. This tactical tool also provides a list of key contacts at an organization as well as verified contact information.

Linkedin Teamlink

Linkedin-Teamlink-ScreenshotAnother productivity tool that can be used to win new business is the Sales Navigator Teamlink feature on Linkedin. Teamlink turbocharges Linkedin accounts by leveraging the connection of team members to find the best path to a lead.


The RelSci platform is a powerful relationship mapping tool. Similar to Teamlink, RelSci harnesses your team’s network to create the shortest path to the ideal prospect. With impressive power search functionality, targeted lists of prospects, investors, and industry specialists can be created with ease. The RelSci platform can be accessed on the move via a mobile app and can also be accessed within your Salesforce account.


Docurated-sales-productivityCompanies whose productivity has been stifled by the the inability to access relevant information when and where they need it have started to turn to Docurated. The sheer volume of content companies have at their disposal has seen file and folder structures grow increasingly complex. Productivity suffers as employees waste valuable time trawling through a variety of locations in search of relevant information. Docurated solves these content retrieval nightmares by acting like “Google for business documents”. The Docurated platform can layer over any number of content repositories to aggregate all company data into one searchable platform. Dave pointed out that Docurated was one of the best “time machines” available today, and since the list began using Docurated they have rediscovered files they forgot had even existed.

Signals by Hubspot

The next productivity tool Dave pinpointed was Signals by Hubspot. Signals can create new business opportunities by providing valuable context around the sales process. The core feature of Signals is email tracking which informs salespeople when sent emails have been opened. Signals also provides alerts when prospective clients post on social media which helps sales reps to initiate contact at the most suitable moments. Signals integrates with email clients like Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Outlook.com and can also be used with Salesforce and Nimble CRM.


Similar to Signals, Yesware is a productivity tool that focuses on one to one communication. Yesware tracks when sent emails are opened and comes with pre-determined email templating options. Yesware integrates with Salesforce and Gmail meaning email tracking information gets automatically loaded onto a Salesforce contact information.

These tools when utilized effectively can boost productivity and win new business. Dave challenged our listeners to take any of these tools on a test run and gauge the effect they have on organizational productivity. With speed an increasingly important asset in today’s business world, productivity tools such as those outlined in our webinar, could be the decisive factor in winning new business.

Access the webinar here to listen to our panel discuss specific instances of these tools being used to boost productivity and win new business.

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