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Increasing the impact of Marketing content through intelligent distribution

We make it our mission to help your company grow, converting your company’s content usage data into insights that help senior leaders make the right decisions about messaging and strategic content investments and bringing them closer to their prospects.

A pioneer in using AI for content, automation and intelligence is at the heart of everything we do. From content management to analytics, to search and content recommendations, we rely on the latest technology to improve the lives of Marketers and help them make a bigger impact 


Why Docurated


Why Docurated


Why Docurated


Why Docurated


Not a point solution, but a platform – Docurated enhances and does not duplicate existing taxonomies, infrastructure and workflows of your Enterprise

Why Docurated
Fully configurable user experience

A simple, flexibly and intuitive way to deliver valuable information to all segments of users

Flexible deployment options

From auto permission management to syncs that leave content where it is stored, Docurated partners with IT, Marketing and Sales Ops to integrate its platform without any disruption or burden to the wider organization

Why Docurated

Unlike other point solutions, Docurated delivers a single source of truth to Enterprises – with a 360 view of content engagement, improving content access and the value of the platform over time

Why Docurated
Content Management Automation

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User profiling and personalization

Using prospect engagement data across the entire buying journey, Docurated constructs precise internal and external user profiles, for content targeting and segmentation

Why Docurated

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