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Digital Transformation is Still Challenging Marketers  Maggie Chan Jones, CMO @ SAP, joins’s One on One podcast to discuss how Marketers are keeping up with Digital Transformation.

Online Engagement: The Ultimate Indicator Of Interaction dives into how Marketers are reconsidering their investments across the entire customer journey.

Mapping Critical Knowledge for Digital Transformation  Wharton’s Ian MacMillan, NYU’s Martin Ihrig and Adobe’s Jill Steinhour discuss their paper on knowledge-mapping.

The Financial Industry Needs to Start Planning for the Next 50 Years, Not the Next Five  The Harvard Business Review examines how Financial Institutions must look beyond quick and easy fixes to take advantage of rapid innovation.

CMOs’ Evolving Analytics Imperative: A Q&A with Schneider Electric CMO Chris Leong  Chris Leong, CMO @ Schneider Electric, discusses how CMOs can drive growth and revenue with analytics.

Lead Scoring: A Bridge from Marketing to Actual Sales  Martech Today looks into how Marketing and Sales can work together to boost revenue.


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