Less Blocking & Tackling. More Strategy.

Get back to doing what you love, not making ad-hoc slide changes. Docurated delivers a visual & searchable “Source of Truth” for Go To Market content. Discover what your cohorts are working on and leverage the work and research of others. Quickly learn how much and what type of content you should be creating and what is resonating in the field.

Ensure Message Consistency

Disseminate new content effectively

Take Credit for driving revenue

Salesforce Users


Docurated enables Salesforce users to surface and use the exact chart or slide they need, no matter where it is stored (Salesforce, Box, file server, etc.).

Surface and Use

The simplest and fastest way for reps to get the best slides.


Distribute new content to the field and get analytics on how it is being used.


Deploy in minutes. No manual tagging or uploading of content is required.

Sales Leadership

Better Meetings. More Sales.

Docurated delivers the information sales reps need to create winning presentations on any device – saving them time, shortening sales cycles, and increasing win rates. Instead of forcing sales teams to spend hours at their computers, away from selling, Docurated gives reps the exact collateral they need based on sales stage and the ability to create new pitches with approved collateral in a matter of minutes.

Faster go to market

Respond to requests in minutes, not hours or days.

Use the content proven to close

Docurated surfaces the right content at the right time, ensuring only the best information is put in front of your team.

Higher Performing Team

Benefit from the content others like you have used to win business.


Get Reps Back Selling

Docurated is simple to deploy (no manual uploading or tagging) and simple to use. With powerful content analytics and next generation search capabilities, Docurated gives your reps instant access to the right content at the right time, regardless of where it is stored. Empowered sales reps can create perfectly tailored on-brand pitches in minutes.

One Go To Market

Enable consistency across the entire sales organization.

Control Content Availability

Change management is seamless – new content is deployed to the field in seconds and old content is removed.

Simple To Use

Docurated works with your existing workflows and is integrated with


File Server Transformation

Docurated sits on top of and connects with whatever content storage system your organization uses. We connect local and shared drives, wikis, and cloud storage services-wherever documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, and video files reside. Docurated integrates seamlessly with: Box, SharePoint, Salesforce, Alfresco, Google Drive, Confluence, and many other content and document storage repositories.

File Server Transformation

With zero infrastructure investment, companies are transforming legacy file servers and folder systems into visual, searchable, knowledge management systems accessible from anywhere.

Enhance IT Infrastructure

Leading IT organizations are partnering with Docurated to arm their business users with content they need, when they need it, from across numerous cloud and local file storage systems.

Agile Enterprise

75% of end users time across Enterprises is spent on non-revenue generating or compliance driven activities. Partner with Docurated to drastically reduce this wasted time.

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