Endless Permutations…

What would it mean for your company if your sales rep
knew the exact right story to tell?

The Challenges Docurated Solves

Prospects expect personalization

Reps feel lost because it’s really hard to figure out how to deal with the massive complexity of the selling environment today, where prospects expect everything they hear or see to be tailored to their specific industry, geography, company size, solution needs, etc.

Marketing can't keep up

Marketing can't predict or create everything a rep needs in advance. They also can't keep up to date with everything happening in the field. When reps can't quickly find what they need they create their own materials. This downward spiral demoralizes marketing.

Why Yesterday’s Approach Didn’t Work

Forces a change in organization behaviour

Alleged experts decide what goes into the CMS

Solution becomes the new place to retrieve content

Content is static and can’t be tailored to specific situations

Manual upload and tagging can’t keep up with content velocity

Uploaded content quickly goes out of date

No feedback loop. Tribal knowledge is lost

No machine learning and results get worse over time

Docurated is Different Because We Are the Only Solution that:

Loved and used by both Sales & Marketing



“9/10 times reps know the marketing manager and inundate them with requests”



“The biggest inefficiencies are silos; people don’t know what others have already done”.



“I need to make reps job as easy as possible, so they can get back to selling”



“Reps have been known to create their own slides using a mix of old and new materials”


Supporting sales is hard. Docurated’s algorithms reconcile complex enterprise data with strategic objectives to make salespeople successful.


Docurated connects to your existing content stores and CRM, discovers what exists and reconciles it with strategic objectives - keeping sales on-brand and marketing up to date.


Machine learning driven by millions of marketing and sales actions gives Docurated the ability to understand the context of a sales situation and predict the best content for a rep to use.


Docurated is the only solution that gives you holistic data about why, whom, and how content is used. Marketers use this insight for attribution, content strategy and roadmap development.


Use Existing Information

“We don’t need more systems, we just need to use our current systems in a smarter way”

Increase Tool Adoption

“Marketing doesn’t know where to put docs – we need workflows that scale”

Eliminate Silos

“We cannot continue to create separate silos of content. We need to be integrated”

Benefits: Content Connectivity Layer

Seamless content access for all employees
Instant utility with no additional infrastructure investments
No content migration or new permission management required

Docurated Difference: Works Anywhere

Docurated can be embedded and accessed from any existing system
Docurated supports all major content repositories and their permissions
Deployment takes hours, not weeks or months


One Go To Market

“I want consistency across the organization”

Simple To Use

“I need to make reps job as easy as possible; get them back to selling”

Content Control

“Change management needs to be seamless”

Benefits: Transparency and Simplicity

Relevance algorithm delivers the right content to the right people
Complete automated workflow integration within CRM
Advanced analytics platform that shows “the content that closes”

The Best Content Wins

It’s so easy to find and use content that sales people actually use it
No migration necessary to populate your CRM with relevant content
Sales get the slides that ACTUALLY win more business


Faster Go To Market

“I’m busy, I need to respond to requests in minutes, not hours or days”

Tell The Right Story

“Don’t lock content, I know my prospect best and what they need”

Higher Performing Team

“How can I be more efficient and learn from the best reps?”

Benefits: Raise the Bar

Discover and use content proven to close more business
Create presentations from existing content in 1/10th of the time
Easy to use visual – no training required
Make management happy – populate your CRM without extra work

Difference: Organizational Learning

Instant access to the most powerful pages of content, not locked files
No time wasted between Sales and Marketing asking to modify decks
Reps always tell the right story
Benefit from the content others like you have used to win business


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